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Of things that are not...

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Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from Spica
Neat story. Very, very neat.
Comments from author:
Going through my ancient stuff :-P
This one is pure shmaltz, but that's what christmas is FOR, dammit!
And I like the Faith/Buffy interactions in this a lot.
As I recall, I actually got pretty far into a sequel, which showed Faith working to be a good Goddess to her microworld, but something happened and I got pissed at it or something, and dropped it after a couple of chapters. It might still be out there in the interwebs somewhere, but probably not; I think that mailing list vanished years ago.
Review By [Spica] • Date [12 Apr 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from SixPerfections
Wow. That was weird. And beautiful. And totally unexpected original story. Damn you've got some mad skillz. You are one of my favorite authors now without a doubt. I definatelly would say that you are my number # 1 author in terms of creativity. Your stories, crossovers and everything have such an original twist to them and are such a joy to read. This story was no exception. Young Goddess Faith indeed. Really awesome. Can't say enough good things you totally knocked it out of the park.
Comments from author:
Whoa, now you're reading the realllllllllllllly old stuff. This was written around twelve years ago, when I was still trying to figure out some things, and it's pretty rough in places, but I do still like it quite a lot.

As far as 'Original' goes... meh, I think the basic idea of this has been done quite a few times; a girl I knew at the time told me she'd seen it before, somewhere, but that doesn't bother me.
I honestly think the most important thing with any story--more important than clever twists or OMG creativity, is to write something that has heart. Write it like it matters, write the characters like they're real, and if you do that well, the reader will forgive you a LOT. More than a few reviewers have told me that my Faith isn't always very close to the one that was on the show, but they still like her/love her, sometimes more than the show's version. That's obviously super flattering and awesome, and the only thing I can think of to explain why they might feel that way is that she comes across as someone who's real, who has heart, even though she's also violent and crazy and scary and broken and sad.
So I guess that's my 'writer's advice' to you, since you said you were taking notes. Mechanics are also key, you have to be able to communicate your thoughts to the reader, but after that, it's all about living inside your character's head, and putting that down on the page as honestly as you can.

And now I'll stop trying to be all wise and writerly and just go back and reread all your comments, because getting comments makes me happy.
Review By [SixPerfections] • Date [13 Sep 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Jingle Bell... rocks?" from SixPerfections
OMG that chapter was horrifying scary. Have you ever seen Ranma 1/2? There is this running gag that when things start to go well for Ranma and nothing terrible happens to him... no fiancee trying to brain him or marry him, no rivals trying to kill him, his dad or anyone trying to make him do something terrible and embarrassing etc etc... when none of that happens that's when you need to panic because that means something catastrophically horrible is coming down the line. That's kinda what this felt like to me lol. The more happy and perfect everything in the greater the dread grows. Man. This is interesting I have no idea how this is going to turn out. I am the most worried for Faith because.. she has the most to lose methinks. Great stuff here. :)
Review By [SixPerfections] • Date [13 Sep 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The happiest time of the year" from SixPerfections
Awww I'm glad Buffy could put away being a bitca and be nice and invite Faith inside. Though I can understand the hostility it just won't do for a christmas story. Nice job with this chapter and this story so far. It is very sweet. I love your writing, I'm gonna pay closer attention to it as I read and pick up some pointers. Darned good stuff IMO.
Review By [SixPerfections] • Date [13 Sep 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Twas the night before christmas" from SixPerfections
Faith being all calm and compliant seems kinda OOC but so far I'm enjoying it and want to see what happens next. Sweet first chapter. The fight scene with Buffy was cool, detailed and well done. LOve your writing :)
Review By [SixPerfections] • Date [13 Sep 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from (Current Donor)BaronScrewtape
Sweet story.
Kinda wish this universe replaced Joss'.
Review By [(Current Donor)BaronScrewtape] • Date [30 May 13] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from Oxnate
For nearly a year you did disappear.
It's hard to find readers when you do not write.
Fan of Xander, you are not.
But Faith and Buffy are tight.

