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Crossover: BtVS/Logan's Run

Main Characters: Scoobies, Logan 5, Francis 7

Pairings: None

Rating: R or less

My memory of Logan's Run is vague as I haven't seen the movie in quite some time. However, I got to thinking, what if the reason for the city wasn't because of some natural disaster or nuclear war or whatever reason the movie actually gives but because demons actually overran the earth and the city was designed to protect humans until it was safe to leave. I also got to thinking that the belief in Sanctuary and the increase in Runners was a fail-safe in...
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[The Pretender/CSI/BTVS]

In 1962 and in 1963, the Centre isolated three young siblings and turned them into Pretenders. After many years, all three Pretenders have found their way into the world. Not knowing that they're related they start looking for the same goal. Their family.

Jarod mourns that he never got to know Kyle the way he wanted. After seeing the car explode with his little brother after the episode "Dragon House". He gets a message from Angelo that simply tells him that he has a sister that was raised by the Centre as well. But she managed to escape at the age o...
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DLM/BtVS crossover.

Challenge: Rubes sends Mason to reap one of the Scoobies, but he’s not as stealthy as he thinks he is. In other words, they’re onto him. Any length, any reap, any season.

Pairings: Any, except Spuffy.

Rating: R or lower (no smut, please!)
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Buffy and Willow have to meet with the President - a couple Slayers go with them, including Cassie Fraiser.

Being well informed on all things SGC, he knows Cassie by sight.

When Willow tells him about the spell that activated all slayers - he has to ask if it only effected Slayers on Earth (because he knows that Cassie is NOT from Earth).

From there it's up to you.
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Um, this is my first challenge ever so here we go...Buffy/Stargate SG-1 crossover. I'd really like to see a scenario where Buffy is sent to evaluate the SG-1 team and could possibly end up working with them. My plot bunny pretty much involves Buffy going into the Stargate with them and then telling the president about the group and how well they did. (I'm not a Stargate connoisseur so I'm not 100% familiar with the show...sorry!) I'm also hoping for a Buffy/Jack pairing if possible.

Must have:
Buffy saying "Whatever you say, Mr. President!"
Buffy going through the Stargate...
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Dawn was molded by monks into her shape and placed with Buffy and Joyce and constructed memories. However, suppose Dawn was made before, except she wasn't Dawn she was someone else. Someone that goes by the name of Lana Lang and/or Ginny Weasley.

Any other crossover is fine, but I would really like to see one of those two characters above. Lana because weird stuff happens to her, and she looks kinda/sorta like Dawn. Ginny because she is the one that is being overlooked and protected.

Another thing that I would like is for Dawn to start remembering the memories from before, ...
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Challenge: Famous for Other Reasons


Sixth Year, Seventh, or Post Hogwarts Fic. Dawn Summers started Hogwarts at Age 11 (sent away from Sunnydale for her protection, for example) and a different Golden Trio formed: Harry Potter, Dawn Summers, and [author's choice - preferably from outside HP or Buffy].

Voldemort is dead. Someone however finds out that the golden trio are famous in the muggle world. . .

Author's Choice: Why are they famous? Are they a popular rock group? Did they compete in the Olympics? Were they recently chosen to be the firs...
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Challenge Rules:

1) Has to take place after the Glory episode.
2) Someone jumps or is taken through a portal. It can be Buffy when she jumps, or someone else in the period when Buffy was dead. However, I would like it if it wasn't Buffy.
3) The person that jumped or was taken should be injured in another dimension/universe, preferably in the Stargate series, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter. But Anita Blake, Highlander, and any other are fine as well.
4) If you choose to do someone besides Buffy or Dawn, it would be nice if you could find a reason for them to jump in Bu...
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Okay, I don't know if this idea has been done but if it has please point me in the right direction.

Everyone dressed as canon but one of the little kids dressed as one of the Anita Blake shifters. (I was thinking chimera (sp?) but whoever you want) With the chaos spell, the beast(s) came out and soldier!Xander was bitten by the shifter. Even though the spell was ended, Xander still became a shifter like the Anita Blake books.

I want the story to be about Xander discovering what he is and how he deals with it. ie.. reading the novels to try to get as much info as possible,...
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I've seen a lot of Dawn Winchester stories but not a lot of Buffy Winchester stories. I think it would be good to see a Buffy Winchester verse start.

Buffy was born to Mary and John Winchester and when she turned sixth months her mother was killed. Ever since then her father and brothers and her have been on the road and her father and brothers hunt. When her father goes missing. Buffy is alone with her brother Dean and soon Sam joins them. Then on a trip to Sunnydale, she finds out she is a slayer.

Must Include-

-A couple of the episodes of season one.
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I watched the movie "Hostel," then like right afterwards I saw "Eurotrip," which was a complete 180. But about halfway through Eurotrip, the group ends up in Bakslavia, which is the setting for all the horrors of Hostel. And Michelle Trachtenburg did star in Eurotrip...

Dawn and a few college friends spend their summer break backpacking through Europe and disappear. Buffy and a group of Slayers go on the trail to find out what happened to them. There are plenty of revelations about all the debauchery Dawn and her friends got into--proving that Dawn isn't quite the innocent and sw...
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The Scooby of your choice has awoken in their car, covered in blood with no memory of the past seventy-two hours. Now they have to deal with the consequences.

Possible Crossover’s

- CSI: Las Vegas, New York or Miami
- The Soprano’s
- Highlander
- Any Cop/Crime solving show or movie
- Simon R. Green's Nightside Series
- Anything you pull out of a Hat ^^

I’d really like to see this done with either Giles or Dawn but anyone would work.
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AU. Buffy grew up in Gotham, not LA. After the infamous high school burning, the institution she is admitted into is Arkham Asylum.

Years later, post Chosen, Buffy returns to Gotham to attempt to improve treatment at the facility. Instead, she is drawn into the conflict between Batman, Scarecrow, and Ra’s al Ghul. Needless to say, she’s not happy about it.

Any pairings, ratings, length, etc. Only...if you include Willow, leave her gay. No sudden team-switching. :)
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This is another one of those Xander's real parents idea.
Now basically what the challenge that Xanders father was Jackie Estacado, top Cows number one assassin better known as the Darkness... and when Xander turns 21 he inherits the darkness and returns to Sunnydale after being exiled due to Buffy finding out about the lie involving Angel and sending him to hell...

Extra Points if you can add the following:
(1)Xander can have sex due to naturally absorbing the energies of the hellmouth all his life, that the Darkness is bonded to him completely in a way that it has nev...
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Thorne Smith's 1926 novel, "Topper", and its sequels have been made into many movies and television series, most notably the 1937 movie with Cary Grant and Constance Bennett. In them, newlywed couple George and Marian Kerby and their dog die in a drunken car crash, but they manage to stick around as ghosts, and they end up trying to loosen up businessman Cosmo Topper's very stodgy life. (In the second novel, Marian Kerby and Cosmo consummate their affair. George never finds out.) Now, there are a few BtVS/AtS characters who need some enjoyment in their (un)lives, and one who definitely do...
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