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No Longer the Zeppo 3

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Review of chapter "Chapter 1" from Alltorian
Definitely not crap. I hope the Buffy bloodbath scene is, well, a graphic bloodbath. Keep up the good work.
Comments from author:
Graphic bloodbath? Well, I shall have to think about that one, but I think it might interfer with the rating system but I shall see what I can do.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. It is appreciated as always!
Review By [Alltorian] • Date [19 Jun 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 1" from (Past Donor)Methos
you actually write a really in depth view on how kindred would disguise themselves as normal humans, the eating, the daylight... it all seems so perfect for Alex and his girls...

i'm really enjoying this story, half of me wants it to be over so i can read the entire thing, the other half wants this fic to never end and just have more story arcs.

can't wait to see more of this, fantastic work as allways
Comments from author:
I want it to be established that preserving the Masquerade is important and even the little things are necessary to maintain the illusion that this secret society doesn't exist. Also, since Alex has a daughter that is human, it is important to give her as normal of a childhood as he can, unlike his own. He wants her to be happy and be raised with a sense of normalicy, despite the abnormal circumstances of their lives.

I am glad to hear that you are enjoying my story. I understand the desire to wanting it to be over to read the thing in its entireity. I also understand the want of it to not end. Sadly enough, ideas have been popping into my head for a 4th. Stupid plot bunnies.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. It is appreciated. Take care!
Review By [(Past Donor)Methos] • Date [19 Jun 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 1" from ChiVayne
I'm trying to figure Alex's feelings. He's probably pretty conflicted. He has his daughter, his partner, and his new life, and he wasn't exactly friends with Buffy and Willow at the end. Still, he was close friends with Willow for most of his life, and Buffy seems to have been his first crush (I use crush deliberately as I never felt that was love, even in canon -- at most, it was crush/lust/hero worship). He remained friends with Tara and especially Dawn, who are seriously hurting right now. You also have to consider that whatever happened, it took down a powerful witch and a slayer with seeming ease. It's something to worry about. He may want to keep his loved ones out of it, but is smart enough to know that "Ignore it, hope it is someone else's problem and it will go away" almost never works. I will be looking forward to see where you take this.
Comments from author:
ChiVayne!!! Haven't heard from you in a month of Sundays! Where have you been?

There's definately conflict, but the character of Xander always offered a hand no matter the cost to him. He was the one that would do what was right and necessary, even if it cost him a lot, which is not to say that things always worked out 100%. And in my universe, he does have a bond with Tara and Dawn and is willing to help them, as long it doesn't go against the Kindred and the rules of the masquerade and as long it doesn't threaten the lives of Alexia and Emily, whom he has a primary obligation to.

I will say that the SOP of ignoring something until it goes away and sticking one's fingers in one's ears isn't going to work with what I have planned. Granted I use that method (fingers in ears), but only when my parents start talking about icky things, but here it won't work.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate your thoughts and ideas. Thanks and take care of you.
Review By [ChiVayne] • Date [19 Jun 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue" from (Past Donor)Methos
whoah... killing buffy and willow off?

man, quite a hook this early in the fic... love it!!!

can't wait for the next chapter :D
Comments from author:
Glad to hear that you love it. I hope that the rest of the story won't disappoint. Thanks as always for reading and reviewing!
Review By [(Past Donor)Methos] • Date [18 Jun 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Prologue" from kizunakat
I definatly agree about the characters of Xander, Tara, and dawn. They could have done so much with Xander. It seemed like every time they would start to it would be changed into a willow gets super powered up story. I originally loved her character and by the end of the show she just constantly got on my nerves. Love the chapter. How long after the last confrontation does this happen? kizuna
Comments from author:
i think they were going for the girl-power thing with the show, but it was an ensemble cast and other charaters, ie Xander, were given third-tier status to the character of Willow. Willow was a bit grating at the end, not to mention the annoyance factor of Kennedy. Anyways, thanks for reading and reviewing. It is appreciated!
Review By [kizunakat] • Date [18 Jun 07] • Rating [6 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Prologue" from (Recent Donor)Hawklan
good to see the new chapter and with that cliffy your are proving again that you are plain evil ;)
Comments from author:
I tell everyone that my name is Shannon, but in all reality, it is evil (though I do respond to nitwit and hey you occassionally). I hope you will like the rest of the story. Thanks for sticking with me and my stories.
Review By [(Recent Donor)Hawklan] • Date [18 Jun 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Prologue" from TAO
Okay...we finally get started on NLTZ 3.

