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So fellow readers having just seen the new Riddick movie I propose a challenge for all you rare pair lovers and people who just plain love to read something different.

Buffy will have to accept the true force of the Slayer in this fic. In all the season's I saw she never really truly started to accept all it meant as a Slayer until the confrontation with the Shadow Men and even when she could have sorely used an extra power boost in my opinion she never used it and she was never really allowed to lead and accept all of the Slayer. So I would like to see that happen, take as many chapt...
Movies > Pitch Black Series • Sirena • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Sep 13] • Date Updated [22 Oct 13]
Totall Recall / Inception /BtVS - I prefer the most recent Totall Recall (what can I say Colin Farrell?!) and it should be AU anyway... (would like to do this but determined not to start another story until I'm finished what I'm working on)
The Recall storyline should be set post-demon apocalypse instead of chemical war and the Resistance is headed by Buffy (she could either be immortal, seriously if you keep getting brought back it's eventually got to have a long term effect right? or just fiddle the timelines)
- people can still buy the "chemical war" scenario in a massive case of Su...
Movies > Multiple Movies • thewrongalice • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Sep 13]
I challenge you to write a stripper!xander story set in the universe of the movie "Magic Mike".

Must Haves:

1. Some form of contact between Xander and everyone in Sunnydale.
examples: phone calls home, someone takes a trip to visit Xander, postcards, money transfers home, emails, etc.

2. Some form of introducing one or more characters from "Magic Mike" to the supernatural.
examples: a vampire nest calls strippers for take-out, the gang enforcers are demons, one of the strippers is a demon (incubus would be fitting), vampire patron at the ...
Movies > Other-Drama • serpentlady • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Jun 13]
Doesn't necessarily have to be Buffy or Faith. In fact this did happen, in a manner of speaking , to Cordelia. Here is the challenge the woman in question has moved to a new home in an old building. After a crazy night , after having dinner with her neighbors, she discovers she is pregnant.

How will things go from there? Who is the father, is it the Devil himself? Will she keep the baby or try to get it aborted? Will she be committed or drugged so she gives birth unwillingly? Is it merely paranoia on her part?

A crossover with the movie Rosemary's Baby.
Movies > Other-Horror • Typhonis • Responses [0] • Date Added [29 May 13]
Crossover: Pumpkinhead (1988 horror film)

General Plot: A few years post Sunnydale (Season 7), someone in whatever organization formed by the surviving Scoobies to succeed the Watcher’s Council comes across a report of an unusual (possibly unique) demon that briefly appeared some years ago in the backwoods somewhere in the U.S. (you pick where). Someone in this organization decides, for whatever reason, that a small team should be tasked to investigate this “cold case” as the description of the demon is fairly fearsome. The members of this team go fairly well armed and equi...
Movies • (Current Donor)JanessaRavenwood • Responses [1] • Date Added [1 May 13]
Lost Boys and Xander

This is a challenge to all for a Lost Boys crossover with Buffy. I want a crossover where Xander is the main character. I want him to somehow meet one of the groups of vampires from any of the Lost Boys series. This can happen by him having moved before Buffy came to Sunnydale or after she arrived or having the Boys come through Sunnydale for some reason. One shots are fine but if you can work it into at least two chapters I will give bonus points. Everything you need to know is below.


1: Buffy is not the main character.

Movies > Lost Boys > Xander-Centered • Rian • Responses [0] • Date Added [5 Apr 13]
This came about after wanting to see a Buffy/Jack Frost story. So, somehow (ex. Halloween (Man in the Moon chose her after she dressed as a cupid), She never was/or was for a short time the Slayer, etc.), I'm leaving the how up to you, Buffy is Cupid (The Guardians know her. North calls her Lizzy or Eliza (short for Elizabeth 'Buffy')...what the others call her is up to you, but I'd like it if Tooth called her Buffy.

Story starts at the start of the movie. At this point, if you want to tell the how she became Cupid story, do it. Jack has not met her before. He is only aware that th...
Movies > Rise of the Guardians • QueenCA • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Mar 13] • Date Updated [30 May 13]
Well let this be the first Oz the Great and Powerful challenge. After seeing the movie most people will agree that the one that got shafted the worst in the whole mess was Theodora aka the Wicked Witch of the West. She went from a starry-eyed and naive young woman to the Witch we all know pretty much because her sister Evanora did everything humanly possible to manipulate her and screw her over. Still it makes me wonder what could happen under the right circumstances? Could she be healed? Could she come back from the brink? What would it take?

