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Supernatural • Non-BtVS/AtS Stories • 193 stories • Updated May 13

Crossover: Anita Blake [2, Dec 06]
Crossover: Charmed [5, Feb 09]
Crossover: Dark Angel [8, Feb 12]
Crossover: Dr. Who/Torchwood [3, Sep 11]
Crossover: Gilmore Girls [3, Mar 07]
Crossover: Harry Potter [10, Feb 12]
Crossover: Jericho [1, Sep 07]
Crossover: NCIS [4, Feb 08]
Crossover: Other [31, Nov 12]
Crossover: Smallville [2, Apr 08]
Crossover: Stargate [6, Mar 10]
Crossover: The Prophecy [1, Apr 07]
Crossover: The Shadow [1, Jun 07]
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Sam and Dean thought they knew the fight. That was until they received an unexpected visitor: a girl named Gail Olivia Sparks. Thrust into an ancient war they barely understand, they must rely on the most unreliable of allies, the former Horseman of War.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Aglaranna • FR18 • Chapters [10] • Words [40,734] • Recs [2] • Reviews [2] • Hits [2,501] • Published [7 Nov 09] • Updated [22 Jun 10] • Completed [No]