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Harry Potter • Multiple Pairings • 171 stories • Updated 7 Oct

Action [8, Dec 12]
Alternate Universe [11, 27 Apr]
Drabbles [6, Dec 10]
Drama [14, May 13]
Horror [1, Sep 04]
Humor [11, 7 Oct]
Other [7, Jan 12]
Romance [20, Jul 13]
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Willow makes a mistake while trying to get over Tara’s death, and ends up with magical males chasing after her… what’s the poor girl to do? Possible W/H, W/D, W/SS, and W/Spike... it's a competition, folks!
You can add chapters to this story Addy • FR15 • Chapters [5] • Words [7,886] • Recs [1] • Reviews [15] • Hits [3,393] • Published [29 Mar 03] • Updated [28 May 03] • Completed [No]