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Carry You Home

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Review of chapter "Chapter Twenty" from Mcspender
Good theological discussion, and it's gonna be complex, not only for Gina, but for the rest of the crew, to see beyond all the mutual Human/Cylon hatred.

And the control chair, the first thing that came to my mind when a read about was the Ancients control chair of Stargate =).

Cool chapter, see ya!!.
Comments from author:
More so a way for Annika to be comfortable while stationary for a long period of time jacked into the computer. I was thinking more Matrix than Ancients.
Review By [Mcspender] • Date [7 Oct 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Twenty" from (Past Donor)sopchoppy
Good Chapter.
Review By [(Past Donor)sopchoppy] • Date [7 Oct 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Twenty" from laoshi
Thanks for the background info on Vulcans/Romulans. A Hold over question from the last chapter: are the Second and Third Hybrids still around and if so will we be meeting them? First sentence second paragraph couple of small grammatical mistakes, you have an unnecessary the of and you need to put a to between and and discuss. I notice Annika is called Hansen now which is presumably Helena trying to create distance between Annika and herself. I like the fact that Annika is more embarrassed about the catsuit than Annika. Especially when she decided to start exposing herself.. I love the line "Which made sense in a away that didn't." Having Annika as the Pegasus hybrid would be fantastic. Great bit of character development between Gina and Annika. I'm glad your keeping all the options in the Helena/Gina/Annika love triangle open. i honestly couldn't say which I'd prefer at the moment. Although if Gina and Annika do get together I'd love to see a Helena/Hiskari relationship. Another very cool pic to round the chapter off. What kind of cross is Gina wearing? It looks like it could be a Gnostic or Greek Orthodox symbol. Are you a PKD fan at all? He's the only other sci-fi writer I'm aware of whose brought Gnostic Christianity into a sci-fi setting. I just finished reading Valis the other week, which explores this theme more deeply than any of his other works.
Comments from author:
I generally get some feedback from another forum and use that to make final adjustments because even Paul my beta (and English major) misses things sometimes. I haven't gotten the obligatory post from the conjunction constable yet, so I couldn't incorporate the changes I know I'll have to make.

Annika will likely (75% sure) see action as the Pegasus hybrid. I'm debating at the moment. The problem is really finding a foe that would challenge them and therefore necessitate Annika seizing outright control of the Pegasus and NOT immediately earning a bullet in the brain from Helena.

I'm intentionally leaving Gina/Helena/Annika open-ended for now. I felt trapped after my first version of this because it was Gina/Helena reconnected before even finishing the upgrades and it was like... well then. Now what do I do for personal drama?

As for the cross, I intentionally used the Coptic cross because of, as you guessed, Gnostic Christianity. While Gina will publicly dispense more baseline theology (Lutheran, if you want to get picky), she and Annika are personally closer to Gnostic Christians because of the history of their species. After all, their path to salvation came through divine knowledge from the heavens and a mysterious prophet...
Review By [laoshi] • Date [7 Oct 08] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Twenty" from Harry
I have only one thing to say in regards to Helena remark: SHADES OF THE BORG!
Review By [Harry] • Date [7 Oct 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Nineteen" from RevDorothyL
Really intriguing with the introduction of the Romulans (BRIEFLY, before they got blown to smithereens in the remains of the Twelve Colonies) and the Vulcans pre-First Contact (or pre-official First Contact, given T'Pol's great-grandmother's experiences in the 1950's) in the previous chapter, and now with 'Annika Hansen' wearing a Seven-of-Nine-type silver catsuit (with the inexplicable high heels, serving no purpose but to make one's butt look better in the catsuit!).

Lots of fun, as always, and fascinating glimpses into what the 'Final Five' Cylons might be about, or how they may have come to be separate from the rest in the first place.
Comments from author:
Actually, they do serve a purpose. The high heels, that is. It puts Helena, Gina/Angelina/Six, and Annika on an even level. The first two are 5'10", while Annika is 5'8". The heels push her up a bit so they can all look each other in the eye, rather than looking down/up at each other.
Review By [RevDorothyL] • Date [6 Oct 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Nineteen" from Mcspender
Oh boy, the suit.
I iz no wordz, no wordz at all =O.
Review By [Mcspender] • Date [5 Oct 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Nineteen" from matthew
7 of 12 in a gray catsuit?

