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To Shanshu & Lose Everything.

Slayers and Faith come to help Angel and co with the Army of Darkness. (only Faith, Andrew and Willow come to help with a handful of mini slayers, No Buffy, Dawn, Xander or Giles Yet).

Angel shanshu’s at the end of Not Fade Away Just as they defeat the Army of darkness. Expound on this for a few chapters.

One of the gypsy descendants in hiding here about the prophecy of Angels shanshu and comes to make sure that Angel continues to pay for his crimes against their race. He finds that he or she cannot stop the shanshu from happening...
Television > Dexter • (Recent Donor)christytrekkie • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 May 13]
Zack Morris knew he was on a show. He regularly broke the fourth wall and talked to the camera and even had the power to freeze and unfreeze time (Time-out!). So, how would such powers affect someone in the Buffy verse?

Rules: -You can do this one of two ways, either Zack Morris comes to Sunnydale or one of the regular cast members gets Zack's powers.

-Must have character regularly talk to the viewers.

-The 'Time-out'/'Time-in' power can look like a form of teleportation (to those frozen), getting the character out of tight jams.

-Is the character horrifi...
Television > Saved By the Bell • Oxnate • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 May 13]
Starting from Season 2 The Walking Dead, episode Chupacabra (or earlier, and work your way to it): Instead of big brother Merle kicking his unconscious ass into gear after a slip 'n slide down the waterfall, Daryl gets a visit from lil' sis Buffy. A dual story, with a little bit of explanation from both sides (i.e. Buffy and Daryl P.O.V. chapters) would be lovely, if you would. If you want to go full A.U., feel free, but a slayer/little sister Buffy version is preferred. Throw in Merle, too, if you would like too, because why not.

Lines to use (at least one? please.)

-"Get yo...
Television > Walking Dead, The • kittenpoker • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Apr 13]
Sunnydale's local independent was running "Wild, Wild West" just before "The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne", so when Buffy saw that dress it was declared to be Rebecca Fogg from JV, and when Xander found the sleeve derringer and cowboy hat he decided he was going to be James West. Willow put together a costume and declared herself to be Artemis Gordon, James female inventor partner. (Of course they all know about vampires and demons, you couldn't be top spies without knowing!)

Having the train car, or the dirigible show up is a plus.
Television > Other-Action/Adventure Shows • TroyGuffey • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Mar 13]
I've been seeing a new take on the 'YAHF', where in the course of the 'spell' Xander finds himself somewhere else. On a spaceship, a distant world, another reality. Well heres what I want, Xander Harris wakes up in the Enchanted Forest.

He's already found out from Giles that sometimes fairy tales are real, well this is just taking it a step further.

This is to take place not long after Emma and Mary/Snow White, find themselves back in the Enchanted Forest themselves. Only to run into the newly awaken Sleeping Beauty and her new bestie Mulan.

This will be the tale ...
Television > Once Upon a Time • MagnusXXN • Responses [0] • Date Added [20 Mar 13]
Crossover with BBC's Merlin.
Takes place post Sunnydale collapse for BTVS and anytime before Morgana betrays the kingdom in Merlin.
Xander is deaged and sent back in time to when Uther still ruled the Kingdom. He soon establishes himself as a talented hunter of the 'magical' or supernatural, and is called to Camalot to investigate the strange string of deaths happening in the lower towns, much to someone's dislike.

Television • RelapseWarrior • Responses [0] • Date Added [6 Mar 13]
Xander and at least two of the girls (preferably Buffy and Dawn at least) get sucked thru a portal, for examples: Acathla, Sisterhood of Jhe's hellmouth, the mayor's back up plan, and Glory's Keyhole
They end up in Westeros crossing over with the Game of Thrones from HBO. This can be anyplace before the end of Season 2 including years or decades prior to the events that take place in Season 1 and 2 but if that's the case the challenge is to include and change the significant events of the series.

For bonus points, Xander's home world/Earth can also be home to Harry Potter verse an...
Television > Other-Action/Adventure Shows • rocky • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Feb 13]
Buffy/The Walking Dead - Dawn-Centered

After Buffy's death things are bad, but they're about to go from bad to worse! Willow goes through with getting the ingredients and convincing the others to raise Buffy. However, the Scoobies should know better by now; some Gods have a horrible sense of humor and don't appreciate being summoned by mortals!

