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Harris luck?

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Review of chapter "- + - = +?" from Lightstar
Please continue with at least one more chapter. I want to see Joyce's reaction when she wakes up and then Buffy's reaction. The second one promises to be very fun to read.
Comments from author:
I hope so, it should be available to read soon. I hope you enjoy it I think I gave more questions then answers.
Review By [Lightstar] • Date [13 Sep 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "- + - = +?" from chronos
I think this as a good story if a little short. would like to see more to see where it goes.
Comments from author:
Okay I've added another chap I think it's going to be my longest story ever. i'm glad you enjoyed it please keep reading and reviewing.
Review By [chronos] • Date [13 Sep 07] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "- + - = +?" from martelcris
Good work, a little short but good.
At first I don't recognize the character but, after a wiky trip, I found the reference.
the X/J relation don 't upset me, and in BTVS a "Mrs Robinson" relationship is suggested

PS: in RE the police dept. is "RPD" (wiky said)
Comments from author:
Well I was originally planning on a one shot, but the response was so good I figured throw in another chapter. The character thing is kinda vague, but I clear that up in the secodn chapter because of the reviews and i also put who the cross over was with. The Joyce Xander thing has always been kinda an idea, not neccasarily a min couple, but I deffinetly think their were signs of it in the first two seasons.

As fro the RPD thing I was baseing the outfit more off of Resident Evil 4 version, wich has the annitials R.C.P.D. on it in white letters standing for Raccoon City Police Department. I'd imagine that stood for Raccoon Police Department, so I don't think it really matters. Obviously if your in Raccoon city you'll know it's the RPD, but in another city it woudl be the R.C.P.D. I hope you keep reading and enjoy chap. 2.
Review By [martelcris] • Date [13 Sep 07] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "- + - = +?" from michaelangelo
Lol now why would you expect flames? got a fire going?. R.C.P.D?, is that Raccoon County?. It's been a good few years since I played the game.

What can I say, hmm. I just wish there was more of it because it was good, the idea of using Leon? was original but I got a tad confused how Xander dressed as a computer game character who is apparently real? and Buffy's father. Game based on real life?.

I can't see Joyce telling such an earth shattering fact about Buffy's real father so casually. besides that I liked it a lot, but like I said I just wish there was more of it.
Comments from author:
I answered your first question in the second chapter. which should be available to see soon.

Wow I answered this question as well, don't worry I'll kinda answer this question, and the effects of it. I'm thinking about maybe tying in the movies, barely so you'll have to wait and find out but I kinda cleared this up in the second chapter.

I originally meant this as a joke, you know how parents sometimes tease their kids. So i figured Joyce wouldn't mind kidding around with Xander and even if it was true he'd think it was a joke.

I', glad you liked it and hope you'll keep reading when chap. 2 becomes available.
Review By [michaelangelo] • Date [13 Sep 07] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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