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A Rather Different Parentage

Fandom(s) crossover with: Green Arrow, JLA, Birds of Prey

Challenge: Dinah Lance, aka, Black Canary, is Buffy's birth mother. Think about it, they act a lot alike. Dinah had Buffy young, and gave her up for adoption, to her best friend, Joyce. Joyce sent Dinah a letter before her death, telling her to look after their baby girl(s). For whatever reason, it doesn't arrive until years later, after Chosen. How will Dinah react to her daughter walking back into her life, and finding out she has another one? Did she know about Buffy being the Slayer? I...
DC Universe > Green Arrow • SongBirdie • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 May 13]
There are plenty of fics where Xander is a Kryptonian or part of the Bat family, but I have yet to see one where he associates with Aquaman or Altantis in any meaningful way. So write one! I can't because I suck at everything.

No Slash (Unless in character)

No Bashing (It ALWAYS comes off as forced)

I'd prefer a full story but a one shot's good to start (considering what is currently available)

The rest is up to you (although I would have to say that after Halloween or the swim team incedent would be the best place to start.)
DC Universe • psychobob • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Feb 13]
What happens when the Specter, Divine Vengeance, meats D'Hoffryn, Demon Lord of Vengeance?
DC Universe > Other DC Comics • DragonBard • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Nov 12]
The basic idea for this challenge is that Xander and Angel are sent to the DC Universe, where they must deal with various super-villains and superheroes in their quest to return home and kind of amazing anyone that they meet simply because they've managed not to kill each other yet.

After all, the pair hate each other for a number of reasons (some justified, some more petty, but on both sides), but, to pretty much everyones' surprise, when lives are in danger they can put their hatred aside (to a degree, it's impossible to get them to stop insulting each other entirely) and work toget...
DC Universe • Klimmatt • Responses [0] • Date Added [16 Oct 12]
Buffy while in LA post season 2 is captured by the Light's agents for their Partner the Reach & subjected to being experimented on to active a latent meta-gene, & is rescued along with the others by the Team, before the Reach then goes public.

What happens next possibilities:

1 Buffy is related/connected to the team
2 What is Buffy meta-abilities
3 Scooby reactions/Sunnydale
4 Does Buffy join the team
5 Team helping dealing with Mayor/Initiative

Pairings: Buffy/Tim Drake aka Robin or Buffy/Virgil aka Static
DC Universe > Young Justice • BuffySpear • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Oct 12]
What if... Superman wasn't Clark Kent? What if...his spaceship landed in Sunnydale instead of Smallville? What if...all the kryptonite was absorbed by and then radiated from the Hellmouth thus keeping young Kal el at human levels? What if...on Xander Harris' road trip after Graduation, he suddenly puts his foot through the bottom of the car while trying to slam on the brakes?, or after the car dies he gives it a good punch of frustration and sends it several miles down the road?
I would like to see him trying to return to Sunnydale to use his new powers to help the Scoobies but losing ...
DC Universe > Superman • sdperry • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Oct 12]
Buffy is not really the Slayer but is a Demi-God like Cassie AKA Wonder Girl.
Xander is not really human but is a hybrid clone of human and alien cells. Instead of Luthor’s cells though they used Batman’s. Scary combo there.Because of the magic on the Hellmouth it stopped Xander’s abilities from activating.
When Buffy runs away Xander goes with the others to help look for his friend. While he/they are searching for the missing slayer. LA is attacked and Xander and Buffy end up getting into a fight with someone or something. (Super villain or Alien Invasion)
Cassie is Buffy...
DC Universe • texaswookie • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Oct 12]
Basically a oneshot with Buffy paired with one of the Young Justice guys (*bonus points for Nightwing/Dick, Superboy/Connor, or Blue Beetle/Jaime*) or another hero from that universe. It can even be multi-chaptered, if you want. Buffy can either be Slayer Queen or a hero in her own right (*ex: thanks to Halloween, etc.*).

