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Games • Japanese Fantasy • 58 stories • Updated 9 Feb

Devil May Cry [11, 5 Dec]
Final Fantasy [22, 9 Feb]
Kingdom Hearts [8, Feb 12]
Legend of Zelda [5, Dec 11]
Shadow Hearts [1, May 05]
Xenosaga [3, Aug 08]
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When Xander dressed up as a game character during Halloween, he ended up enpowering the whole scooby gang as well as keeping the abilities to create random dungeons. As the scoobies go dungeon crawling, they will find rare treasures and more...
Only the author can add chapters to this story wraithrune • FR7 • Chapters [7] • Words [47,538] • Recs [12] • Reviews [108] • Hits [30,862] • Published [2 Oct 08] • Updated [29 Oct 12] • Completed [No]