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Before Buffy went to heaven after she died (the second time), she (as a ghost) passed through a small town named Amity Park. While a ghost, she meets a half-ghost/half-human boy. Soon they become friends and maybe something more, but what happens when she is given the choice to "move on"?

Post Season 5's ending for BtVS and sometime in the future for Danny Phantom (as to make Danny and the gang older).

Want to See:
- Like the other ghosts of Amity Park, Buffy can become solid when she wants to.
- Buffy helping Danny fight ghosts.
- Sam's jealous at how much time D...
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Crossover with: Anita Blake
The wheel of samsara turns differently for the vampire who sought a soul.

After the events of the Angel series finale, Spike the 'ghost' pops out of a package addressed to Anita at RPIT headquarters. "Bloody Hell! Again?!?" Rather than being tied to the building, he's tied to Anita. He follows her around for a few weeks before becoming solid again.

It’s up to you to determine why Spike’s set to auto-reincarnate and if any of the Scoobies will come looking for him. Did Andrew ever reveal that Spike was alive? Are the PTB skipping Spike acros...
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Crossover with: Anita Blake
Preferred length: 3000+ words
Time frame: prior to AB Narcissus in Chains - the end of the BTVS halloween episode "Fear Itself"

Somehow, in the course of defeating the demon Gachnar; Buffy, Willow, Xander, Oz, Giles, and Anya, are sucked down into the glowing hole in the floor and transported to the AB-verse, (still in costume.) They arrive in the presence of AB characters.

Please include:
-Jason repeatedly hitting on Buffy
-A koi pond
-Richard with his shirt off
-Buffy going through Anita’s closet

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In Season Two of Angel, Dru was brought in by Wolfram And Hart to re-vamp Darla since Angel wouldn't do it. She was promised a new playmate. This of course fizzled out when Darla killed herself to give birth to Connor. So now Dru returns to W&H demanding that she receive payment. She wants a playmate that will be bound to her only, since Dru has never really been the one in charge. (Even Spike, her childe, went his own way.) Since W&H is all about chaos, they give in to her demands and attempt a spell to summon the perfect evil sidekick for Dru.

The twist is, during the spell,...
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What if Snape was Buffy's father? They are both working for both sides and neither is sure where the others loyalty truly lies.

Buffy is the slayer but Snape doesn't know she is. Voldemort does.

Buffy is Draco's partner at Hogwarts. ( whatever house you want her to be in)

Which ever side Buffy is on so is Draco.

May use any characters you want from Buffy and Angel.
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There are lots of Halloween stories out there, describing what happened to Buffy and the Scoobies that night and as a result of that night. What about the people they dressed as?
Write a story from the perspective of the 'costumes.' It doesn't have to be a main character. This can be somewhat AU, of course. For instance, if Buffy had dressed as Xena, write a story from Xena's perspective.
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What if Xander was Willows Imaginary friend, but no one knew it? After the destruction on Sunnydale, the gang realize what he is and dump him at 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends' after taking all his money (Besides Giles and Wood, he was the only one with a steady full time job, a well paying one if I go by local carpenter/builder standards).

How would he deal with it? I could see him becoming some kind of mentor to Mac, and Frankie could have a crush on him, especially if Xander helps around the house as a handyman.

Or there could be more between the two. I'm pretty sur...
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I keep seeing an advert for some car for sale.

It starts with a guy sitting on a sofa when he discovers a handle, & use it to open door out of nothing, & steps through into totally different scenes.

Anyway here is the challenge:

Have a Scooby or even OC, discover a way of stepping between realities by opening different doors.

- Maybe have the Traveler joined by others;
- The Traveler is on a journey of sorts but even they do not know why, but every reality they have to help save, before another door will appear.
- The Traveler knows they are ...
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The Juggernaut of Shadowrun RPG is a vicious and huge 'Awakened' beast. It is natural expression/unlocking of the common armadillo (D. novemcinctus)'s innate magical/genetic potential, so it could either arrive in the Buffyverse through a dimensional portal or arise from armadillos exposed to magical fields.. in much the same way as the original stock.

Two of the many possibilities:
Riley/Wilderness Areas

You could have Riley's South American commando team be called back the United States (hopefully a desert region) to take out one (or a colony) of th...
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In the Tales of the Slayer, vol. 2, there is a short story about a Caribbean Slayer named Robin Whitby. I challenge someone to write a story about Robin meeting Jack Sparrow.

Must have:

1. Robin meeting Jack in Tortuga.
2. Robin's and Jack's crews go on some sort of adventure together.
3. Vampires or some sort of supernatural creature must be involved somehow.


1. Robin and Jack romance.
2. Will and Elizabeth join the adventure.
3. Jack finding out that Robin's a Vampire Slayer.


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Crossover: BtVS/Logan's Run

Main Characters: Scoobies, Logan 5, Francis 7

Pairings: None

Rating: R or less

My memory of Logan's Run is vague as I haven't seen the movie in quite some time. However, I got to thinking, what if the reason for the city wasn't because of some natural disaster or nuclear war or whatever reason the movie actually gives but because demons actually overran the earth and the city was designed to protect humans until it was safe to leave. I also got to thinking that the belief in Sanctuary and the increase in Runners was a fail-safe in...
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[The Pretender/CSI/BTVS]

In 1962 and in 1963, the Centre isolated three young siblings and turned them into Pretenders. After many years, all three Pretenders have found their way into the world. Not knowing that they're related they start looking for the same goal. Their family.

Jarod mourns that he never got to know Kyle the way he wanted. After seeing the car explode with his little brother after the episode "Dragon House". He gets a message from Angelo that simply tells him that he has a sister that was raised by the Centre as well. But she managed to escape at the age o...
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DLM/BtVS crossover.

Challenge: Rubes sends Mason to reap one of the Scoobies, but he’s not as stealthy as he thinks he is. In other words, they’re onto him. Any length, any reap, any season.

Pairings: Any, except Spuffy.

Rating: R or lower (no smut, please!)
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Buffy and Willow have to meet with the President - a couple Slayers go with them, including Cassie Fraiser.

Being well informed on all things SGC, he knows Cassie by sight.

When Willow tells him about the spell that activated all slayers - he has to ask if it only effected Slayers on Earth (because he knows that Cassie is NOT from Earth).

From there it's up to you.
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Um, this is my first challenge ever so here we go...Buffy/Stargate SG-1 crossover. I'd really like to see a scenario where Buffy is sent to evaluate the SG-1 team and could possibly end up working with them. My plot bunny pretty much involves Buffy going into the Stargate with them and then telling the president about the group and how well they did. (I'm not a Stargate connoisseur so I'm not 100% familiar with the show...sorry!) I'm also hoping for a Buffy/Jack pairing if possible.

Must have:
Buffy saying "Whatever you say, Mr. President!"
Buffy going through the Stargate...
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