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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Each year it costs just under $1,000 to fund our server, forums and domain registration. Donations are currently our sole means of funding the site. In addition to keeping the site alive, donors also get a donors icon in front of their username wherever it appears on the site and a partial exemption from the rule that requires 50% of your stories to be crossovers.

To donate:

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    Read this first: The button will take you to the paypal site for the TtH donations account. To make the donation, enter the amount you wish to donate and press the 'Update Total' button. Then you can either log in to pay from a paypal account, or click on the link to pay by credit card.
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If you have any questions about donating, please use the Contact Us form. Do not send email to the donations address; as this address is shown on the paypal page, it gets a lot of spam, so that mail box is not monitored.

Current Donors

Current Donors:

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Past Donors:

acs AerynSpeedleCaine ajayne akat akblake Amaltheia AmarinRose angelaask Anneliese Anubis Aomizuoko athenewolfe Ava Aynot bakatulip blackcrow bobbowls boo BuffyFan CallmemasterKent Cas Catlimere chaoseternus Charlotte Cheese chrysanne Cordog CrashxBurn Crowe damiendumbledore DanKnight darkynangelic Darlingjib Deanie Deerskin Dianasis Doorway DreamSmith DrkPhnx DWduck ebonypsyche Effrem ElectroSolar elementalv Elliebunk Emily exiled faeriedusting FaithSummers fanficreader Farren FireDragon Flint fojee Fritolays GACTsevil gbholderness GeeLady GeminiLove gemmi ginseirei ginvirus gleefulmusings Glendon Glo Gryferin gunsmith halfbloodpuffskin hellmouthprincess Henry houses Idhren improvedpeanut IntoOblivion InvisibleA James JamieT Jewel JoeHundredaire Jolinar Joyful kaliGofD Kanzaki KatrinaC KaylaShay kayley Keldin Kiara kitsunealyc Krisztina kruen lacthryn Lafe Laney lckybr LiastraLee LisaF lucidity LunyKimberly Lupo Mari marietwolove merlyna Methos MetropolisRising Mhalachai MistressAshley morgyair Morithil MyTia Nimune Nina NotJana Nuala Nycorson oldshoe Osirus Pax Peaslums phyllismski PKiller plutofigaro polgara Ponder PunsterZero PzkwVIb rabid Raghle raithsands Razberry renatria ridert robertsmithseeker RowanTree RumorGoddess Ryjee sabriel Saileach Saturn ScaryVampiress Schizophren ScottWanderer sevangel severuswinchester ShadowKiller shadowslayers Sine Sinnerman Skyefather Snag solunvar Songja Sonic sopchoppy specs spikeNdru spikeslover Starbug Strangevisitor sulwyn SwimTeam tamiamus teckla TemariGrace TheBear theICEBear Thesaly TheStatue tiggermehoohoo TraceyC trenee TwoHeads tzmisce Vega Velvetdemise Vesica vinniebatman vogonguard WenchWithAWrench Whedonist wildred windeetree wolframhart wozwashi xcbx zephyrRS zoev

We thank all of you, along with our anonymous donors for your support, as well as the donations of both money and time from our moderators. If you have donated and are not listed, please Contact Us.

NOTE: Due to database limitations, the ultra cool and sexy users who have donated more than once are only listed against the most recent donation drive in which they participated.