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Please thank one of our donors for their help in keeping the site alive by answering one of their challenges. The list below shows all challenges from site donors and personal challenges from moderators in a random order. Note: new challenges will not appear on this list until it is resorted, which happens every 30 minutes.
BtVS/Nurse Jackie

At least one major character from BtVS and one or two minors find themselves in Jackie's ER. Why they are there is completely up to you.

Prompts: Sour patch kids. Louboutin's. Abandon.

Have fun.
Television > Other-Comedy Shows • (Past Donor)Pax • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 Sep 09] • Date Updated [7 Feb 10]
YAHF: Xander dresses up as Kasumi Tendo, and become a American analogue of her.

Would like to see:

Xander moving in with the Summers.
"Buffy did you have fun playing with your friends?" After Buffy comes back home from patrol.
Nobody hurts Kasumi, so Xander gets the same status.
Big bads patiently waiting for Buffy to come home while have a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and having friendly conversations with a Kasumi-fied Xander.
Anime > Ranma 1/2 • (Recent Donor)Deamondeathstone • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Mar 10]
Captain Hammer from 'Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog' looks identical to Caleb. They're both misogynists, both violent, and both extremely strong and almost invulnerable. What if this isn't just coincidence?

Hammer is Caleb's identical twin brother. He's been a little more successful at controlling his serial killer tendencies than the evil priest and he channels his violence into beating up 'villains' (especially Dr Horrible). He's managed to convince the public - and maybe even himself - that he's really a hero, although his true vileness is apparent once you get to know him.
Miscellaneous > Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog • (Current Donor)Speakertocustomers • Responses [0] • Date Added [25 May 09] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
Willow is looking for a way to control her powers. She moves to a new school where she meets some interesting people. Story based on the cartoon with Kurt as the love interest.
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Willow-Centered • (Past Donor)angelaask • Responses [1] • Date Added [6 Jun 04] • Date Updated [19 Jan 10]
Willow, and zero or more scoobies of your choice go to stay at the Monticedo in Las Vegas, where she indulges in a little to much drink. However, rather than getting married (as seems to happen in any other fic involving Las Vegas and Alcohol) she goes to see a stage magician in a casino show, and let's just say she isn't that impressed with the levels of magic, so starts subtly (at first) helping out. This of course attracts the attention of security who have to deal with the outcome...


- Light hearted
- Set in seasons 4, 5 or pre-evil-willow 6
- Can...
Television > Las Vegas • (Moderator)jrabbit • Responses [1] • Date Added [13 Dec 05] • Date Updated [10 Jan 10]
I would like to see a cross over between House M.D. and BtVS. Most of the crossovers I've seen center on House being someone's father.

I want to see Wilson as Xander's dad and Cuddy as his mom. Wilson and Cuddy are both Jewish. Hence the challenge title.

Xander should have a normal enough conception, no demons involved, personally I would go with a really drunken one night stand. i.e. They were both so drunk they don't remember sleeping together. Cuddy was in med-school and Decided to give the baby up for adoption.

I want but it's not necessary for Xander to have f...
Television > House, M.D. > General • (Recent Donor)pinkhairedharry • Responses [1] • Date Added [5 Aug 11] • Date Updated [7 Aug 11]
I have a list of one hundred words, which you may use to base you're fanfiction off of. I challenge you to use every word to write the fanfic. I've started my own, which is just drabbles at the moment.

Anyway, use what ever character you would like to use. Anything goes, really. No rules except that they must be about or centered around one or more of the words provided.

1. Introduction

2. Love

3. Light

4. Dark

5. Seeking Solace

6. Break Away

7. Heaven

8. Innocence

9. Drive

10. Breath again...
Multiple Crossings • (Past Donor)Aomizuoko • Responses [4] • Date Added [7 Dec 07]
Tony Stark/Methos/Xander

It started with just that one stupid line that won't leave my head and I can't do anything with it :0(

"Merchant of Death meet Death."

