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This should be a Buffy centric fic set mainly in the Alias verse
Milo Rambaldi is the guy who wrote the most of the prophecies about buffy being a slayer and how she shall die at the Master’s hand and all that.
Giles after seeing this started doing all the research he could on Rambaldi and his inventions and prophecies.
Buffy takes an interest in Rambaldi and his interest in her life.
This takes place after season three. Instead of season 4 happening this does. It does not need to directly start there like it can be in the future a bit but season four onwards shouldn’t hap...
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Hello here are the requirements for my BTVS/Harry Potter Challenge
1. It has to be a Willow Rosenberg/Hermione Granger Fic
2. Hermione has to be in her 7th year at Hogwarts
3. Willow is older as Hermione
4. Willow becomes a teacher at Hogwarts
5. Dawn comes with her to Hogwarts
6. Dawn has to be in Gryffindor
7. Dawn has a crush on Draco Malfoy
8. Willow, Dawn & Hermione meet in a Muggle-bar
9. When Faith pays a visit she seduces Harry...
10. Ron has a crush on Dawn

Fun points you can add:
- Hermione and Willow have fun with the Weasle...
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What if Buffy's real dad was Jack Bristow??

-Buffy centered fic
-Was Joyce or Hank a target of the CIA??
-How would Sydney react??
-How do there worlds collide
-It's up to you if Dawn exists or not

Bonus points:
-Buffy/Sark pairing!!!
-No ever wonderful Willow!
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Premise: At the end of Dopplegangland, the spell to send Vamp Willow back to her own dimension is a bit off. Instead of returning to the Wishverse, she winds up in the AB universe. The different dimension affects her this way:
1. She no longer morphs into her "game face", and her features become like those of the AB vampires.
2. She regains a bit of her humanity like the AB vampires, making her a mix of dark Vamp Willow, and sweet human Willow. Please don't go to extremes, but find a happy medium. How does Vamp Willow fit into this universe, and adjust after being thrown from her w...
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This is a challenge for a crossover between the Buffy universe and the Gargoyles universe.

We all know that Fox and Xanatos' son is named Alexander and he is part Fey. What if there was an accident or someone attacked the family with magic, and Alexander was sent back in time. This also causes him to not remember anything he knew about his abilities and his family. He is still a baby and is adopted by the Harris', becoming known as Alexander Lavelle Harris (Xander Harris). He still has his abilities but he doesn't know about them or how to use them, which is what causes him to be a de...
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Hi, I would like to see a crossover story with btvs and the sentinel.

-Remember the episode in season two, the on with the career day? Buffy´s carrer test recommended a job in law enforcement. Aka a cop.

-You can start this at any point in the series, perhaps Buffy decided to leave for college after all when Faith showed up. Faith was after all the next in the Slayer succesion. Or perhaps after the events of chosen. She is not really needed with all the slayers running around. Or you could make it AU. (She should still be the slayer, but maybe you could kill off Faith at ...
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I'd like to see a crossover with P:tL.

When Xander is on his trip after season three(?) his car didn't brake down in Oxnard. Instead he goes to San Fransisco, the home town of the Legacy.


-Xander is possessed by a demon/ghost/hostile entity and the Legacy members are called in to save him.

-A scene in which Rachel/Derek/the other members of the Legacy discuss how well Xander is dealing with having been possessed. Wondering why he isn't more spooked.

-Xander wondering/being angry that he is always the one who ends up possessed (soldier...
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The problem with me and vacation time at home is that I usually end up watching daytime TV. In this case, I was watching "Are You Being Served?" and noted that it would make for a rather lovely crossover with post-Eyghon Giles being dragged out shopping by his father for his first tweed suit. Points for: someone mentioning a Watchers' Council discount at the store; bringing in Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous (the actress, Joanne Lumley, had at least two guest appearances on AYBS); Mr. Humphries being the one to take care of the Gileses; mention of tweed having a high enough tensile strength to ...
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Anthony Stewart Head has played many characters other than Giles (including Frank N Furter on stage.)
I'd like a one shot describing a meeting between Giles and the characters that have met the 'other him'. As most of his recent appearances have been as drunks or liars or both this may cause some problems for Giles.
The meeting should be offical or formal, either for Giles on Council/ Coven business or for the others. And Giles can know the other him, be related in some way, or have never heard of him.
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Must be a BtVS/Underworld crossover.
Must be set at the beginning of season six
Must have a Buffy/ Lucian pairing
One shot or multi-chapter.
Must be set at the end of the Underworld movie, when Lucian is presumed dead.
Must include Buffy being bitten by him.
Buffy is resurrected as is planned, but never finds her way back to the scooby gang. Instead, she makes her way out of town, where she encounters a healing Lucian who has travelled across the globe searching for Michael.

If you wish to undergo this challenge please contact me.
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Must be a Underworld/BtVS crossover
It must be a one shot including the pairing of Willow/Lucian.
Must be set in the first two seasons of BtVS, and before the Underworld movie.
Must not be a drabble.

Please contact me if you wish to undergo this challenge.
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Ok people, completely random challenge, and x-over BtVS/Friends.
Here's the basic wants:
- Phoebe is a Slayer, called when all the slayers are called - at the end of S7 Buffy, and is contacted by the Scooby Gang
-Pheebs HAS to sing a song in the coffee house contains the following: "Well I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound old mean and bitter; When vampires go poof the dust sparkles like glitter" - This can cause general confusion among the Friends
- Joey has to get turned on by the idea of incredibly strong, women (i.e slayers)
- In contrast, Chandler is very intimidated....
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Xander meets the Gargoyles, something I haven’t seen before so I thought I would mention it. The way I would introduce them is Xander being approached for a job with Xanatose Security straight out of high school because of Xanders knowledge of the supernatural.

Must have: Xander attracting nonhuman admirers be they Fey, Gargoyle, Mutate, Clone, or Demon. If he accepts their advances or not is up to the author but it would be appreciated if he did. Must have Buffy or another Slayer attack the Gargoyles by mistake or because of a misunderstanding.

Must not have: Slash ot...
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Willow or Buffy ... (Your Choice) Takes a tour of Hogwarts, led by Severus.

Must contain:
A very rotten pumpkin,
2 owls (male and female)
1 Harry and 1 Hermione (Shipping is up to you)
The Quidditch supply closet
A locked door
The phrase "What I wouldn't give for a decent cat-o-nine-tails."
Liberal amounts of Sleakeasy's All Purpose Oil.

There, I think that leaves all sorts of possibilities.
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Buffy/Highlander Challenge

Premise: Turns out Buffy's mom isn't as normal as she thinks. In the episode "The Body", Joyce dies but she doesn't stay dead, she comes back as an immortal.

My story requirements are flexible so if you want to change or delete a requirement thats okay.

Story Requirements:

1) Include Duncan and Connor in the story.

2) Either Duncan or Connor volunteering to teach Joyce on how to fight with a sword but Buffy blows them off, telling them she can teach her own mom. They of course look at her and snicker, not knowing th...
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