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After an apocalypse, the Powers send a demoness to grant consequence free wishes for the champions. How will this change things?
Only the author can add chapters to this story toots • FR13 • Chapters [1] • Words [11,069] • Recs [10] • Reviews [20] • Hits [13,956] • Published [8 Aug 08] • Updated [8 Aug 08] • Completed [Yes]
Summary: It’s the post pulse world of 2020, where the Pacific Northwest: portions of America (twenty miles north of Oakland, a hundred miles east Yosemite National Park, encompassing the whole of Alaska), Canada (splitting the Great Slave Lake nearly in
Only the author can add chapters to this story BastilleKain • FR15 • Chapters [3] • Words [32,074] • Recs [0] • Reviews [5] • Hits [1,907] • Published [14 Nov 05] • Updated [20 Nov 05] • Completed [No]