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After the wonderful responses from the Problem Child challenge, I thought of an idea that could also be unique.

When Buffy jumped into the portal in 'The Gift', she thought it was finally her time to rest and find eternal peace. Unfortunately for her, the Powers That Be have a different idea in mind for their favorite champion.

Instead of going to heaven, Buffy has a new identity all-together.

Elizabeth Carter.

Elizabeth has a relatively normal life living with her sister Sam. She has friends, she goes to school, and -- oh yeah-- she's got a higher IQ than S...
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Sam and Dean have just killed the yellow eyed demon and are set to kill the other "sons of bitches" that were unleashed in the process.

Thing is, John Winchester wasn't the only one to climb from the very depths of Hell and back into the world.

When Willow sought to bring her best friend back from eternal suffering, she wasn't too far off the mark. In fact, she was dead on.

Buffy did go to hell when she jumped through the portal of energy to save her sister. For what could have been hours or centuries, she's not sure, Buffy's been fighting to survive; pun intended....
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There's a pretty big difference between Wesen and demons, primarily that demons originate from Hell dimensons, while Wesen come from Earth's own magic. They never associate with each other if they can help it.

Wesen are Grimm business. Demons are - you guessed it- Slayer business.

We know that an aspect of a demon was used to create them, and because of this Grimms have notoriously renounced any association of them. To Grimms, Slayers might as well be monsters as well. The only reason they don't go after them is because they know they know they're needed.

But to Wese...
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In the season three episode "I Am Become Death" Peter travels four years into the future to find the world drastically changed by everyone being able to obtain abilities. His future self convinces him that he must change things, and can do that by going to Sylar. Only the Sylar he knows is now living in Costa Verde in the Bennet's former house with a young son named Noah and insisting to be called Gabriel.

Only, the episode never told us who Noah's mother was.

What if Buffy met and fell in love with Sylar/Gabriel in the timeline in which he still thought he was a Petrelli and...
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It turns out, Buffy actually has the power that the assassins of the Fraternity have. She's still the Slayer, but there's a reason she's the longest living Slayer recorded in history, and that's because all her speed and senses are vastly enhanced, making her twice as deadly as the Slayers before (and after) her.

She's never approached by the Fraternity, however, what with the Watcher's Council looming over her since she was a teenager. The Council may or may not know of their existence, but regardless they don't like others interfering with their Slayer.

It isn't until years...
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In a crossover I've seen only rarely, my challenge is to cross the Twilight series with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

We know Bella moved to Forks to stay with her father. But what if she wasn't the only one?

Elizabeth Swan is Bella's slightly older sister.

After burning down the gym at their old high school while exhibiting very out of character behavior, their mother thought Buffy would do well to go with her sister as well.

Seeing Forks as an opportunity to get her life back, Buffy is slightly more excited than Bella about the move....
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Elizabeth "Lizzie" O'Neill was always her daddy's little girl. She went everywhere with Jack and was always willing to listen to any stories he had about the military.

But when she was barely fifteen a man named Merrick told her she had a destiny, and everything changed.

She'd gotten a relatively steady routine patrolling and training with her watcher so that her parents wouldn't find out.

But one day when when she was supposed to be watching over Charlie, as she did quite often, she got held over in her training.

She thought little o...
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Buffy is actually the daughter of Gregory House.

Joyce never told him she was pregnant.

Sixteen years later, Joyce Summers is dead (I'd suggest from the tumor, but wherever your muse takes you...), and House finds himself with custody of a blonde Slayer.

Buffy should be able to match his wit, but still maintain her personality.
Ex. She wouldn't become egotistical and mocking ALL the time.

They should be really close, even if it takes a while.

Buffy hanging out at the hospital.

However you deal with Buffy being the ...
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We've all read countless versions of Buffy and co. landing 500 years in the future ending up on the firefly class ship Serenity. But I propose a slightly different twist.

What if Malcolm Reynolds and his crew ended up 500 years in the past in a town known as Sunnydale?

On the verge of being killed by Reevers, the Powers That Be sent them through a portal to the past where they were needed.

When they land in a cemetary at night to find a short blonde fighting creatures with twisted faces they're not sure what to think. They're even more schocked...
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We've all read the stories where Buffy, Jack, and Methos are immortals and hid the Stargate together after they( at least Buffy, anyway) die after being inhabited by Goa'ulds. My ideas just slightly different.

Buffy, and obviously Methos, are immortals. But, instead of Jack, Daniel is the other immortal. No wonder he's so good with languages.

After centuries of keeping the Gate hidden, Buffy and Methos are none too happy when they discover it's been activated, especially since it was Daniel's doing. Feeling betrayed and scared, the two decide to confront him. But what will t...
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Buffy Summers wasn't always, well, Buffy Summers. Instead, she was once a lovely wife with a husband and two beautiful children named Mary Winchester.

That is until a certain demon took her life, as well as the childhood of Sam and Dean Winchester.

But when Buffy dies a second time, the first slayer wasn't lying when she said death was her gift. Aside from eternal peace, Heaven also brought Buffy the knowledge of her former life.

But as a certain redheaded witch messes with the forces of nature, her resurrection spell doesn't turn out quite the way she'd hoped.
Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family • (Current Donor)BuffyCharmed • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Sep 07] • Date Updated [11 Jan 10]
Spoilers for Star Trek: Into Darkness

After her jump into the portal, Buffy wakes up in another universe. With a body like her own, only far younger, but somehow better, stronger, genetically modified to be a weapon. In short, she is one of Khan's crew, his family. They're all just children now, though she retains some memories of who she was before.

Her presence in his life makes Khan, and in turn the rest of the crew, more sympathetic to humanity and not as brutal. They were slowly becoming better people, not just the "weapons" they'd been created as. Buffy and Khan grew to...
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When Sylar finally finds his real father, Samson Gray turned out to be just the kind of man who not only sold his son, but killed Sylar's biological mother. But as it turns out, that wouldn't be the last time he'd betray his own child.

Years after abandoning Gabriel, Samson became a father once again, this time to a baby girl. However, he's hardly become a changed man.

Either he makes a similar arrangement for Elizabeth that he did for Gabriel with her ending up with the Summers family, or the Council comes for her when she's very young.

Although we obviously know w...
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I've seen fics where Buffy met Jack before Sunnydale and later meets up with him and SG-1.

My challenge is to apply that idea only instead of Jack, Samantha Carter is her old friend.

Sam doesn't have many female friends on the show, so make this a chance for her to really shine. Where she's usually more reserved to a point, make her have a really close bond with Buffy and let herself go more. More banter, joking etc...
Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Friendship • (Current Donor)BuffyCharmed • Responses [1] • Date Added [26 Sep 06] • Date Updated [17 Jan 10]
BtVS/Final Destination movies

Here's the sitch:

While boarding an airplane, Buffy gets a horrifying vision that makes her wish for those good old cryptic dreams.

After snapping out of her vision, Buffy freaks out, proclaiming that it would blow up, and getting thrown off along with several other occupants as well, only to see that the plane really did end up exploding.

Now so far, this is like the first movie. What's different?

I want the other characters who got off the plane and narrowly escaped death to all be from different fandoms.

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