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This challenge may have been posed before, but since I’m not about to read through over 1500 challenges to find out, I’m posting this one. It is for a crossover with the Witchblade TV series.

Joyce gets a package with no return address in the mail at her gallery. Inside is a beautiful silver bracelet with a large, green stone set in the center. When Buffy comes in to meet her Mom for lunch and tries on the bracelet, she can’t get it off.

What I’d like to see:

- Beginning early in season 5, before Buffy’s first encounter with Glory.

What I don’...
Television > Witchblade • (Current Donor)Sulien • Responses [1] • Date Added [4 Aug 06] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
Set after chosen. What if shortly after moving to Ohio's famous hellmouth the new slayers and company needed a large place of operations. The new council needs a large piece of property for several hundred or more slayers, and future watchers. What are they to do? Why call the most successful real estate broker in the country of course! What if the gang called Carol Brady for help?
What if the Brady's moved to Ohio to live . What would happen if the most powerful witch in the west meets another powerful unknown witch and protective guardian of the Brady family? Did the Brady's really all h...
Television > Other-Comedy Shows • CrossingFandom • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 Aug 06] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
Okay I've been forced to watch ABC Family channel recently and got this plot bunny from a TV show made by this station. And since they don't REALLY know where the lead character came from I thought this would be fun but I can't write it myself since I am working on a few challenge responses myself.

The Challenge: Xander's Test Tube Brother
Crossover: Kyle XY/Buffy
Plot: Kyle is the test tube baby brother of Xander. You can explain how this is possible in anyway you want. But Xander must meet Kyle after he starts high school but before he starts to remember. Yes this makes the ...
Television > Kyle XY • Jess • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Jul 06] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
Please have someone vamp/sire Gary Hobson. The vamp can be from any appropriate crossover universe, or just the average Buffy breed. :)

That's the Challenge.

Extra Points if he somehow keeps his soul and the paper, or, even without his human soul, helps save the world. Even if it's just to further his empire.
Extra Points if Marissa can sense the change in him
Extra Points if he becomes a completely evil soulless vamp, the paper leaves him, and he runs into the guy or girl who it is now being sent to.

Extra Extra Points: If he stays good, have him push ano...
Television > Early Edition • (Current Donor)Shieldage • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Jul 06] • Date Updated [10 Jan 10]
Okay, Spike slays Robin Wood's mother in 1977 New York and takes her leather jacket.

That month, he somehow winds up in the Point Place suburb of Green Bay, Wisconsin with no memory of who or what he is. Your choice on whether he's 'Tabula Rasa' or (like Angel in that other episode) only has human memories that are 200 years out of date.

He interacts with the cast of That 70's Show, until the new Slayer come a'callin'.

She's either hot on his trail from New York or she's been living in Wisconsin as a Potential this entire time ;)
Television > That 70's Show • (Current Donor)Shieldage • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 Jul 06] • Date Updated [10 Jan 10]
To everyone at Wolfram & Hart's surprise, Faith gets extradited to the state of Massachusetts to stand trial for all of her crimes, including several assaults from before she was called. Lilah Morgan tags along to help the prosecution with their case and also to do her best to get Faith sent back to a Califorina penitentiary where they have more influence.

However there's a slight snag.

Meet Faith's (court appointed) attorney: Alan Shore.

Story must have:

1. Faith, trying and utterly failing to shock Alan Shore with sexual comments
2. Lilah Morg...
Television > Boston Legal • Belisarius • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Jul 06] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]

I've only watched up til mid-season 2 of Alias but as I was watching this idea came to me. What if Xander was Sydney's younger brother?

So here's the challenge.

Sydney's mom was pregnant with Xander when she supposedly died. In order to protect Xander, she hid his birth and gave him up for adoption. Sydney somehow finds out about Xander wants to meet him.
Television > Alias • Thundertb • Responses [1] • Date Added [5 Jul 06] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]

Pairings: Buffy/Hodgins, Brennan/Booth, Angelina/Xander?

