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Stargate • Faith-Centered • 81 stories • Updated 30 May

Pairing: Daniel Jackson [4, Nov 09]
Pairing: Jack O'Neill [5, Jul 11]
Pairing: Other [13, Dec 12]
Pairing: Rodney McKay [4, Aug 11]
Pairing: Teal'c [3, 12 May]
Theme: Faith's Real Father [3, 18 Apr]
Theme: Friendship [4, Jan 08]
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When Faith stops in Colorado Springs while fleeing Kakistos, the entire BtVS universe gets turned on its head. AU and crossover both increase as the story progresses. Some B/F, but I'll let the characters decide if they'll actually end up there.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Methermeneus • FR15 • Chapters [2] • Words [20,533] • Recs [12] • Reviews [33] • Hits [5,618] • Published [3 Oct 13] • Updated [18 Nov 13] • Completed [No]