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Secrets: A Father Goose Tale

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Review of chapter "Chapt 21: Rodents for the Duration" from (Current Donor)Katrina
Great story. I'll look forward to the someday updates, but it was worth reading as is. Which is something I rarely say, so... there's that. Thank you :)
Review By [(Current Donor)Katrina] • Date [26 Oct 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapt 21: Rodents for the Duration" from annararen
Every now and then I come back to this series. It's wonderfully written! Thank you for sharing it with us.

If, by some chance, you decide to come back to writing it, I belive you would make a lot of people happy :)
Review By [annararen] • Date [12 Oct 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapt 21: Rodents for the Duration" from Shadowman
A good and interesting story and series, I really hope you will take it up again and finish it.
Review By [Shadowman] • Date [10 Sep 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapt 21: Rodents for the Duration" from kaekae
what happens next?
Review By [kaekae] • Date [4 Jul 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapt 21: Rodents for the Duration" from DCG
Spent a few days reading all this, totally worth it.

Would love to see more some day but i can see your not around any more. Damn shame.
Review By [DCG] • Date [27 May 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapt 21: Rodents for the Duration" from eset
It's past 5 am, and I've been reading the entire Father Goose series almost nonstop for three days. I haven't had a fic grip me like this in years.

I love the characters, I love the story, and despite the fact that It's been two years since last posting I hope you'll continue. Your stories have been so intricate, so well thought out, and so rich with characters and detail, characters from old stories coming back for cameos (I squealed when Titties--*ahem*, TNT--teleported in in leopard print swimsuits).

You captured Sam's frustration with magic masterfully, and although a part of me does wish for a Sam/Jack pairing, your treatment of it is a lot more true to the characters, and more well-developed, then anyfic where they find a loophole and suddenly everything's wonderful.

I love Irina as matchmaker, and Lorne's reaction to--I'm assuming Daniel's ascension. I wonder what he saw for Jack, or for Teal'c. Will they be able to save Shad, or will she succumb? What's the connection between Will and Shad? It feels like there's more there than just Geb being the name of a god of the earth.

What happens if Carter tries a spell? Will Daniel and/or Dawn get kidnapped? I don't see Daniel giving up the Stargate for the Council, but can Carter go back to her mountain and leave her questions unanswered? Or will she come to accept that it's unexplainable by physics? Or will she find an answer that satisfies her?

I like the debate you have going between the need for secrecy and the need for openness. I also love Andrew's way of getting the masses the information necessary to protect themselves, defend themselves, and get help from the supernatural without shoving it down anyone's throats. Sure, it's just a game, play it, be happy, but if something jumps you in an alley at midnight, you'll know who to call.

I really hope you continue this. It's amazing and wonderful, and I promise to read/review the Vegas one in the next couple days. But, for now, sleep.
Review By [eset] • Date [2 May 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapt 21: Rodents for the Duration" from valdimarian
I really hope you're OK, even if you're not writing here anymore. Please come back, I'd really like to know what happens in this story!
Review By [valdimarian] • Date [13 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapt 21: Rodents for the Duration" from JimmX
Love your Father Goose series. I started it mostly because of my love of the movie Father Goose, but even not knowing most of the cross series (Alias, SVU, Gilmore Girls), I still enjoy it a lot.

