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I've read a lot of crossovers where the Scoobies end up in the Anitaverse, but hardly any stories with the Anita crew going to Sunnydale; so here's my challenge... Edward, known to the monsters as Death, is brought across dimensions for a hit on one of the Scoobies, either Buffy, Faith, Willow, Xander or Spike. Its up to you to decide who wins and how, but there can be no draws, just a winner and a loser.
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Mortal Kombat/Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Set after Angel's N.F.A episode.

Spuffy all the way.

Buffy is miffed at Spike for not letting her know he was alive but the two are trying make it work between them, much to Xander,Giles and Angel's dismay.

But all that changes when Spike receives an invitation to participate in a once in a generation secret combat tournament. So secret that The Watchers Council had always assumed it was a myth. Always up for a good fist and fangs challenge Spike decides to accept, much to Buffy's distress.

Although he is const...
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Ranma 1/2 Crossover; Dawn-centric.

Dawn runs away to China and falls (either accidentally or deliberately) into Pool of Drowned Boy. She creates a new identity for herself, as a boy called Ryouga. Then later, Ryouga falls into another cursed Spring, preventing 'him' from turning back into a girl.

Must have:
-Ryouga and Dawn are the same person.
-If she falls in deliberately, she must have a good reason (for example, someone found out that the Key is a human girl).
-Dawn/Ryouga also having a good reason for getting lost so often.

Must NOT have:
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We've all heard a lot about Faith's pardon, but how did it really happen? I have doubts that magic fixed everything and I'm not sure that they would trust Wolfram and Hart to handle it. The challenge is simple. Have one or more of the lawyers from Crane, Poole, and Schmidt handle Faith's legal difficulties.

I'm deliberately leaving this open to allow for a wide range of responses. You get to pick the lawyers, the Scoobies, the length, and the genre. You can go gen, slash, or any combination of pairings that you can think of. All I ask is that it be a well written, slightly pl...
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John Winchester goes to the new Watcher's Council for help for Dean and Sam. They send Dawn who's taking time off from college (in England).

Dawn's Background:
- Screwing with the time line, Dawn's in her 4th year of college (going towards her masters ect...)
- Trained in witchcraft (powers from the keys started developing after the hellmouth closed)
- An affinity for languages.
- Trained in weapons (including guns) and martial arts.

- Dawn traveling with them.
- Dawn showing up near the middle of the season.
- Dean/Dawn Pairing...
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Harry's mom did a protection spell on him the night that she died. The spell was set up to send him where he would be the most protected and loved along with making him fit into the life of the people seamlessly (just like with Dawn and the monks). The spell sends him to Joyce and Hank Summers and he becomes Buffy's twin brother. This can be set at anytime you'd like but Harry should be able to protect himself and help his sister. And if you can work in a little Harry/Xander all the better. A manipulative Dumbledore would also be great along with a Xander who is not just the Zeppo. Tak...
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*Spoiler Alert* for NCIS:

Riley was on the job with the Army in Mexico, got wounded in a battle and was thrown out as fish food. Somehow he washed ashore at Mike’s place (Gibbs’ old NCIS boss) while Gibbs is there recovering from the political wranglings. Is Riley dead or delusional with fever and injuries and in need of mucho medical attention? Your choice.

Mike and Jethro see the uniform and his dog tags and start investigating. What do they find? Not the whole truth, but how much? Whose help do they enlist? Who shows up to get the corpse/patient? What do they ...
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Once there was one girl in all the world chosen to fight the forces of darkness, and behind her lay the Watchers Council, a world wide organization designed to guide and protect the slayer and potentials.

Then the balance was shifted and there were thousands of slayers and only a handful of watchers left to teach them. As talented as they may be the Scoobies and the surviving watchers can't do it on there own, they must recruit.

But who do they choose?

The challenge is to write a crossover where one or more characters become an apprentice to the newly reformed Watch...
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Winston, Hazel, and Cordelia Frost have a second chance at life as the Chase Family. Winston certainly messed it up the first time.

His oldest daughter, Adrienne (a mutant/meta-human with psychometric powers) has gone off to England and married a mobster. His only son is institutionalized to "cure" his homosexuality and drug addiction - and has since tried to kill himself on several occasions. His second daughter, Emma (a mutant/meta-human who is one of the 5 most powerful psychics in the world) took control of Winston's multi-billion dollar company, Frost International, in an act ...
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Buffy/Anita Blake

At the end of 'Circus of the Damned', Anita dies, but Edward brings her back using CPR.
During 'Prophecy Girl', Buffy dies, but Xander brings her back using CPR.

But what if something went wrong as the guys brought them back, and Anita came back in Buffy's body instead of her own?

Anita could probably bluff her way through the fight with the Master and the bad guys, and any odd behavior could be explained as related from the shock of nearly dying. But what happens after that? And how does she make it back to 'her' St. Louis again and get Buf...
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specifically i would like to see willow and spike enter bobs world. God the devil and bob was a short lived cartoon on NBC i think. it was VERY funny and completely sacrilegious but ..funny. :D
xander could perhaps make an appearance.
maybe make the story a bad dream of spikes after a night of severe drinking.
i don't care how ya do it but the following props and or lines must be part of the story/
1. a reference to "cutting down a tree with a herring" Monty python thing.
2. "have fun storming the castle!"
3. a boiled egg nailing spike in the h...
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The Choosing Between Two Soul Mates Challenge.

When trying to raise Buffy from the dead and the jar breaks it sends Buffy who is now alive and her other soul mate Sirius to his dimension. (Yes, I said other soul-mate. Buffy has more than one man who could be her soul mate and will have to choose between them.)

(If you want you can replace Angel with Spike)

1. Sirius is like a ghost his body is partway between dimensions but he is alive. (Think a cross between Ghost (with Patrick Swayze and Astral projection) He can only be visible part of the time and can only bare...
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I haven't really seen a crossover of Buffy and Lord of the Rings that brings Buffy and Faramir together as a pairing.

I'd like to see these two together. Since I assume we all like to throw the Buffy characters into Middle Earth, I have no problem with the author finding a reason for Buffy to be there.

But please, this fic must not have:
Buffy becoming an elf, be the relative to an elf, or have a previous relation with an elf (ie. they've met before or something like that)
Eowyn-bashing (admittedly I've only seen it done a few times and it was kind of uncalled for. ...
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Buffy/Bourne Supremacy crossover

Post Chosen

Nikki no longer works for the CIA, so when she makes an unscheduled trip to Berlin with Landy and Abbott, it draws the notice of her current employer.

Nikki can be either Watcher or Slayer: your choice. Jason's going to have to answer for threatening her, one way or another.

Once the CIA team recovers Nikki, I'd like to see either Buffy face off with Landy over putting Nikki in danger or Willow's resolve face getting Nikki out of the government's clutches.
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Ever heard of Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp? Xander has. And he went. So how does Buffy react to finding out he's a psychonaut?

Only requirements are that:
Xander is psychic (how powerful he is is up to you).
He's still Xander (aka no super slick, cool as ice, charmer).
He's a White Hat.
It starts in Season One.

And please, no Buffy bashing.
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