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The Slayer's New Destiny

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Review of chapter "Chapter Three" from (Past Donor)Snoopy
I started reading your story 'cos I was intrigued by the Buffy/Ginny pairing. Not many of those...

Nice start. I like the fact that you placed Buffy in Slytherin. I just hope that, after reading your authors note, you don't make her TOO good at magic and you know, perfect at everything.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Comments from author:
Thanks for the review. I hate to disappoint you, but the first chapter already explained why Buffy will be great at magic. She's not great at everything, but she is talented in the important things. She's part slayer and part witch, two magical beings. She has two different power sources giving her double the power. Because the slayer is a magical creature, Buffy might not be restricted to the same things normal wizards and witches are. For example, the house elves are magical creatures and have their own magic which differs from wizards. The slayer part of Buffy can be considered the same. Add the fact that she is also a witch, makes her pretty powerful. Plus Buffy is not an idiot in this story. She actually works on her spells and potions. Don't get offended that Buffy is a much more talented witch than most, including Harry. Being so powerful and ambitious, it's safe to say that Buffy will be great at anything she puts her mind to. It's not like Harry's power, which all he has is a small transference of Voldemort's powers, marking him Voldemort's equal. Buffy being powerful doesn't mean that she will be the one to kill Voldemort. The prophecy just stated that she is necessary in the battle to defeat Voldemort. If you really think about it, Harry isn't really that great of a wizard. He's lazy, hot-tempered, and impatient. He gets lucky most of the time. The only reason why he's defeated Voldemort in the past is because of his mom's blood protection, not because he's so great at magic. If it weren't for Hermione, he would probably fail most of his classes. So he's part of a prophecy. Big deal. Buffy is too, but she doesn't sulk as much as Harry.

I really hope you take into consideration these points I've made about Buffy's power and skill. Lastly, this is fiction. I can make up anything I want and it doesn't need to be realistic, otherwise what's the point in writing the story? Thanks for reading and reviewing.
Review By [(Past Donor)Snoopy] • Date [21 Jan 08] • Not Rated
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