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Star Wars • Non-BtVS/AtS Stories • 35 stories • Updated 14 Oct

Crossover: Other [14, Dec 11]
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Mara Jade turned from the Dark Side once, but is now haunted by disturbing nightmares. Her husband Luke helps her track down her past, but they soon find themselves in danger on a planet where the Skywalker name is hated. Mentions slash and MPREG.
Only the author can add chapters to this story TDWidow • FR15 • Chapters [15] • Words [23,637] • Recs [1] • Reviews [6] • Hits [3,795] • Published [14 Sep 09] • Updated [14 Dec 11] • Completed [No]
During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi crashes his fighter and is stranded on an unknown Outer Rim planet called Arda. There he finds the one thing Jedi are forbidden to have: love. LotR crossover, Obi-Wan/Aragorn, SLASH, MPREG. First in my Arda trilogy.
Only the author can add chapters to this story TDWidow • FR15 • Chapters [16] • Words [22,742] • Recs [2] • Reviews [33] • Hits [9,710] • Published [18 Feb 09] • Updated [13 Sep 09] • Completed [Yes]