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BTVS/Veronica Mars


Okay i don't care when in the Veronica Mara timeline this take place in though i would prefer it after the 1st season but for them (meaning Veronica, Logan, Wallace, etc) to be 17. In Buffy i want it to take place during the Angelus period in series 2.

Veronica, Logan, Wallace and Buffy were best friends when the were children until Buffy and her mum moved away to LA when she was 10 (her parents divorced then instead of when she was 15).

Veronica, Logan and Wallace decide it's time to visit Buffy in Sunnydale.

Must hav...
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Did you know that Mary Ann's last name was Summers?

Just sayin'.
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Malcolm in the Middle/Buffy

MitM: any
Buffy: end season 7

Willow somehow finds herself babysitting 3 mischievous and rebellious children, like any other 'sitter they try to frighten her away but with over seven years of demon-fighting and death it might not be so easy!

Must have:

Willow showing the boys her 'Resolve Face'
the boys and Willow getting attacked by a demon and Willow slaying it easily
eventually meeting Francis.
Dewey getting tied up in ropes by his brothers and hung up somewhere and Willow finding him.

Pairings: none th...
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Okay here it is....

1. Peter and Nathans mom finds a birth certificate for a son she never had.
2. Son has to be Xander
3. Peter finds out same time mom does when practicing invisibility
4. Xander lives in New York with girlfriend (Cordelia or Faith only)
5. Xander never went back to sunnydale after roadtrip
6. Xander must haver power.
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Buffy: 10 years Post-season 5
Lost: from the beginning

(Note: Oz and Willow got back together after Willow got away from Sunnydale and Buffy stayed dead after 'The Gift', Xander and Anya moved away from the Hellmouth and got married and had kids.)

Willow, Oz and their sons 6-year-old Alexander and 3-year-old Daniel got onto Oceanic Flight 815 to visit Xander, Anya and their kids but it crashed.

Pairings: Oz/Willow obviously

Must have:

Willow, Oz, Alex and Danny losing their powers and being as powerless as every other survivor while they're on ...
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Diagnosis Murder/Buffy crossover. Or Diagnosis Murder/Angel crossover.

Lots of challenges in one!

Rules for all of them:

No slash, except canon (i.e. Willow/Tara).

After Steve and Jesse buy BBQ Bob's (I like it!).

Realistic 'ships. (I.e. Buffy's unlikely to fall for any of the Diagnosis Murder cast, except perhaps Alex - the med student.)


1. When Buffy runs away to LA, she's involved in a bus accident. When she finds out there was a murder on the bus and she has to remain for questioning, the Slayer gets worried. T...
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there have been plenty of fics where buffy and xander find their real parents so why not willow.

1- Willow is still in high school when she first finds out, wheather she does anything about it is up to you.
2- the family finds out about her involvement in wicca
3- I'd prefer someone from stargate to be her father but any show will be fine
4- the father knows nothing about her
5- the story takes place mostly in the other universe.

The rest is up to you have fun
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Couple: Buffy/Alec

Rating: Adult/F21

Idea: Buffy is really an X5, when the Scooby Gang and Potentials kick Buffy out she’s kidnapped by Renfro’s men. While being held up in Seattle, Alec is placed as Buffy’s breeding partner.

Must Have

-Angel coming to Sunnydale, going to the Summers home (w/ or w/o the AI team in tow) he stays to help with he is told Buffy was kicked out, and now they have no idea where she is, after a certain point the trail got cold.

-Buffy and Spike are friends/he didn’t try to rape her in ‘Seeing Re...
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Couple: Buffy/Angel or Booth/Buffy

Rating: Mature or Adult

Summary: Buffy has become an FBI agent and works side by side with Seeley Booth.

Must Have

-Set a few years after ‘Chosen’.

-Buffy doesn’t really speak to the Scoobies much anymore at least part of the reason has to be because none of the group never apologized for kicking her out of her own house.

-Booth being a descendant of Angel’s.

-Angel at some point with some of the AI team and some of the Scoobies locate Buffy needing her help and ...
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Crossover with "Medium".

Ariel Dubois is a bright young 14 year old who has a lot on her mind of late. It seems she has inherited her Mother's prophetic dreams and the ability to see the dead. She's having enough trouble dealing with this, when something else drops onto her shoulders, namely being a potential Slayer who is activated due to the effects of Willow's spell at the end of "Chosen". Her Mom, Alison Dubois, was freaked enough to discover that Ariel has her "gift", how on Earth is Ariel supposed to explain her newly gained strength and heightened senses? What exactly is ha...
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Buffy is actually the daughter of Gregory House.

Joyce never told him she was pregnant.

Sixteen years later, Joyce Summers is dead (I'd suggest from the tumor, but wherever your muse takes you...), and House finds himself with custody of a blonde Slayer.

Buffy should be able to match his wit, but still maintain her personality.
Ex. She wouldn't become egotistical and mocking ALL the time.

They should be really close, even if it takes a while.

Buffy hanging out at the hospital.

However you deal with Buffy being the ...
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Detective John Munch has several ex-wives, what if one of them was pregnant when she left him for Tony Harris and he didn't find out about it until Xander was grown up?

I'd love to see this line from Xander:
"Let's get one thing straight, if you ever mention conspiracy, aliens or heaven forbid both in front of Andrew I'm suing you for never sending a dime for child-support. And good luck proving you didn't know about me."
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I have noticed that there isn't nearly enough crossovers with The Dead Zone (book, movie, or tv series). So, your mission, should you choose to accept, is to write one.

The Challenge is to give Xander the powers that Johnny Smith has. It doesn't matter how he gets them, it could be the same way that Smith gets them, a coma, or it could be as simple as Xander dressing up as Johnny for Halloween. Any way to get him in that situation.

There can be no pairing or any pairing, but don't make it the focus of the story.

I like longer stories, but honestly I would be happy...
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Grey's Anatomy! yes I have a Grey's anatomy challenge.

So Some of our favorite people have managed to get themselves admitted to Seattle Grace

Well there are several ways they can be admitted and you can approach this but keep in mind it should be after Denny's death (so season three in Grey's) and Post Chosen in BTVS

You should have at least three but not more than six BTVS/Angel characters
Here are your need to haves
1. Buffy and Meredith comparing their love lives.
2. Christina trying to cut open someone (Vampire or Slayer your choice)
3. Faith...
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Here's a hundred-word drabble, introducing a VERY AU version of Veronica Mars. I'll also be posting it as a story.

Friends Help You Move...

She looks at the body again and winces. There's not much of his head left.

"He was trying to kill me," she says to herself. "Not like I had a choice."

The trouble is.... The trouble is why he was trying to kill her. If the police find out she'll probably end up in jail.

She can't think straight... can't even understand how she fought him off. Except that somewhere in the back of her head a voice still asks ...
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