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Okay in DC they are changing Green Lantern once again. In this new change they seem to say that green is the color of will power and yellow is the color of fear. This got me thinking of what some other colors could represent.

So here is the challenge, someone from Buffy or Angel gets an item that works like a Green Lantern ring using colors other than green.

Must have
1. An item that works like a GL ring a battery using something other than willpower. This item must have two parts to it, a battery, and a focal point. You can use a ring and lantern but I would suggest ...
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I've read a lot of timetravel fics but most of them seem to entail going back in time. Why not send the Scoobies into the future for a change?

Plot:At least three Scoobies get sent forward in time somehow. The means of doing so are up to you. The future in question has to be based on a movie, e.g. A.I., I, Robot, The Fifth Element, ect.

# While it is encouraged that the version of the future being used be slightly messed up, don't go with anything totally FUBAR.
# Don't have the Scoobies come back to their own time bent on changing the future and suceed...
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Write a fic containing either Spike/Chamber or Spike/Peter Wisdom from the Marvel universe. Any rating. Friendship or a romantic relationship. May start at any point in canon you find most convenient, or be part of an alternate universe.

Must contain the phrases:

"Wot did yer expect, ducks, a bloody white knight?"
"I saw that, you wanker!"
"That'll kill you, yer know."
"I'm not explaining why I'm wearing lipstick to you."

The phrases can be said by any of the boys.

Bonus points if the fic includes any of the following:
Handcuffs, or a referen...
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It's the end of series 7 of Buffy and Stargate SG:1, and Elizabeth Weir is actually our beloved Buffy Anne Summers, fresh from her defeat of The First, trying to get away from the slaying life, and falling altogether into another similar one.
The identity change could be from one of many things, whether she's worked for it, or perhaps Willow has used magic, or even she had a wish granted from a demon or the PTB. Whichever you prefer.
You can follow the Stargate storyline as closely as you want - but be warned I still want Weir to lead the exploration team to Atlantis.
You must inc...
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With the new series have either Dawn or Faith be brought to the ship, a haywire portal in Dawn's case. Or even having Dawn as a fan of the show, and another wishing her there.

The pairing should be Lee/Kara, and I think that maybe one of the two girls should be able to calm down Baltar just a little bit there.

Have whoever you chose make random comments about the old show, how Adama only has two sons, and not his daughter Athena, or the fact that both Boomer and Starbuck are now female, which I like by the way, or that Baltar was the head evil doer...
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Drucilla and Delirium (A charactor from Sandman) Meet, mostly because Deliruim was bored, and start talking about... somthing. It makes perfect sense to both of them, except for the fact that they are both thalking about absolutly different things. So, in the end, they miss each other's points completly, and both go off... in not quite the same condition.
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Pairings: Blaise Zabini/Ginny Weasley/Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter/Dawn Summers/Connor Angel
Ratings: R thru NC-17. Obviously. Naughty bits and sex would be a very good thing.
Length: As long as possible please. Preferably a multi-chaptered fic. I want something I can sink my teeth into.

1) Both sets of couples must be the main characters.
2) It is up to your discretion if Dawn and Connor are in any way more magical than they are in their universe.
3) It is up to your discretion on how Dawn and Connor came to be at Hogwarts. Be it a prophecy, spell gone wrong by Willow (...
Harry Potter • mamaterra • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Jan 05] • Date Updated [15 Mar 07]
crossover with the o.c
-main pairing: buffy-ryan or buffy-seth (you choose)
- the story: julie cooper was informed that her favorite sister (who she hasn't seen for a lot of years *please try and sense my sarcasm here*) died. So joyce's dead (car crash,or something like that) and she thinks she knows how horrible her sister's hsuband was, so she decides that her being Julie Cooper-Ncholson should fight for the custody of her niece, naturally she doesn't know bout the problems caleb has. Buffy is baffled, she thought she'd stay with giles or willow (plus she isn't taking joyce's death v...
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What if Vampire!Willow and/or Vampiter!Xander from the Wishverse found themselves in the Anita Blake universe? I don’t think I’ve seen any fics where either VampWillow or VampXander from the wishverse enter the Anita Blake universe and think it would be kind of interesting to see them interact. What would happen if VampWillow got a hold of Nathanial? Or perhaps it would be interesting to see how Anita reacts to the ‘day walking’ vampires?
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Vampires are trying to take over Hell's Kitchen, Faith is sent to investigate and meets up with Matt Murdoch and/or Daredevil.

The 'ship must be Faith/Matt, or Faith/Daredevil, but it's up to you if Faith gets to know his secret identity.
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Requirements are:
(1) Must be post-HP Book five, and post-BtVS S7.
(2)Ginny must find out she has amazing stength by doing something physically hurtful to either one of her brothers, Draco, or Harry (But she has to be very freaked afterwards).
(3)Buffy and Faith must come to Hogwarts and tell her she is one or the Choosen ones.
(4)Most people in the Wizarding world must know that a Slayer has a short life expectancy, causing them to be a bit upset when they find out Ginny is a Slayer.
(5) There should be Buff-ish (Like, the kind of phrases and add on's the Scoobie Gang uses...
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Buffy and/or Faith meet Van Helsing

Van Helsing is in a different dimension because Buffy killed Dracula in Sunnydale but Van Helsing also killed him.

Van Helsing is also Buffy/Faith's father.

Buffy and Faith are actually sisters and not just "sister slayers" but didn't know they were because they of course were seperated for their protection and buffy found out while she was in heaven.

Spike ended up in Van Helsing's dimension after he saved the world.

Van Helsing senses evil in Xander

Must have:
Van Helsing sensing some...
Movies > Van Helsing • jammiesMM • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Jan 05] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
Dawn becomes the new wielder of the witchblade. I have only seen the TV series but this story can be based on either the TV series or the comic.

BtVS timeline starts after Buffy jumps to save Dawn before Buffy is brought back and have Dawn help with stopping the First

Should be more then a one shot.
Television > Witchblade • jammiesMM • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Jan 05] • Date Updated [13 May 13]
Buffy meets Barnabas Collins from the TV series Dark Shadows.

Buffy either goes back in time and meets him or she meets him in her time.

BtVS season-- post series
Dark Shadows any season if using the time travel option

Preferably no Scoobies unless for some sort of magic spell/door/key that makes Buffy travel to meet Barnabas. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Any length prefer more then a one shot.

Optional: Bring Spike back
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Buffy/Unfortunate Events crossover.

Can be a crossover with the books or the movie.
Rating: up to 15pg.
Setting: Buffy-S7; ASOUE-any time after the movie/third book.
Genre: You choose.
Pairings: Any, really, just no paedaphelia please.

Basically, there is something previously uncovered in Joyce's past that links her to the Baudelaires, and she, after the unfortunate demise of the orphan's previous guardian, becomes their caretaker. Only problem is that she's dead. Buffy finds herself mid-S7 with an upcoming apocolypse one hand and the sudden appearance of thre...
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