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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges


The challenge is to pick a name of a character from Buffy or Angel and match it with a name of a character from a book/movie/whatever. Then take the characters and switch them.

An example would be Ford from the episode Lie To Me switched with Ford Perfect from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. This way instead of having an episode about a boy wanting to become a vampire, you can introduce Buffy and Co to babble fish and vampire slaying by use of a towel.

If you do this with a main character (ie Buffy, Xander, Willow, etcetera) the plot must revolve slightly on how the others...
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So, I'm watching Blade Trinity again. And an idea hits me. It's the scene where Abby, Blade, and Hannibal go to confront Vance. And he turns into Dracula. I just have this image in my head of Willow, Buffy, and Faith being with the Nightstalkers and saying "THAT'S Dracula?!?! Damn! He's kinda hot." And this whole witty banter follows between the three about Dracula and his hotness. Where it goes from there is up to you.

It can be a drabble or novel length.
I would like both to be honest.

If it's a novel length here are the requirements:
1. Willow/Dracula as a pairi...
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What if Willow ended up ascending to a higher plain of existance when she activated all the Potentials during the final battle? What if she decided that the Ascended's policy of non-interferance sucked, descended and just happened to land in Dr. Daniel Jackson's office?

challange~ Must be set after Full Circle or Threads (Threads preffered) in the SG universe.
Willow descends *naked* in Daniel's office.
Someone refers to Willow as a 'geek goddess' (either Jack O'Neill or Willow herself preferred.)
Willow ends up leading an SG team of slayers.
Faith takes o...
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BTVS: This is a challenge that is set after the hellmouth closes and the group has moved on
HP: after the 5th book
Anita Blake: set it when ever

harry has to some how get to the US and to saint louis willow has to be working in one of the bars and the pairing I leave up to you

must include this line: "caution suspect has a spork and knows how to use it
Not Categorised • granger • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 May 05]
Buffy and Jason Bourne. Go!

Okay, okay, Buffy and Jason meet in a normal setting ( a blind date, in a coffee house, at a PTA meeting, whatever). Set it years in the future. Everyone is happy, well adjusted, and looking for a normal relationship to complete their happy, well adjusted lives. Cue bad guy, silliness and drama, and the dramatic spill-all we readers so enjoy despite ourselves. A happy ending is a must (though it may be unconventional).

Bonuses For:
1.) a confused Riley
2.) Giles going into protective Father mode
3.) either Buffy or Jason toting a k...
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After waking from her coma, Faith decides that everything that has gone wrong in her life is due to God having a personal grudge against her.

God, deciding that she has been complaining too much, teaches her a lesson by giving her his powers and responsibility for Sunnydale..

There are, however, three rules:
1) No killing or permanent injury.
2) No affecting free will.
3) No telling anyone what’s gong on.

At first Faith thinks she’s hit the jackpot, and set out to make have the life she’s always wanted. But soon she realises that she’s not happy w...
Movies > Other-Comedy • (Past Donor)Starbug • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 May 05] • Date Updated [3 Feb 10]
First, you need to read Goddessa's "Legend." When you have, create a fic where at least one different cannon is reflecting or telling tales of Lady Vengeance or Wind or something else Buffy was called.

If you want to create just a bunch of little one-pieces, then have Buffy show up in at least one. Or maybe there are a bunch of 'old friends' or whatever from different cannons out for a beer and they talk of old times or something.

If you use one of the following cannons, use the pairing (or what comes with it) with it:
B/A (must)
Anita Blake: Anita/Richard, or Anita/R...
Not Categorised • Goddessa • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 May 05]
Sorry if this has been done.

Xander Harris and his mother used to live in a trailer court before she married Tony Harris and moved to Sunnydale. Since they married, his mother has never talked about the son who left them behind. But Xander never forgot his brother, even going so far as to take his first name when his step-father adopted him. Now, with Sunnydale destroyed and the gang moving to Cleveland he has possibly found a way to follow after him, because at the corner store he discovered something he hasn't seen since the trailer court and immediately purchased it and brought it ...
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X-over with Tanya Huff's "Keeper" series. Basic idea for the series is that Keepers keep the balance of the universe and close holes, including the hole to Hell in the Elysian Fields Guest House. However, that's not the only hellhole in North America - does Sunnydale ring a bell? Take one hell hole, add Scoobies and a few Keepers (and Dean, of course!), and stir. Things to include:
1 - Dean (let me reiterate, we need more Dean ;)
2 - an explanation as to why nightclothes suitable for the news are now standard operating procedure for Keepers
3 - conversation between Xander and eithe...
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Create a fic where the Charmed ones do a spell at the same time that Willow and Tara do, and it goes totally wrong, eventually bringing teh scoobys and charmed ones together just in time to battle a big evil that is working htings backwards to bring back all the evil from everyone's past, not necesarily all supernatural.

-Faith frindly. Buffy and Faith having a sisterly bond and relationship.
-Lots of scooby (Giles, Willow, Xander, Cordy, Spike, Dawn) bashing.
-Angel, Buffy, Faith friendly.
-Buffy and Phoebe know each other from 'Anne' which was befor...
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Create a fic based on all of the people in one of the CSI shows being demons or something demonic like a witch or watcher or demon or something.

-a) something demonic is killing people and they all are trying to hide the fact that they are either hiding or looking into it using other means or b) one of the scoobies or someone from the show coming to them for help on a forensic mystery of thiers.

-B/A in some way.
-Faith friendly.
-scooby bashing (except for Buffy, Faith, and Angel)

-None of them know about the others being...
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Xander is in Africa looking for Slayers when he comes across a man by the name of Allan Quartermain, who is looking to recruit new members of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
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A fic where Voldemort either:

a) can't stand touching Buffy because Angel last touched her with love,


b) Voldemort can't stand touching Dawn because of Buffy's last touch in "The Gift."

B/A at least kind,
If it happens at Hogwarts, have one of them as either a teacher or a student who was somehow made into a kid (maybe Dawn was recreated into the key[and still remembers her life as Dawn Summer] or maybe Buffy was turned into a kid after her death after 'Becoming' or possibly becoming a teacher instead of going back to the hellmouth.)
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Challenge: To make Giles an immortal

Story to include the following items please:

1) Giles and Methos to know each other.
2) Giles to take a beer away from Methos, and stare him down when he tries to get it back.
3) Giles laying out Duncan in a fight.

Other than that have fun
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What if Buffy was actually Leo's Daughter? If your a fan of West Wing you know Leo is a recovering alcaholic.Who didn't seek help until 1985. What if in the spring of '80 Joyce after having a huge fight with Hank Goes out to a bar to forget her troubles. Meets Leo there. One thing leads to another they have a one night stand. Both have regrets the next morning. Part ways. But that one night was enough to get Joyce pregnant. Fast Forward 20 years. Joyce has died. But before she died. (Before she went in for surgery) she wrote a letter to Leo who is now the second most powerful man in the count...
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