Anyway, since you wrote that Dawn story, I've been sifting through your collection. Not everything is too my taste but what is is very good. And remember, if you're not updating, it makes it very hard for people to find your stories.

(sorry about the poetry. I read that other review and it seemed appropriate. Except that there's a reason I don't do prose.)
Comments from author:
My non-like of Xander is sort of a running theme through my stuff, both because I think he got in Buffy's face too often in the series (I'm VERY protective of canon Buffy), and also because I think he was just an ass in general far too often, in the guise of being the 'everyman' character. That being said, I TRY not to go all the way to the point of Character Bashing... but according to several reviewers, I fail in that attempt from time to time.

I'm glad you're finding things to like in my... I guess 'back catalog' is what you'd call it? Certainly if you're okay with Faith/Buffy, there's a fair bit of material there for ya. And my first completed novel, 'Virtue of a Warrior' is there if you want some very dark, very angsty Faith. (Though I sort of cringe a bit at parts of it now, especially the first three chapters or so. You can pretty much skip those if you find them putting you to sleep; it does get a bit better after that).

And yep, you're right, I've been very quiet for a while now. The response to the new Dawn story has been really good, though, and I've been reminded of how nice it feels to have people reading and enjoying my stuff.
I certainly hope to post regularly from now on, both on that one and on several other things that have been sitting idle (two of the Dawn stories, plus the Buffy/Faith epic romance).

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts on the stories, and I hope you enjoy the ones still to come.
Review By [Oxnate] • Date [24 Jul 12] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from lunalurker
And I came back and read it again, and it was still wonderful and sweet.
Do come back and write again soon, and thank you. :)
Review By [lunalurker] • Date [3 Jul 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from lunalurker
Beautiful. It made me cry.
Thank you.
Comments from author:
Strong praise indeed.
Thank YOU.
Review By [lunalurker] • Date [7 Aug 10] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from RandomSelection
Hey, I hope you don't mind me writing this, but in comparison to your other stories (those I've read bot here and on I don't like this one very much. It's just too easy for my liking, you know? Give Faith almighty power, make everyone happy and give the Slayers their happy ending ... Don't get me wrong, I love their happy-endings, but the special thing about B/F-fics how they have to get through to it, overcome all their obstacles, their past and everything ... So in my opinion in this story you kinda took the easy way out.

I don't intend this to be offensive or anything, I think you're a really good writer (your 'Bedtime-story' is the epic proof!), I just wanted to voice my opinion.
Review By [RandomSelection] • Date [24 Mar 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from Caminus
If only this fic you'd continue,
I'd be fast in your retinue;
But might second thoughts this case be best?
If this is more, then others less.

Faith is a Goddess of high repute,
but Harmony would this dispute.
And never mind that ditzy blonde,
Illyria's wrath hath Epics spawned.

Goddesses three demand your time.
Is Dreamsmith lucky? Not his spine.
Comments from author:
Continue this fic you rhymingly say,
But with due respect I must tell thee ‘nay’.
For there are few stories I’ve finished to date,
And quite a few more whose endings await.

Faith is a Goddess, in this you speak true,
Illyria’s might shines in shades of blue.
Deified Harmony has great self-esteem,
(Hold on a moment, I detect a theme!)

By the beard of Odin, and the hammer of Thor!
There’s a definite pattern here I can’t ignore!
Are Goddessy-girls all I can write?
Is there any escape from this horrible plight?

I have now the answer, the perfect solution,
And hereby commit to this resolution:
From this moment forward it’s all about Xander!
To all of the fangirls will I now pander!

Xander in slashfics, with Giles and with Oz!
On Twisting the Hellmouth those get great applause.
So why buck the system, or fight ‘gainst the tide?
The Xander apocalypse can’t be denied!

[And then DreamSmith froze, in mid-tirade,
He saw what he’d written and grew greatly afraid.
Xanderfic only? Xander the ass?
This horrible thing must not come to pass!]