Challenge: I want this to be an all human story. Buffy's father (Hank) is an aggressive alcoholic. when he drinks he beats both Buffy and her mother. Booth is Joyce's (Buffy's mum) little brother. When Buffy is 10 both her parents disappear. Police have always suspected that Hank killed Joyce, hid the body and disappeared. Booth takes Buffy in until she is 18 and she goes away to university. When Buffy is 21 she returns. All the episodes of the Bones have already happened. You can decide how she becomes part ...
Television > Bones • Toniboo • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Jun 06] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
This is mainly a Buffy/Sentinel crossover but there's also an option to cross it with SG1. I've included a couple different versions of the Challenge below:

1. The summer after graduation when Xander decides to tour the USA he takes along camping gear as a cheap alternative for lodging. While out there he stays in one place for days at a time which brings his Sentinel abilities online. In doing research on what's going on he finds some information on Blair and his theories and so he heads for Cascade. While there he not only finds Blair and Jim, but his own guide too. His guide...
Television > Sentinel, The • MinaLynn • Responses [3] • Date Added [8 Jun 06] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
Before House convinced Cameron to come back after she was fired during season one the Scoobies got to her first. She accepted a position as a doctor for the new Watchers Council.

After working with the Council for a few months a strange disease starts infecting many of the newly called Slayers. Willow and the Coven can find no supernatural causes for the disease and Cameron can not find a source either.

Desperate Cameron goes to the one man who might be able to figure out what is killing Slayers. Dr. Gregory House.

Needless to say House isn’t thrilled to see his...
Television > House, M.D. > General • justaguy • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Jun 06] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
We've all heard a lot about Faith's pardon, but how did it really happen? I have doubts that magic fixed everything and I'm not sure that they would trust Wolfram and Hart to handle it. The challenge is simple. Have one or more of the lawyers from Crane, Poole, and Schmidt handle Faith's legal difficulties.

I'm deliberately leaving this open to allow for a wide range of responses. You get to pick the lawyers, the Scoobies, the length, and the genre. You can go gen, slash, or any combination of pairings that you can think of. All I ask is that it be a well written, slightly pl...
Television > Boston Legal • Stacia2 • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 May 06] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
Here are the requirements:

1. O'Neill and MacGyver are the same person --how you do that it's up to you but I have some ideas on that I'll share at the end.
2. While being MacGyver he meets Giles during his Ripper days and they become friends.
3. Things go down in good old Sunnydale and the Hellmouth is closed leaving only Giles, Willow and Xander alive from the Scoobies.
4. They come to Colorado Springs to Jack/MacGyver's to stay.
5. He gets Giles a job at the Mountain in Daniel's department.
6. Depending on when you set your story Xander and Willow could go to...
Television > MacGyver • MinaLynn • Responses [1] • Date Added [27 May 06] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
Initiative Vice - BtVS/Miami Vice

A new mix of cocaine hits the streets of Miami. It causes any one who uses it to go into a berserker rage attacking anyone or anything that gets in their path. They become incredibly strong and virtually immune to pain for a period of 5 to 10 hours after which their body burns out and they die.

After several violent deaths, including a police officer who tried to stop one of the rampaging users, Crockett and Tubbs are assigned to find the source and shut it down.

Turns out the cocaine has been mixed with a variation of the drugs ...
Television > Other-Drama Shows • justaguy • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 May 06] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
This would be a crossover with "The Pretender." Ms. Parker has been having strange dreams. Slayer dreams. (Although she is unaware of the slayer bit at this time.) Now someone tries to kill her. Is it her darling brother Lyle? Mr. Raines? Someone else from the Triumvirate or the Centre? The assassination attempts fail, of course. And a few times Ms. Parker even manages to fully "whoop-ass" on the wanna-be assassin. (Thanks to those nifty Slayer powers.)

Now it's your turn, should you decide to accept this bunny, to decide where this goes and how it ends. Though a happy end...
Television > Pretender • Bugeyedmonster • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Apr 06] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
Two (or more) Scooby’s (I’ll let you pick just who) are in Homestead looking for newly activated Slayers when the Hurricane hits.

One (or more) sees the lights falling into the water during the storm.
Maybe have one taken and turned into a Hybrid?
Slayers can sense Hybrids?
Dave, surprisingly, refusing to believe in the supernatural.

Have fun.
Television > Other-Science Fiction • (Past Donor)Starbug • Responses [0] • Date Added [29 Mar 06] • Date Updated [3 Feb 10]
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