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Mother's Day: Dawn Winchester Universe

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Review of chapter "Mother's Day Trip" from kizunakat
"Im late Im late" and a dead rabit hmmmm oh I dont know maybe a baby in the future? hmmmm. Im 7 months pregnate so I think I got it right. kizuna
Comments from author:
Yes. Congrats to you!
Review By [kizunakat] • Date [29 May 07] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Mother's Day Trip" from KitKat
She's preggers!!!!!!!!!!! John is gonna freak.
Comments from author:
Yep, gee at new baby at fifty something. Yep, I see some serious shock going on.
Review By [KitKat] • Date [29 May 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Mother's Day Trip" from Raicara
I caught the Rabbit reference as well. Come on, why didn't we get to see them get to that point. ;)

So when does John find out?

Who gets to threaten John, when the others find out?
Comments from author:
They've been a little busy! I mean with other stuff. *blush* I don't do smut. I did infer that they had gotten to that point around the time that Joyce and Giles got married. And well, not birth control is 100%.

He'll find out soon enough.

Hmmm, I'll have to think on that one.
Review By [Raicara] • Date [29 May 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Mother's Day Trip" from TarnishedGold
::jumps up & down:: I know, I know....

the rabbit done died!

She's ::whispers:: preggers...
Comments from author:
Yep! Poor John, just engaged and already his going to be a father again!

I'm sorry about that dream, but really, the white rabbit running around singing 'I'm Late, I'm Late' and then keeling over dead was too good to resist! *V VEG*
Review By [TarnishedGold] • Date [28 May 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Mother's Day Trip" from Jerri
*Grins* Slayer morning sickness could equal slayage of the father! Or at least sharing her misery with as many of the males of the species as she can get her hands on.

Great job, as always.
Comments from author:
Oh good, someone figured it out! Yep, the Buffster is going to be a Mom, again. And this time she has to do it the normal way. I think they'd better get the wedding done quick. She's really going to freak if she has to wear a maternity dress!
Review By [Jerri] • Date [28 May 07] • Not Rated
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