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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Watch the film "The Long Kiss Goodnight" then tell me that the principal character isn't a Slayer. So a crossover could work fairly well...

One possible plot - after she's stabbed, Faith flees Sunnydale. Rather than going into a coma, she eventually develops amnesia, but it takes long enough for her to successfully cover her tracks first. Also she's pregnant - the father's identity is up to you, but Xander seems a possibility. A few years later, just after hearing the news that Sunnydale has been destroyed by a freak earthquake, she starts to have weird dreams, and is suddenly ridicul...
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Write a slash Xander centric crossover story using the movie "Labyrinth." On movie night after just having watched "Labyrinth" Buffy finds out about "The Lie" gets pissed starts yelling and hitting Xander. Kicks him out of her house while wishing the Goblins would take Xander away.
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