Thanks for sharing it all with us.
Review By [JimmX] • Date [17 Feb 11] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapt 21: Rodents for the Duration" from CronosKitty
I really liked this story and the others in the series. There arent many good sg1/btvs crossovers out there but this is one of the better ones Ive read. Sorry to see its apparently abandoned. Its been 3 years since an update. I hope you will eventually get back to it one day but after this long.... well I can hope cant I? lol
Review By [CronosKitty] • Date [25 Jan 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapt 21: Rodents for the Duration" from (Recent Donor)draconin
I know the muse is an unpredictable mistress... but this is such a great story! If you're even remotely inspired I'd love to read more! :-)
Review By [(Recent Donor)draconin] • Date [11 Jan 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 7: Mozambique" from leelaa
(Jack O'Neill's POV:-)
Or of course it could all be the innocent abode of an eccentric spinster lady, raising a few sheep on the old homestead and minding her own business. The defensive design left over from the bad old days of outlaws and Indians.
So he could take a squad and hump it overland and go in the back, he could take that same squad and a half dozen big black Air Force SUV’s and arrive all scattering gravel and big guns waving … and in either case probably end up slinking away in embarrassment while two little old ladies shook their heads and started planning the stories they would tell, and from then on down at Hattie’s Diner he’d be “that big Air Force officer who took a squadron up the hill one fine Sunday afternoon and captured Miss Letty and thirty-five sheep.”
Review By [leelaa] • Date [27 Oct 10] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapt 21: Rodents for the Duration" from TwoBlackDragons
Evil author\muse = one who doesn't finish stories they start.
And this is a terrific story, so please stop being one of the evilest of authors\muses.
Review By [TwoBlackDragons] • Date [7 Oct 10] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 17: To Buffy or Not to Buffy" from vitruvian
Love this series overall. However, I do have to question whether the anti-secrecy, 'we don't keep demons and vampires secret because the info's all out there for those ready to believe' attitude in Secrets is meant to be consistent *at all* with obliviating the SVU at the end of the first story.
Review By [vitruvian] • Date [20 Sep 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapt 19:The World According to Carter, Pt. IX-XIV" from lucyferr
“You think I should just … accept it? At face value?” Sam answered, welcoming the conversations’ turn away from her love life or lack thereof.
“No, not at all… quite the opposite. But surely you’ve seen too much by now to simply dismiss it either. I’ll be terribly disappointed if you’re not at least curious. In fact, I must admit when I read your file I felt a slight surge of hope. If anyone can find a scientific explanation for magic, it’s you, Major,” Derevko said earnestly.

Now that's more like it!

“Georgianne Travers, but please, call me George,” the young woman said, smiling, her grip firm as they shook, “I’m very pleased to meet you, Major. I suspect we have a lot in common besides fathers who wanted sons.”

ah! another potential sam bff! yay!

ps - you sure her surname is Travers and not, say, Kirrin?

A wimoweh, a-wimoweh a-wimoweh, a wimoweh

"Wimoweh" is (according to the Wikipedia) a mishearing of the original song's chorus of 'uyimbube' (meaning "you're a lion").

He particularly wants to talk to you, Daniel. Though he did say he would appreciate it if you wouldn’t so much as hum for the next year or two….”

ouch - if this is about Daniel's dying habit, Lorne must really have banned Buffy from humming ages ago

And Teal’c all the time with a look in his eye that made Sam wonder sometimes if he didn’t understand perfectly well but enjoyed watching Jack and Daniel struggle to explain the Tau-ri’s less dignified predilections in decorous terms.

lol, quite

“I don’t know Dwayne. I don’t think it would work. I can’t see leaving Cleveland and I know you love LA….”
“I’m copping a feel, you carnivorous twit, not proposing marriage.”


Derevko was right, there was an emptiness, an incompleteness. … but so be it. There was honor instead. There was purpose.
No one had it all.

quite. But really, why not give Sam her own non-reg-breaking soulmate? Not a washed up old friend that she has no interests in common with. Sure, they'd have wonderful monkey sex for a month, but then what would they talk about? Hockey? Motorbike engine efficiency? Enough with this Jack/Sam nonsense, please.
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [25 Jul 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapt 18:The World According to Carter, Pt. I-VIII" from lucyferr
Major Sam has major daddy issues, yeah? And a problem with authority. She likes it.

Quite. No wonder Tapping created Helen Magnus as her next persona. And who doesn't prefer Helen to Sam?

She just hadn’t found a connection, a comfort zone with any of them. Perhaps it was the age difference … startling to remember that neither Buffy nor Harris had reached thirty yet.

ouch... where's Winifred when you need her?

She had always been pretty enough, boys came to talk to her, but soon they went away with their eyes glazed…

splain to me again why everyone thinks Sam has the hots for Jack? Coz he totally glazes multiple greenhouses with his gaze when she talks about what she likes to talk about

…. the pair chattering away obliviously as Sam stared. Surely no one could care that much about shoes.
Sam…. Wore boots. Oh she had a couple pairs of regulation dress pumps in her closet, a pair of cross-trainers, flats for around the house. But Sam wore boots.
Combat boots.

I'm on Sam's side with this one. Never understood the whole shoes thing. And combat boots be sexier than stilettos any day. Maybe it's an American thing? People from other cultures look at stilletos the way Americans look at corsets, y'know

Sam had been Alpha female in her world for a long time now, and not just because she been pretty much the only female at her level.... it was a little disconcerting to suddenly feel like the weakest woman in the room.


… then it hit her. The Red Witch was missing.

well spotted

So when you gonna have mercy on Sam and give her a BFF? Irina looked promising for a moment...
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [25 Jul 10] • Not Rated
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