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Xander is a Knight Templar

Background to be worked with:

either Xander is thrown back to the Crusades and joins the Templars OR he is a
reborn Knight Templar

the inner circle of the Templars can wield magic bestowed on them by the
Archangel Michael upon facing a test of faith and morals; all lower ranks know
nothing or only rumors about that; the test, that happens during a dream, is
potentially fatal; the dream gets started through drinking a potion that is
extremely bitter (and in fact a poison that will kill the drinker unless it is ...
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Based on CSI: Las Vegas, episode S4E13 "Suckers"

A short summary of the ep:
Grissom investigates a twist-filled case in which a priceless 17th-century
Japanese samurai sword is stolen from a Vegas hotel. In the northern part of the
city, Catherine and Warrick probe the death of a woman who appears to have been
bitten by a vampire and her blood consumed by her attacker.

Now the Challenge:
The vampire part of the episode had a lot of potential for invlovement of Xander
and the rest of the crew. He may work on repairs in the CSI HQ and hear of this,
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What if Xander dressed as the Kender "Tas" Tasselhof Burrfoot? (Or as an
alternative Uncle Trapspringer). Main focus should be on the aftermath and what
remenants of the Kender remained with Xander and how they affect him and those
around him.

- Xander keeps the Hoopak and the ability to use it, both as a weapon and a
musical instrument
- at least one example of irresistible curiosity
- at least one example of Kender fearlessness
- NO Xander-Slash

Bonus Points:
-for any of the usual Kender quotes (e.g. "It must have fallen in my poc...
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Make one of the BtVS characters pull this prank: glue a quarter/other money item (ex- for an HP x-over a galleon or sickle) to the floor. They must watch with two others while people try to pick the money piece up. The character sees someone really cute an the friends encourage the character to ask him/her out. Romance must ensue. Characters up to you. Must be Potterverse, Stargate, Anita Blake, Lord of the Rings (imagine Arwen trying to pull something off the floor and fail), or WWE. Have fun!
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The President's headed to LA for a fundraiser, and as usual something has caused a major behind the scenes ruckus, causing Josh, Donna, CJ and Toby to be left behind at the hotel. These four end up lost in a skeezy area of downtown, and be rescued by the FG from something nasty, (preferably not vamps, something WORSE)

-Josh/Donna, CJ/Toby, Angel/Cordy shippiness
-The president and Leo know about vamps and things that go bump in the night, i(if you can work in that Angel and Leo are old "drinking" buddies then extra points)
-At one point have a WW character, re...
Television > West Wing > Multiple Pairings • LadyBold • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 Jun 04] • Date Updated [20 Jan 10]
Okay, I'm a Buffy/Draco fan and I want more of their stories!!

- Buffy and Draco have to be together in the end
- Leather
- Buffy kicking Draco's ass
- Harry being jealous
- Draco turning into a death eater
- Buffy in a near death experience
- Alcohol. Lots of it. Lots of drunkness. Wackiness ensues.
Thanks and try this! I'm sure it will come out great.
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Crossover with Silence of the Lambs. Main characters are Spike and Hannibal. Include the pairings S/B and Hannibal/Clarice. They're both viscious killers who love the women who are their sworn enemies. This would be pre-soul Spike. Maybe they bond over this somehow. Or just throw them together and see how they interact. Doesn't need to be a long fic.
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Crossover with Highlander. What if, when Andrew killed him, Jonathan didn't die but became (or activated or whatever) an Immortal? Someone finds him and teaches him. If he meets the Scoobies later, how would they all react? Must include someone from the Highlander universe, probably as his teacher. What does he do with this immortality? What is his reaction? What kind of Immortal is he? Does this somehow make him an even bigger geek? Just have fun with it.
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Dawn was 13 during the Glory thing and was the one who jumped through the portal. She ends up in a small town in Tortall towards the end of Lady Knight. She eventually makes her way to Corus then Pirates Swoop working as a servant in both places by the time she turns 16. She starts to remember the lives and skills aquired by the key during times when it had previously turned human.
It should have a Dawn pairing( maybe Dawn/Thom(Alanna's son)) but it isn't necessary.
The rest is up to you.
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Joyce divorces Hank when Buffy is 2 yrs. old and marries Logan when Buffy is 4 yrs. old. How does having Logan as a step-father change Buffy's personality and outlook on being a Slayer?
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-Centered • dawn • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Jun 04] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
After the events of Angel season four, the PTB give Cordelia a choice: she can accept a new mission, or she can die. Not really wanting to do the whole dead thing, she accepts the new mission, but there's a catch: She can't have her body. She has to share a body with someone of the Powers' choosing--a male someone.


1-her new "host" can not know (at least not at first). He simply begins acting very out of character at times.
2-her host can either be someone from the Buffyverse who is put into a crossover situation, or a crossover character.
3-when and if ...
Multiple Crossings > Cordelia-Centered • nsahdmdto • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Jun 04] • Date Updated [25 Jan 10]
The Scooby Gang and their friends from the Harry Potter Universe play a friendly game....

Must include the lines:
~"Lose the boxers," she smirked.
~"My my. What nice equipment you have Mr. Potter." *and not in the most obvious way*
~"No, not that one. The other one!"

Must also include:
~Nudity *duh!*
~Someone drunk
~Hogwarts: A History

And for extra points:
~A strategically placed tattoo
~An orgasm
~Jello Shooters

Please remember to rate your fics accordingly.
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Crossover with Leathal Weapon,
-Set Aftert Chosen and L.W 4 (can be anytime in the future)
-Riggs is Faith's long lost father
-Must have Faith/Xander romance
-Must have a night of babysitting (any adult with any child)
-Someone must comment on the mebers of the Scobbies weird first names
-There must be a thunder storm
Movies > Lethal Weapon • deltanegative • Responses [0] • Date Added [16 Jun 04] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
A crossover BtVS- T.Pratchetts Discworld
Must have :
- DEATH and Binky
- Greebo or a wolfed Angua
- Buffy trying to slay the wrong one
- a hedgehog
- a threat alien to the world you choose either a hellmouthy threat on the discworld or a discworld threat in Sunnydale
- at least one discworld vampire
- some sarcastic answers
- some funny way to see things ... its a Terry pratchett crossover after all ...

-either some of the Scoobies are transported (and kind of lost) on the discworld
or some discworld characters are trans...
Literature > Sir Terry Pratchett • Dawnlady • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Jun 04] • Date Updated [6 Mar 10]
Hey all!
I'd love to see a story where Wes joins the Stargate Command. Timeframe is up to you, as is how/why he joins the SGC. Does he enlist in the US Air Force (maybe as a way to avoid deportation?)
Is he sent there by the British government as a liasion/diplomat/whatever? Maybe all Watchers are required to join the British military reserves, and he is unwilling called to active duty & seconded to the SGC?
Is he a Tok'ra host, or tracking a Goauld?
Would love to see any and all responses.
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