Would like to see:
1) Investigating if a suit could be run using the quickening
2) Xander working with SHIELD/Stark Industries
3) Stark getting curious about his extra curricular activities

Prefer if Xander wasn't an immortal but not critical
Multiple Crossings • (Past Donor)HiltonK • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 May 08]
Category: Twilight / BtVS

What if a Buffy-verse character took a trip Down the Rabbit Hole and into the Twilight-verse? The character lost his/her memories during the ride and tries to put the pieces back together. This should be a story on how the character unravels the truth about their origin.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Post Season 6 - Chosen
Twilight: your choice

- The character should end up as one of the Twilight characters. Can be anyone, from Emmett, to Charlie, to Ephraim Black.
- The revelation of their...
Twilight • (Past Donor)Saileach • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 May 11]
Xander, ordered by Giles, is cleaning out the nests of several Vampire and Demon nests when he runs into Lupin, Jigan and Goeman. The trio of thieves had been watching Xander since he began his thievery and were surprised at how effiecently he cleared the nests, or simply slipped in and out of the places undetected.

-Slash (preferably Lupin/Xander)
-Xander is offered a chance to work with Lupin and the others on a trail basis
-Joyce and Giles support the idea
-Friendship with Cordy
-Set after Graduation

Must Nots:
-Uber powerful Willow
Anime • (Past Donor)KatrinaC • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Feb 09]
I was checking out some fan-art when i came across one the so demands a story.

The picture can be found here if link don't work it's by Kalika called Buffy Manips it's chapter 4.

The challenge would take place in the underworld movie verse. Where the theory "this picture is based on the theory that Buffy was/is Sonja."

All that i ask for this story is that they (Buffy/Lucian) get together Meaning they do NOT Die.

I love all ratings. Bonus points if it has some "loving" in it. (FR18-FR21) I...
Movies • (Recent Donor)GothTroubleMaker • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 Jun 08]
There's two way this challenge can go.

1. When Buffy dies Dawn's left to clean out not only Buffy's things but her Mom's as well. That's when she finds more family. (She could be adopted, Nate's cousin, or any number of ways to be family) Just as long as Dawn and Nathaniel are related. I'd like to see her as Nathaniel's little sister but that's up to you.

She sets out to find him. What I'd really love to see is a more dominant Nathaniel, at least in regards to protecting and taking care of Dawn. I don't want Nate to suddenly become the ultimate Alpha. He doesn't even have to ...
Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered • (Past Donor)MistressAshley • Responses [1] • Date Added [29 Sep 09] • Date Updated [17 Jan 10]
Cordelia and her brother, Dr. Robert Chase have never been close. But when he hears that she's in Los Angeles in an unexplained coma, he can't let it go. Who better to find out what's happening with her than his boss, Gregory House?

This obviously has to take place after Peace Out, the last episode of Angel's fourth season, and before her You're Welcome (Angel 5.12).

I'm fairly open to what you do with it. I'd prefer that the doctors not already be aware of the supernatural, but if it makes your story better to have one or more of them know, go for it. They can wind up s...
Not Categorised • (Recent Donor)dreamfall • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Jan 07]
What if Hank didn't leave the Summers women for his secretary, what if he left them to protect them, after all being a member of the SGC is a dangerous business. Now let's take this one step farther what if, Xander, before going to the military surplus store for his costume he asked his friends if they had any army stuff lying around? What if Buffy did?
=Xander ends up dressing as up Hank Summers of SG-(Insert Number here)
=Hank has a valid reason for leaving the Summers women (Best I can come up with is the NID took a disliking to him but you can do what ever you want...
Stargate • (Recent Donor)Aisu • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Jun 08] • Date Updated [9 Nov 09]
-Have you ever wondered why Xander was hit by a Troll Hammer and lived, were as it made Glory a GOD bleed and become, week.?

-Have you ever wondered why Xander was able to be hit with pure energy (that looked like lightning) and come away with only a scar?

When Xander Didn't get married to Anya he walked away didn't it start to rain?
- why Caleb named Him the One Who Sees

*what would happen if the reason for this was xander a son of a god and not any GOD Zeus and his mother Cassandra, who was a Delpic Oracle (seer)
Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the Olympians • (Recent Donor)RavenWoodbane • Responses [0] • Date Added [25 Jun 10]
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