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Stargate • Non-BtVS/AtS Stories • 210 stories • Updated 21 Sep

Crossover: Anita Blake [2, Jan 10]
Crossover: Firefly [4, Dec 11]
Crossover: Harry Potter [7, 18 Apr]
Crossover: Highlander [17, Jul 10]
Crossover: MASH [1, Sep 04]
Crossover: Misc. Movies [9, Oct 11]
Crossover: Multiple Fandoms [3, Dec 09]
Crossover: NCIS [5, Nov 08]
Crossover: Other [43, Nov 13]
Crossover: Pitch Black [1, Feb 06]
Crossover: Supernatural [1, Jan 07]
Crossover: The Sentinel [2, Jun 09]
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SG-1 go through the Stargate and come out of an Illefarn song portal near Neverwinter just after the Wailing Death plague. An encounter with a young ranger and her giant companion leads them into a world of magic, monsters, and sudden and brutal death.
Only the author can add chapters to this story (Current Donor)Speakertocustomers • FR18 • Chapters [11] • Words [109,536] • Recs [18] • Reviews [132] • Hits [26,306] • Published [27 Apr 09] • Updated [11 Jun 10] • Completed [Yes]