Other 'required' characters (*from BTVS*): Faith, Giles, and Xander. If you want to bring in others, that's okay. I just want those three in it the most. ;)

Good luck!
DC Universe > Young Justice • QueenCA • Responses [1] • Date Added [5 Oct 12] • Date Updated [10 Mar 13]
Xander must have gone to the DC universe due to sacrificing himself to save Buffy . In this challenge his problem is that he died and so he cannot ever return to the Buffyverse from his own actions. Like the title suggest Xander has the powers and the limitations of Elixir from the Marvel verse

At any rate the challenge has the following criteria.
=Xander must have worn the elixir costume and have it reactivated after he died for physical changes(and powers) and nothing else. No trauma or memories from the real Elixir.

=He must have a Mental change from whatever animal s...
DC Universe • Evillevi • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Jul 12]
I don't want this to be another Halloween fic, instead I want Xander to have always been a Kryptonian/human hybrid. Weather he is related to Superman or not is up to the author. The origin of how Xander came to be is also up to the author. I just want Xander to have always been a Kryptonian/human hybrid. This will most definitely be placed in the DC Universe.
DC Universe • WhiteFirePhoenix • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Jul 12]
Joyce Summer had been married to Kent Nelson before she married Hank Summers, but she could not deal with him being Doctor Fate. Now Kent Nelson is dead and Joyce inherits the Helm of Nabu. Will she accept becoming the new Doctor Fate?
And how will the Scoobies react to Buffy's mother becoming host to a Lord of Order?
- Joyce must survive!
- No Über-Xander or Xander-Sue allowed
- No m/m slash
- No Spuffy or Bangel romance
- Femslash is allowed

And the rest is up to you!
DC Universe > Other DC Comics • BarbarossaRotbart • Responses [0] • Date Added [29 Jun 12]
An idea that came to me from reading various Justice League stories. I've seen Xander in relationships with Diana that run the gambit from fellow hero, friend, lover/husband, even as her son. One I haven't seen is Xander being Diana's brother.

Suppose that Hyppolita had given birth to a son. To show her sincerity that no man be allowed on Themyscira, she beseeches the Gods to take her son and place him somewhere where she cannot contact him. Jump ahead however many years (decades/centuries?) and a reason arises that forces the Queen of the Amazons to find her abandoned child. Whether...
DC Universe > Wonder Woman • RedRaptor • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Jun 12] • Date Updated [29 Jun 12]
When Jason Todd comes back to life, Buffy finds him and invites him to travel with her.

-Must occur before the events of "Under the Red Hood" and after the events of BTVS Season 7.
-Buffy knows that Jason came back to life. He has the same 'feel' that she does.
-Jason feels an odd connection with Buffy, and sticks around to figure out if he knows her.

-Jason is still furious that his Bruce hadn't killed the Joker and had replaced him with Tim.
-Buffy blunts the edge of Jason's anger when he's not being constantly reminded of Gotham or his family.
-Buffy is est...
DC Universe > Batman > Buffy-Centered • AlizaMacina • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Jun 12]
Challenge Summary: Xander wears the costume of Kell-El, the 41st century clone of Superman, for Halloween. He gets hit by a blast of magic from someone who dressed as a witch/warlock/wizard etc for Halloween, just as the spell ends, and due to his vulnerability to magic it alters him permanently, leaving his body and dna merged with that of Kell-El's. When Angelus opens the portal via Acathla, and his soul is returned, Buffy can't bring herself to stab him. Realizing that he has seconds to save the world, Xander flies into Angelus, stabbing him with the sword and sending the both of them throu...
DC Universe > Justice League • Zaion • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Jun 12]
Buffy is checking in with the local New York slayers and her visit coincides with Halloween. Ethan gives his Halloween Chaos another go. Here are the points to hit.

1. Buffy is, for whatever reason you choose, dressed as Robin.
2. Buffy gets all Robin's knowledge, and retains it. It's up to you if she has all his abilities or not.
3a. Buffy ends up meeting up with Batman and doesn't understand why he claims she's not Robin.
3b. Buffy meets another DC character, either hero or villain, and chaos ensues. (eg: they claim she's not Robin, she kicks their asses just like Rob...
DC Universe > Batman > Buffy-Centered • (Recent Donor)ConstanceTruggle • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 May 12]
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