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Willow's parents take willow on a buisness trip with them to Ireland where 7-year-old Willow meets a young, slightly disturbing boy by the name of Jei. They eventually become friends but Ira and Sheila, being disturbed by Willow's decline of humanity take her back to the states to have her head shrinked, setting off Jei's transformation into Farfello. Now, years later, the scoobies are greif-stricken once more at the mysterious murder of Tara. Feeling displaced by the absence of her lover, Willow is burying herself in work such as trying to hack the recently resurrected Buffy back into coll...
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(BTVS/HP) TTH is littered with crossovers where the Scoobs go to Hogwarts, where the staff is almost doubled because Willow has been apointed the DADA professor and wants to bring along her friends . . . wouldn't it be a welcome change if one of the HP crew go to teach at Sunnydale High?

Giles is involved in a fatal accident concerning vamps, is removed forcibly from Sunnydale when relieved of his watcher duties (see 'Helpless') or is arrested and jailed for the murder of Jeny Calendar. Is the new libriarian aware of vampires, and the occult in general? What will he make of 'Blood Rit...
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BtVS/LXG Crossover.

Characters: Dorian Grey...

Whether it is Dorian being seduced or Dorian doing the seducing - it cannot possibly end well.

This fic assumes that Dorian and Mina's final encounter in LXG did NOT end the way it did in the movie, of course.

The fic can be slash or het. Dorian struck me as the type that had many vices, who am I to say which way he swung?

No happy endings on this one. Everything cannot turn out all peachy keen for the players involved. Life just isn't like that.

Must include:
Lemon-y goodness.
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BtVS/LXG Crossover.

Characters: Xander, Mina Harker

Dracula left his taint on both Mina and Xander in one form or another, though it is most clear in Mina, of course.

The object of the challenge - Dracula is alive and well and drawing his subjects back to him.

How/When Xander and Mina meet is up to you. Is it prior to Dracula's call going out or do they not meet until they reach Dracula himself?

Are they able to break free from his grasp or does one of them (or both) succumb to the lure of that most notorious of all vampires?

Please inclu...
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In honor of me finishing Ten Big Ones, I have decided to issue a Stephanie Plum challenge. I know there are a few Plummies out there so I do hope someone will take me up on this.

The requirements are:

- Sally Sweet, the Mooner, and Dougie MUST make an appearance even if it is a small one
- Stephanie is forced to do Slayer type excercises to stay fit
- Ranger is paired up with either Buffy or Faith
- Something gets blown up
- Lula gets to have some bonding time with your choice of Scooby
- There's a duck somewhere in the story
- Mass consumption of Tast...
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Durring season two One of the Girls (Willow would be my choice but could be
anyone, even a non scooby) Dresses as a Keeper from Marion Zimmer Bradley's
darkover series.
While trying to figure how she got there the Keeper merges her mind with that
of the girl whose body she's in and the two remain merged after the spell ends.
Please note the keeper has an instinctial violent responce if someone touches her
and can kill with her mind powers but has a strong inhibition against using those
powers to kill consciously.
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Let's say that there were vampires on Kelowna once upon a time. There no longer are any anywhere on the planet - the numbers were so few that the once-upon-a-time Slayers were able to take care of them. Now let's speed ahead a thousand years (or more/less - I forget how long Jonas' people were on the planet). It's just after the Buffy ep. 'Chosen', and Willow's activated all the Slayers everywhere - including the Potentials on Kelowna. Now, there hasn't been a Slayer on Kelowna for hundreds of years, and there are no Watchers anywhere. Among the Potentials who are activated, one of them is Jon...
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BtVS/Duke Nukem x

Someone from Buffy runs into Duke on one of his time jumps and travels with him for a time then both return in time to fight one of the big-bads that regularly plauge the HM, however when they return they find one or more Scoobies were killed because whoever went with Duke wasn't there to prevent it, and new people are in the group to replace them.

would like it to be before S7 and the stupidity involved but if it works for you, hey i wont complain.
'Ships: Duke/any female or all females :P
X/Dawn (not a must have, but would be nice!)
Have Fun!
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Call me crazy, but I'vealways wanted to read a crossover w/ BBC's Coupling (Not the dreadful American incarnation.) So, without further a-do, I challenge you to write a crossover with "Coupling." Feel free to bring in other fandoms as well. My only requirement is that Jeff Murdoch must appear in the story, preferably with one of his strange, illogical, Jeff-isms/rambles.
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What would it take to make one of the human men from the show to consent to be Embraced by one of the Kindred?

- Must be a human male for main character. Xander, Wesley, Gunn, Andrew, etc.
- Must take place within the K:tE world as depicted by the television show. We didn't get to see all the clans or all of the history on that show and that's just fine. You may include other aspects of the WoD, but please try to keep mainly to things as shown in K:tE, the television series.
- The Embrace must be done completely willingly and not on a death bed. This means that the character ...
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At the end of season 1 of Buffy, Buffy is changed & joined with the spirit of a warrior angel, having been warned on a great growing darkness on Earth, & that the Final End of Days had begun over a hundred years ago, & the armies of mankind needed her as a general.

* Council lied to her, she was never a slayer, her father being senior partner in Wolfram & Hart,
has been adjusting her DNA to turn her into the perfect host for hell's general, watcher's
council, being part of the Circle of the Black Thorn. Giles knows & is involved....
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This should be a Buffy centric fic set mainly in the Alias verse
Milo Rambaldi is the guy who wrote the most of the prophecies about buffy being a slayer and how she shall die at the Master’s hand and all that.
Giles after seeing this started doing all the research he could on Rambaldi and his inventions and prophecies.
Buffy takes an interest in Rambaldi and his interest in her life.
This takes place after season three. Instead of season 4 happening this does. It does not need to directly start there like it can be in the future a bit but season four onwards shouldn’t hap...
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Hello here are the requirements for my BTVS/Harry Potter Challenge
1. It has to be a Willow Rosenberg/Hermione Granger Fic
2. Hermione has to be in her 7th year at Hogwarts
3. Willow is older as Hermione
4. Willow becomes a teacher at Hogwarts
5. Dawn comes with her to Hogwarts
6. Dawn has to be in Gryffindor
7. Dawn has a crush on Draco Malfoy
8. Willow, Dawn & Hermione meet in a Muggle-bar
9. When Faith pays a visit she seduces Harry...
10. Ron has a crush on Dawn

Fun points you can add:
- Hermione and Willow have fun with the Weasle...
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What if Buffy's real dad was Jack Bristow??

-Buffy centered fic
-Was Joyce or Hank a target of the CIA??
-How would Sydney react??
-How do there worlds collide
-It's up to you if Dawn exists or not

Bonus points:
-Buffy/Sark pairing!!!
-No ever wonderful Willow!
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Premise: At the end of Dopplegangland, the spell to send Vamp Willow back to her own dimension is a bit off. Instead of returning to the Wishverse, she winds up in the AB universe. The different dimension affects her this way:
1. She no longer morphs into her "game face", and her features become like those of the AB vampires.
2. She regains a bit of her humanity like the AB vampires, making her a mix of dark Vamp Willow, and sweet human Willow. Please don't go to extremes, but find a happy medium. How does Vamp Willow fit into this universe, and adjust after being thrown from her w...
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