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Willow is the daughter of Nell and Jonathan. Nell goes to Metropolis to tell him only to find out he's already involved with Martha. Unable to raise a child alone she gives the baby up for adoption.

After Shelia tries to burn Willow at the stack child services takes custody of her and contacts Nell, which forces Nell to tell Jonathan about the daughter she gave away. Willow is a junior in high school while the Smallville gang are freshman.

Must Have
1. Willow goes to live with Jonathan and Martha.

2. The Kent's decide not to tell Willow about Clark, but she ...
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Alright-I had a great idea for a fic, based on the reality TV show "Trading Spouses, Meet your New Mommy" on Fox, got about a paragraph in, and couldn't think of what to do next.

My challenge, is to take Buffy-and exchange her with another superhero leader, so the two groups may get a feel for what different fighting and leading styles are like.

Requirements:-or, Suggestions-This is supposed to be light and fun, basically a parody, but if you want, you can make this a more serious fic.

You can exchange BUFFY with any other superhero group dynamic, my choice had been ...
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This would be a crossover with "The Pretender." Ms. Parker has been having strange dreams. Slayer dreams. (Although she is unaware of the slayer bit at this time.) Now someone tries to kill her. Is it her darling brother Lyle? Mr. Raines? Someone else from the Triumvirate or the Centre? The assassination attempts fail, of course. And a few times Ms. Parker even manages to fully "whoop-ass" on the wanna-be assassin. (Thanks to those nifty Slayer powers.)

Now it's your turn, should you decide to accept this bunny, to decide where this goes and how it ends. Though a happy end...
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Crossover with Veronica Mars

When Veronica's boyfriend, Duncan Kane, gets in trouble because he kidnapped his own infant daughter, Veronica asks her cousin Buffy Summers for help.

 Post season 7 of Buffy
 Veronica knowing about what lurks in the dark (though her dad doesn’t know) from a previous visit to Sunnydale (before Buffy died)
 Duncan moving away from Neptune to get away from the Mannings’ (Lilly's maternal abusive grandparents)


 Lilly (Duncan’s infant daughter) being a Slayer (or having some sort of p...
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Must be a long story.
Must be NC-17 or R

Must Haves
1) Has to be set in the Second Season and has to go to Chosen, can even go beyond.
2) Xander's Mom tells him about his real father who was a Thundarian.
3) Xander is half Human half Thundarian.
4) Xander must be a Snow Leopard.
5) The Gang has to find out about Xander when Angel loses his soul and saves Willow.
6) Has to have the Anita Blake people in it.
7) Xander can go out with any one, but no Xander/Anya.
8) Xander and Micah have to have a major fight, with Xander coming out the winner.
9) ...
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1. A Buffy centered crossover with one or more of the following: Nate and Hayes (the 1983 movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Michael O'Keefe) and/or Cutthroat Island and/or Pirates of the Caribbean and/or even Horacio Hornblower.

2. In the middle of a battle between the Pirates and (other pirates or the Navy or Captain Hayes and crew) they are attacked by demons and Buffy has to step in and kill the demons. (blowing her secret identity out of the water.)

2. Buffy has to fight a pirate while wearing a dress. Preferably a pirate planning on abducting her. When the dress is d...
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Crossover with Supernatural

Xander learns who his real family is. The boys of Supernatural find out they have a younger half sibling. How they find out is up to you.

Preferably no pairing or X/F or X/C.

In the Buffyverse set before S4 preferably. In Supernatural verse post-Pilot but Pre-Shadow.

You choice on whether Xander joins Dean and Sam in finding their father and kicking supernatural butt along the way.
Must have Dean and Sam trying to teach Xander better defense skills. Xander telling them about the supernatural baddies he's come across. Eith...
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Xander goes to Troy.

That really says most of it. I’d like for once to see Xander mingle with Hector, Paris and Achilles.

- Xander can come from any season.
- If someone goes with him it can’t be; Buffy, Willow or Anya.
- I’d like to see some slash, but it’s not required.
- Xander can’t appear after the war, it either has to be before or during it.
- It’s not a must that he appears in Troy in the start.
Humour is great, and when Xander is involved I don’t think it can be avoided (and I don’t want it to be,) but I’d like to see some seri...
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This is a Ranma 1/2 & Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover that I am proposing.
Anyways in it:

Xander is searching for new Slayers in Japan and comes across Genma throwing Ranma into the cat-pit to learn the Nekkoken.

Xander fights off Genma & adopts Ranma.

Xander takes Ranma back to ...(I am not sure where the new Council of Watchers would be or where Xander would be living)

Ranma eventually goes to (Nerima), Japan to learn more about his origins.

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What if after Giles leaves and Buffy kisses Spike at the end of Tabula Rasa, she realizes that she is heading down a dark path. She figures out that since she has been in heaven, staying near the Hellmouth is making her feel like she is in Hell. She decides that she needs to get away from Sunnydale, Spike, and the people who brought her back. She discusses it with Dawn and they decide to put the house up for sale and they leave for LA. They stay with Angel for a couple of days and Angel gives them money to start a new life. Here is where choose your own adventure comes in. You the writer...
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I am almost positive that this is the first request for this on this site. A Gold Digger Buffy crossover! Again, we start on that fateful day of Halloween. Instead of the group going as they did in the TV series, they go as characters from the Gold Digger comics! Have Buffy go as either Bitanny or Brianna, Willow as Brianna or Gina, and since I want all three sisters, have Cordelia go as either Brianna or Gina. Have Xander go as either Gar or Ryan. Options: can have Giles go as Dr. Diggers, and Jenny or/and Mrs. Summers go as Julia Diggers and/or “Mumsey” Brigands, if you want both ...
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Buffy is the foundling daughter of the Goblin King Jareth and his wife Sarah Williams (the only one to beat the Labyrinth). Buffy was found by Joyce Summers the night after the stillborn birth of her daughter and Joyce adopted Buffy. The only contact Buffy has from her biological parents is through dreams that she remembers and learns from, but only half believes.

Start the story in the season two Halloween episode.
Dru died a week-month ago
Buffy got the memories of all Slayers when the spell ended as a chaotic side-affect and went primal.
Buffy claimed a not quite reluct...
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Am not sure if this has been done or not – apologies if something similar has been “challenged” already …….

Instead of a Xander real family challenge – this is an Andrew real family challenge …

The must have twist to the story ….. when Andrew and his biological father finally meet for the first time the both of them end up with a sense of disillusionment …...

But, don’t leave it there …… how do they (if they do) overcome it ??

Would absolutely love to see this as a Stargate cross but its open to any and all fandoms.
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Dawn or Fred, goes on the mission to Atlantis several years after most or all of the team died. Having them die during Chosen would be the simplest. Alternatively, you could have them be alive but not in the story.

If you pick Dawn , the story should be set several years in the future, and she should have a good reason for being on the expedition. (She has a doctorate in something relevant or is in the military).

If it's Fred her stint in Pylea should be part of the plot. Having her correct McKay on something would be hilarious.

I don't want to see:
The Atlan...
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We all know that Xander is a Trekkie, right? What would have happened if he had dressed as a Klingon warrior on one fateful Halloween night?

Here's the particular bunny that bit me today:

Xander is sitting in his hospital bed after having his eye gouged out by Caleb. He starts to recall that he knows someone who sufferred a similar injury (both have now lost an eye). The more he dwells on it, the more he starts to remember the life of Martok (, whom he briefly became during the Hell-o-ween incident. Long dormant personalit traits...
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