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With These Eyes

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Review of chapter "Chapter 4" from Bluesnowman
Awesome story so far.
Comments from author:
Thank you very much. I appreciate it, especially since this is my first story
Review By [Bluesnowman] • Date [21 Aug 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 4" from ChaosRonin
Awesome stuff so far, are you going to have Xander meet Sasuke at any point ? I can also a very interesting confrontation between Itachi and Xander as well.
Comments from author:
Thank you, and honestly, I'm not even sure if I'm gonna have them in the same world. And a thought just came to me, so again thank you. I think, or I should say hope, this is gonna be a pretty long story/series. My plan is to somehow get to season 7. I'm still reading each week's manga though, so some things that haven't been explained yet I'm trying to avoid.

Thanks for the review. I really appreciate it.
Review By [ChaosRonin] • Date [20 Aug 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 3" from Infinix
I am not going to hold out hope on this fic because there are already quite a few very good Naruto x-overs out there and non of them have been finished
Comments from author:
Oh yea, that's why I decided to write mine, though I'm already at a bit of a block. But sooner or later, this fic will be finished, I can promise that.
Review By [Infinix] • Date [19 Aug 07] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 3" from tasuxeda
This is good. Will Xander get the Mangekyo Sharingan because he killed Jesse his best friend or just keep Sasuke's Sharingan.
Comments from author:
Wow, I didn't even think of that. I might try and use it, but for now, I'm not sure.
Review By [tasuxeda] • Date [18 Aug 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from tsukiyomichan
I have to admit, with the title I was expected Neji. It is his quote as far as I remember. Think that would have been rather interesting.
Comments from author:
You know what, he did say that right? ANyways, I was thinking more of the way Itachi and Sasuke would say,"Before these eye's, you're jutsu is useless.."

Maybe I should have changed the beginning to 'Before these eyes.'

Thanks for the review.
Review By [tsukiyomichan] • Date [17 Aug 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 3" from TruthIsWhatUMakeOfIt
I like it. I think it would be better if the Shinobi world were either in the past, future, or on another planet with a stargate. Making it a SG crossover.
Comments from author:
That is a pretty cool idea. I should keep that in mind if I decide to do anymore. This being my first story, I'm still trying to find a groove to the writing. It's alot harder than I thought it would be. Seriously though, thanks for the review, and suggestions or tips are more than appreciated.
Review By [TruthIsWhatUMakeOfIt] • Date [17 Aug 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from arkeus
oh no...Really, emo by?

you had Xander dress up as emo boy? Pleeaaase. and i guess he'll keep the sharingan, too :/

Really, i hope you do it well, because it has two elements i hate.
Comments from author:
Yea, Sasuke is pretty emo I admit, even though he's one of my favorites. . Maybe I should have used Obito instead, but I'm thinking though, the feelings Xander may have picked up from Sasuke, may carry over to the person who might of worn an Itachi costume. If that character is using his power for evil too, Xander, with leftover feelings, may feel more obliged to take active measure's against them. I guess I was looking for a more personal problem he could have. Also, I wanna try and work in how Xander is gonna deal with the memories of Sasuke. The Uchiha clan slaughter to be specific.

I hope I do it well too. By all means, I'd love to hear another review from you after I add more, wheter you like it or hate it. Thanks alot.
Review By [arkeus] • Date [17 Aug 07] • Not Rated
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