“I take it all back!”, he shouted aloud,
“So what if my readers are not a huge crowd?
I’ll write what I write and hold my head high,
The weight of opinion I’ll gladly defy.”

Of the Goddesses three, of which he could write,
There wasn’t a one he could beat in a fight.
And truthfully dude, why fight them at all?
Each one of them lovely, a sight to enthral.

Faith is the tough girl, but vulnerable too,
As sharp as her knife, with a center like goo.
Illyria’s majesty can’t be denied,
(All who have dared have quite promptly died).

Yet Harmony has to be my current fave,
Sweet and yet bitchy, timid yet brave.
I think I’ll go now and work on her story,
To further chronicle her golden-haired glory.

Glory? Oh crap; there’s yet another,
A Goddess whose tales I long to discover.
(Have you noticed yet that I have ADD?
You’re lucky you EVER get chapters from me)

Back now to Harmony’s story I’ll go,
And return with lots of neat things I can show.
Although those two others will get their turns too,
(Glory, I’m pointedly ignoring you).

Caminus thank you for taking the time,
To send a review (and to threaten my spine?)
Writing this poetry isn’t my style,
But thinking it up has at least made me smile.

Review By [Caminus] • Date [14 Mar 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from (Past Donor)FaithSummers
Wow! Faith a goddess... my dreams come true. Very beautiful story.
Review By [(Past Donor)FaithSummers] • Date [8 Oct 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from SugarWater
First I just want to say how much I enjoy your writing. I came upon Faith and Buffy’s Super Happy Bedtime Story when I was searching for a Buffy and Satsu story. I though perhaps it might be a good substitute, but it’s like I hit the jackpot without even knowing it. When I finished A Day, a Knight, and Another Day, last week I was left wanting more. (My only complaint for that story is that it ended).

So yesterday I did a search for Faith and Buffy stories looking for some substitute fiction I can read until your next story in the F&B SHBT series. I read and skimmed a few stories from various writers and they were pretty good. But they didn’t satisfy. Not at all, really. Actually they were pretty lousy compared to yours.

So I came back to your stories and found this nice little treat. And from the first sentence it was like “Ah, yes! This is what I’ve been craving.” You write incredibly well. Very true to life reactions and emotions, and so descriptive and poetic. And laugh-out-loud funny, too. I don’t write and so it’s hard to put into words. But here’s what I’m talking about:

Faith looked back at her, and the dark-haired Slayer flashed Buffy a smile.

"Hey there." She took in Buffy's look of disbelief, and shrugged helplessly.

"Merry Christmas?"

What a perfect Faith entrance! What a great line. I love it! LOL moment.

Looking down, she saw the newborn vamp sitting, still half in the grave, trying to be small and unnoticed. She took out another stake, crouching beside him.


Another LOL moment completely Josh Whedonish.

An errant ray of moonlight made her dark eyes glitter as she gestured behind her.

Wow! That’s just beautiful! That’s poetry.

So thank you, thank you, thank you. Please don’t stop writing. Where do you want me to send the copy of Mass Effect and the Xbox 306? Though if you’re playing video games you won’t be writing so I take that back.
Review By [SugarWater] • Date [15 Jul 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from TheatricalBarrister
This was a wonderful story. I'm glad it had a happy ending, after all the suffering all the characters went through in the show. It also makes a great universe to play around in for possible future stories.

Thanks for sharing this with us.
Comments from author:
Glad you liked it.

Happy endings: I love happy endings, but for some reason I tend not to write them very often.
Or maybe it's just that I take so long to finish stories that I've not yet gotten to most of them.

I SO want to do more in this universe; I've started new stories set there, more than once, but so far haven't been able to carry through.
Eventually, though.
Review By [TheatricalBarrister] • Date [17 Jan 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "What do you give the girl who has everything?" from (Past Donor)Lupo
As always great story. I have enjoyed reading all of your stories. Thank you.
Review By [(Past Donor)Lupo] • Date [28 Dec 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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