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Had a great idea(I thought) and then found out I was hopelessly out of my depth. I hope someone else can do it justice.

-4 or 5 years post Chosen Xander is burning out from politics in the New Council.
-While in Africa a shaman Xander saves gives him back all the Hyena enhancements(without the primal spirit,) full use of his soldier memories and his eye.
-He has been a field watcher training more of 'his girls'
-Your choice of plot device to get him signing up Xander and his past charges for a special forces unit.
-The original idea was to see how 5 slayers and a supe...
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I blame the "mommy anita" challenge on this....spawned too many cute scenarios in the HP universe with little scoobies in my head.

Two Btvs characters are sent to the Harry potter universe.
For whatever reason they are now between the ages of 2 and 6.
One character can be older than the other or they can be the same age.
They have somewhat of a warped memory of who they were and remember bits and pieces here and there shocking those around them with bizarre random knowledge.
Don't make them all powerful...just make 'em strange little kids.
The two children deci...
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Crossover with Anita Blake

At the end of Dopplegangland while doing the spell to send Vamp Willow back to her reality, the human Willow is accidentally sent to AB-verse and vamped. I don't mind the "how" - she could be vamped by the spell, or you could have a vamp in the AB-verse turn her.

Jean-Claude and company have to deal with her.

Maybe the Scoobies attempt some kind of rescue?

I would prefer the focus to be on AB characters other than Anita, but I won't insist on it. You writers are always surprising me and making me like things I didn't think I ...
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Buffy/Stargate crossover

Instead of the African demon just given Spike back his soul, he instead turns him completely back into a human and without the chip.

Somehow a member of SG1 comes across the now human William and is impressed by his knowledge of old languages.So they offer him a job in the translation part of the Stargate Program.

A few years pass where William has become a small unknown member of the Star Gate crew but still a valued team player. But a translation or a report of Goa'uld activity forces him and SG1 to head to Sunnydale,where they collided wit...
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Crossover with Harry Potter

Must have one or more of the following in the story:

1) Buffy is really psycho and teams up with Voldemort

2) Xander is a long lost relative of a HP character

3) Giles is Voldemort… somehow. He can be good or evil.

4) One of the Harry Potter characters is one of the Buffy characters and uses a time turner (Example: Willow is Ginny, Tara is Luna, or Giles is Remus)

5) Xander is a reformed Death Eater or Death Eater child on the run


Anytime after Xander’s failed road trip, this can be any...
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Pairings: Buffy/Hodgins, Brennan/Booth, Angelina/Xander?

Challenge: I want this to be an all human story. Buffy's father (Hank) is an aggressive alcoholic. when he drinks he beats both Buffy and her mother. Booth is Joyce's (Buffy's mum) little brother. When Buffy is 10 both her parents disappear. Police have always suspected that Hank killed Joyce, hid the body and disappeared. Booth takes Buffy in until she is 18 and she goes away to university. When Buffy is 21 she returns. All the episodes of the Bones have already happened. You can decide how she becomes part ...
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter

Buffy is the younger sister of Sirius Black. She was born a squib, and so her parents disowned her, and secretly sent her to America, to Joyce. Buffy is not a witch, as she is a slayer. She can't be both. Sirius and Buffy meet, but Sirius (and by extension the wizarding world) can have no clue as to what a slayer is, or that Buffy is one.
Buffy and Dawn should end up living with Sirius in the Black family house.
This story can be set any time in the Harry Potter series, but must be set about the time of "Not Fade Away", season 5 Ang...
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Crossover between BtVS and She-Ra, Princess of Power.

Basically a remake of the "Secret of the Sword" movie. He-Man/Prince Adam is busy, so the PTB select someone else to deliver the magic sword of Grayskull to Etheria and into the hands of Adora.

- A BtVS character being charged with bringing the sword to Adora
- Adora still being brainwashed by Hordak to loyally serve the Horde
- The BtVS character meeting up with the Great Rebellion (Bow, Glimmer, etc.)
- Adora eventually getting the sword and transforming into She-Ra

Bonus Points for:...
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BtVS and Doctor Who (tenth Doctor)

Inspired after watching the Doctor Who Confidential where they suggested that they deliberately left what the thing was unanswered.

I just couldn't stop thinking through that entire episode of the laughter and mocking that demon-thing would have gotten if anyone from the Buffy-verse had been there.

So here's the challenge:

I don't care how they get there (try to make it semi-plausible) but the one or more of the Scoobies, I'd prefer it be Dawn and/or Xander but anyone will do, is on Sanctuary Base 6, either instead of one ...
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What if Edward had raised a son before he met Donna and the kids in New Mexico? What if that son had disappeared one night when father and son came across a woman posessed by a first circle demon?

What would happen when Xander remembered his true father? How would he get 'home' and what had dropped him off in Sunnydale in the first place?

more importantly how are the others going to react to the heir of Death among them?

post Tabula Rasa season six, the breaking of the crystal gives Xander all of his memories back, from this dimension and his original one.
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Buffy meets Damien (you decide if its in St Louis or elsewhere), and they help each other out (again you decide with what... it can be something big like saving life, or something small but memorable). A few years later they meet again and Buffy is slowly dying of a curse. Damien finds himself fascinated by her and brings his gang in to help her. Please try to keep Willow and Xander to a minimum, but Spike, Giles and Dawn are good.

Because Damien never gets enough love.
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Xander gets sucked into the portal in 'The Gift' and losses his memory. The Turks takes him, Xander then takes the name Vincent Valentine. Then Shinra gets a hold of him and they augment him. Basically Xander is Vincent, and after the movie he stays around when a portal opens up in the church and out comes Buffy, Willow, Tara, Dawn, Cordy, Angel, Wes, Fred, Gunn, Spike, and others, looking for Xander.

You can start it anyway you like.

Has to be Post-Chosen and Post-Not Fade Away.


The people that die have to live, that is up to you on how they live....
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Before House convinced Cameron to come back after she was fired during season one the Scoobies got to her first. She accepted a position as a doctor for the new Watchers Council.

After working with the Council for a few months a strange disease starts infecting many of the newly called Slayers. Willow and the Coven can find no supernatural causes for the disease and Cameron can not find a source either.

Desperate Cameron goes to the one man who might be able to figure out what is killing Slayers. Dr. Gregory House.

Needless to say House isn’t thrilled to see his...
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I've read a lot of crossovers where the Scoobies end up in the Anitaverse, but hardly any stories with the Anita crew going to Sunnydale; so here's my challenge... Edward, known to the monsters as Death, is brought across dimensions for a hit on one of the Scoobies, either Buffy, Faith, Willow, Xander or Spike. Its up to you to decide who wins and how, but there can be no draws, just a winner and a loser.
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Mortal Kombat/Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Set after Angel's N.F.A episode.

Spuffy all the way.

Buffy is miffed at Spike for not letting her know he was alive but the two are trying make it work between them, much to Xander,Giles and Angel's dismay.

But all that changes when Spike receives an invitation to participate in a once in a generation secret combat tournament. So secret that The Watchers Council had always assumed it was a myth. Always up for a good fist and fangs challenge Spike decides to accept, much to Buffy's distress.

Although he is const...
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