The question becomes: is Buffy 'Patient Zero' or does Osiris's sense of humor shine through as the power of the spell raises someone else or even the entire graveyard around Buffy? Whichever it is, the virus spreads and the dead walk....
Television > Walking Dead, The • (Past Donor)MistressAshley • Responses [1] • Date Added [28 Feb 13]
Emma Swan was not having a good day. Between a curious Henry and a silently panicking Rumpelstiltskin her nerves had been frayed and she'd hoped to get over with the finding Balefire thing relatively quickly.
She had been wrong. The magic thingy had lead them to Cleveland, to a house containing more pretty, underage and freakishly strong girls than should be legally possible. The man that the magic thingy identified as the lost son denied being called Balefire his entire life and he wasn't lying. The woman coming to his aid turned out to be the worlds most powerful witch and while she was...
Television > Once Upon a Time • JadeDragon • Responses [0] • Date Added [23 Feb 13]
Post Season 7 Buffy Willow centered crossover with Lost Girl. The Scooby Gang to Canada for a break and end up in the Dal for drinks. Willow finds out that her magic is really fae powers when Trick asks her to register at the way station. Even Buffy has to register since slayers are the newest fae speices since Willow gave them all their powers. The two gangs work together to defeat the demon or fae of the week. I'm pround to be a Willow/Spike shipper so I would love to see that pairing, maybe even a little Bo thrown in with them.
Television > Lost Girl • ZhannRose • Responses [1] • Date Added [21 Feb 13] • Date Updated [20 May 13]
After season 7, Buffy and Dawn move to Rome, where Buffy meets the Immortal. Despite not knowing who he is, she falls in love with him...

When she finds out the Immortal is Merlin, The Merlin, how will she react? Will she tell Willow (who will of course freak out about meeting the greatest wizard ever)?

Must have:
- Merlin the Immortal/Buffy
- Merlin doesn't look old, like in the epilogue

Must not have:
- Character bashing

Can have:
- Scoobies?
- Arthur and gang returning?
- Buffy being immortal too, thanks to Willow's resurrection?...
Television > Merlin • Callista • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Feb 13]
In 'The Replacement', Xander was split into two by the demon Toth and later re-merged. What if the split wasn't into two but three: there was a third Xander who was never found. Now, years later and having changed his name to Kevin Lynch, he's used what he learned from Willow and made a life for himself in IT helping out the Behavioral Analysis Unit of Criminal Minds. But the past sneaks up on you when least expected...

Required: Not m/m slash as a primary focus. Sorry, nothing against it, just not my scene. Besides, I'm really hoping for plot not pr0n. :-)

Desirable: I thin...
Television > Criminal Minds • (Recent Donor)draconin • Responses [0] • Date Added [16 Feb 13] • Date Updated [18 Feb 13]
Xander Dresses as Hercules from the Show, after that night he remembers everything up to but no further than "some time after the show" (I've not seen either show in more than glimpses) and, for all intents and purposes, is now genetically the son of Hercules... and Xena maybe? and the really kicker? One of the gods shows up, and hands him the private phone number to Kevin Sorbo... and in no uncertain terms, tells him that there's more to the actor than he'd suspect.
Television > Xena-Hercules > Xander-Centered • AlexanderMcpherson • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Feb 13]
RPM season.
I've been looking around the Charmed category and seeing a lot of challenges about what the Scoobies are doing in the dark future. I have no time for this, but in other fandoms, there are other apocalypses! This challenge is specifically PR centric (if you haven't seen RPM yet, and you have netflix, watch it- it's got to be the best season they have). Preferably after Chosen, non-comic book compatible. If not, please make it at least after Dawn's created.
What are the Scoobies doing during the dome? Ideas/Examples:
Are they living in Corinth, or are they barely surviv...
Television > Power Rangers • RingofHeart • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Feb 13]

Faith decides to join the SRU under whatever conditions the author decides, but not as a punishment. She replaces Lewis on Team One after his death.

Novella or novel length preferred, with at least one full 'Hot Call' scenario.

While I am a Buffy femslash fan, I am well aware that Faith is very gender friendly, so if you go with a relationship, I would love to see
Faith/Donna Sabine (Team 3)
Faith/Sgt. Troy (Team 4)
Basically anyone that isn't Parker, Lane or Wordy
Television • GypsyDruid • Responses [0] • Date Added [25 Jan 13]
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