About time...:-D

However, this is just the prologue and even though you kind of shocked us with the whole "HEY, THEY'RE DEAD!!!" at the end and I'm a little disappointed with that (okay, it lasted about four seconds), I trust your judgement. You've given us some solid stories in the past and I have a feeling that Buffy and Willow's deaths are central to the whole story and the following bloodbath/war/retribution against whoever did it will follow.

But that's just my opinion...I could be wrong.

Anyway, wish I could leave you more of a review, but to be honest there wasn't much happening here until the end where you, as the author (and as should any author who writes a prologue) catch us at the end by lighting the proverbial match and setting it to the fuse. And what a wild ride it's going to be....

Sorry, I'm on caffiene overload right now.

BTW, don't know if you got my last message, but can I borrow your twisted little universe for a bit?
Comments from author:
I know...NLTZ 3 is long over due. Not my fault entirely...real life and my Immortal Spacemonkey story got in the way. But now that I no longer have a life, I can fully devote myself to fanfic. That's really sad when you think about it...

Yes, they are dead and will stay dead, but that doesn't mean that Buffy and Willow won't be able to make an appearance or two. We will just have to wait and see. Also, i hope that YOU will find how I killed them to be acceptable. Let's just say i spent way too much time on wikipedia trying to get the clans and traits correct.

My opinion is the right one. Just accept it (kidding of course).

Any review is better than no review.

I can understand about caffine overload - I'm trying to cut back and it's killing me.

Hopefully you will have gotten my message about borrowing my universe. I'm cool iwth it as long as there is nothing in it from my list of objectionables. I don't want my name (even my "cyber-name" associated with anything horribly bad because it could always come back and bite me and cost me my job and teaching license).

Anyways, thanks for the read and review. Take care!!!
Review By [TAO] • Date [18 Jun 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue" from Alltorian
I'm happy the third part is out. I hope the next chapter is soon coming.
Comments from author:
I just posted the 1st chapter. I can't promise that the next chapter will be out as quickly. Thanks for reading and reviewing!
Review By [Alltorian] • Date [18 Jun 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue" from Duken
B died again? Hope it sticks this time.

Honestly, does killing vamps close enough together get her 1-Ups or something?
Comments from author:
Its like the video game of Mario Brothers - you collect enough coins (or in this case, stake enough vampires) you get an extra life.

Buffy is dead and as of right now, she will remain dead but that doesn't mean she and Willow won't play in to the story. Hee-hee.

Thanks for the read and review.
Review By [Duken] • Date [18 Jun 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue" from michaelangelo
Buffy's Dead again eh? did she die again at the hand of Glory? I take it Mears never shot her, because Kingsmans bluff may have turned out different with no Xander there.

Somethings telling me that Dawns just making an assumption.
Comments from author:
Buffy's dead again: yes.

Did Glory do it: no

Mears, Kingsman Bluff: This story is set about 4 years after NLTZ 2 which was set maybe only a month or so after the ending of the series.

Dawn's assumptions of how dead Buffy is: nope. Buffy's dead. I sha;; reveal the ins and outs in due time and just remember that just because she's dead, that doesn't mean she won't have a role in the story. Hee-hee!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!
Review By [michaelangelo] • Date [18 Jun 07] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Prologue" from Thewander
Now that was out of left field. cant wait to find out how they died.
Comments from author:
Since I changed the original ending to NLTZ 2, I couldn't do what i wanted with NLTZ 3, so I killed them. I will reveal the ins and outs in due time. Just be patient with me and the story. I move slowly. Thanks for reading and reviewing.
Review By [Thewander] • Date [18 Jun 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue" from mithrilandtj
Oh hell... what happened to Buff & Will?
Comments from author:
All shall be revealed in good patient with me and the story. Thanks for reading and reviewing!
Review By [mithrilandtj] • Date [18 Jun 07] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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