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Thanks for looking at our survey. This survey needs to be completed on the low-resolution device; do not use your PC browser.

In addition to the information you enter, we will record your login id if you are logged in to TtH, and which browser you are using. NOTE: If you don't know an answer, please leave it blank.

All the questions you might have to look up an answer for are on this first page. It may save time to read them all before you start to answer in case you need to switch applications / websites to check.

1. Device Manufacturer:

2. Model:

3. Firmware Version (if known):

4. Screen Width:

5. Screen Height:

6. Can you rotate the screen between Portrait and Landscape?

If possible, put your device in portrait mode for the rest of the test.

7. When you first viewed the TtH homepage on this device did it list the category names in 1 column or 3 columns?