Well, since her own "heart" was des...
Movies > Other-SciFi/Fantasy • Dhampyr • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Mar 13]
In short, the only costume change is on Willow (preferred) or Buffy. Xander still goes as his soldier guy.

Willow or Buffy is convinced to use a different dress, only it is the costume of "Ella of Frell", from Ella Enchanted, the problem being that the "gift of obedience" curse remains.

As in the film/book she can't tell anyone about the curse, but should find out about that curse staying behind soon after Halloween.
Xander does find out though, by being observant, and that should be the primary plot. Xander taking point to protect Willow/Buffy, the challenge for Xander b...
Movies > Other-SciFi/Fantasy • (Current Donor)Feynor • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Feb 13] • Date Updated [28 Feb 13]
Categories: Buffy/The Santa Clause

Pairing: Buffy/Jack Frost.

Settings/Notes: Takes place post Season 7 for Buffy. Can take place during SC3 or after SC3. Though only Jack's heart unthaws not the rest of him (so he still has the icy hair, etc)

Plot: Mother Nature calls in Buffy to deal with Jack Frost. What happens when Jack falls in love with Buffy and is determined to make her his Mrs. Clause?
Movies > Santa Clause, The • TheElegantFaerie • Responses [0] • Date Added [24 Jan 13]
Once upon a time Joyce Summers went by the name of Beatrix Kiddo. Now that she knows the truth about the 'Night Life' of Buffy 'B.B.' Summers, she feels true regret about institutionalizing her little girl when she tried to tell her the truth the first time.... And giving her an ultimatum the second time. "If you walk out of this house right now, don't even think about coming back."

She's suffered too much, and killed too many to give up on her little one now.

Now that Buffy has returned, Beatrix has a few truths of her own to confess, and training to start.

After A...
Movies > Kill Bill • SunshineDust • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Jan 13] • Date Updated [6 Jan 13]
James Bond (Daniel Craig)/Buffy Crossover; Buffy is 007's daughter, and he doesn't find out until after she is resurrected in season 6. Having a daughter helps 007 move on from his issues with Vesper betraying him in Casino Royale and all his attachment issues that have followed. Buffy learns to live again through him, with both of them learning what family means to them (Protective!Bond). Dawn is still made from Buffy, and is her sister (possibly 007's daughter by default). Must have potentially awkward conversations about Apocalypses, death and MI6 (mentioning 'Once More With Feeling' shenan...
Movies > James Bond • ScytheSkyfall • Responses [0] • Date Added [24 Dec 12] • Date Updated [26 Dec 12]
loved the movie seen it again last night please someone do a good story for this preferably with xander or faith
Movies > Stay Tuned • jaeanna • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Nov 12]
Long ago, Ethan, nearly dead from a failing organ, stumbled upon a world where GeneCo was king. Some paperwork, some surgery, and Ethan "left town" returning to his own dimension, and leaving his debt unpaid.

One fateful Halloween years later, Giles is talked into dressing as a very odd Repo man. When Ethan casts his spell, GeneCo's Repo Man comes for him, and before the bust is broken, quite a it more blood than Ethan had intended lands on the bust of Janus.

How does this affect those under Ethan's spell? What remains of the costumes they wore? How, for better or worse, does...
Movies > Repo! The Genetic Opera • mpsshadowmaster • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Nov 12]
There is only so much that Snow White and the Huntsman showed of Queen Ravenna's past. What if one of the things that caused her to become what she was at the end was more than just kidnap, rape, and abuse? What if the only thing that could have saved her from her insanity was taken from her at her most vulnerable and weakest time? What if that thing was her first and only child, a girl with golden locks and blue-green eyes, a girl that would become a queen in her own right? What if Ravenna's daughter returns only to find that her mother is dead and the one who killed her is a much beloved que...
Movies • fyretyger • Responses [0] • Date Added [24 Sep 12]
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