Ok, that's just *awful*
Review By [matthew] • Date [5 Oct 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Nineteen" from (Current Donor)dogbertcarroll
AF: "I wasn't aware sixty-nining a Rear Admiral was an 'important position'."

Review By [(Current Donor)dogbertcarroll] • Date [5 Oct 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Nineteen" from Harry
Well, it sounds like the colonials are treating this Cylon in many the same way that the crew of the USS Voyager treated 7 of 9, even to her style of dress! Now, lets see what happens when the Jedi meet up with Romulans, if there are any left after that accident!
Review By [Harry] • Date [5 Oct 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Nineteen" from laoshi
I feel a bit handicapped not having watched BSG Seasons 3 and 4 so I don't know how much of the concept of the three is you being original and how much is adapted from the show. Either way its a really interesting mythology. Is there any significance to assigning red, blue and green to the choices of the Three. Red could refers to the First Hybrid's redheaded daughter or his Sith connections. The Second wanted to attack the Colonials straight away, who wear blue uniforms. Perhaps the Third has infiltrated the Vulcans/Romulans who have green blood. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it. Are you planning on picking up the Mycosia knows Annika is a Cylon storyline again? Speaking of the whole Jedi issue, are we meant to assume they somehow traveled through time rather than between galaxies or universes? I mean if you put the A long time ago spiel together with all this has happened before that's what you get. The most interesting variation on the cyclical nature of the universe I've ever come across was in Nietzsche. He formulated the doctrine of the Eternal Recurrence as a moral principle. He didn't say the universe actually loops back and repeats itself just that you should behave as if it did. If you new you would have to live the same life over and over again how would you act? Anyway back to the Review. She's Helena Cain she could paint herself purple and insist everyone call her Mitzy and still look authoritative doing it, a backless hospital gown is a challenge for lesser mortals. It took me a minute but I got the Bo Peep reference. I can't believe you came up with a way to get Annika into the Seven of Nine Costume from Voyager! That's sheer unadulterated genius! I realise the nice cyborg killing machines have bonded to the extent their braiding each others hair, but shouldn't Gina have been slightly more miffed about the catsuit? I mean she's already expressed worries Helena still has feelings or Annika and then she is ordered to wear that outfit, but she doesn't bat an eye. Also is Gina starting to get a bit of older sibling syndrome with Hiskari's attention seemingly focused on Annika?
Comments from author:
The First Hybrid leaving with some Model 0005s and a ship is canon, the rest is all mine.

BoPEEP is made of win.

And the catsuit (especially the ridiculousness that is the Voyager-accurate built in high heels) is a punitive measure. As I explained to someone else, basically Helena is taking a woman who's both brilliant and beautiful but wants to be known for her brains, and reducing her to a walking masturbatory fantasy for her crew's viewing pleasure. It's her way of punishing Annika in a way that won't interfere with her usefulness the way beating or starving her would (or worse, like how Gina was gangraped into catatonia in canon) but will have a negative psychological impact on Annika. And apart from her physical appreciation because she is a young lesbian woman, I think Gina knows what it represents because she knows Annika as a person and through what Helena confided and so she realizes it's not "Grr, Helena's making Annika look hot" but rather "Ouch, glad it's not me".

Hiskari will be busy and Gina's own 'career' will take off soon. And actually Annika and Gina will be bonding more over their shared interests and nature. I've deliberately written this so far so that Gina/Helena, Annika/Helena, and Gina/Annika are all equally viable future paths.
Review By [laoshi] • Date [5 Oct 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Eighteen" from dhampirkinfolk
Vulcans huh? Well, with their emotional control and innate telepathic abilities, they'd make for interesting jedi. And a Vulcan Sith would just be all kinds of scary.

A Romulan ship getting vaped like that is sure as hell gonna bring more Romulans to investigate. I see a rather messy first contact scenario.

Next couple of chapters should be really interesting.
Review By [dhampirkinfolk] • Date [4 Oct 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Eighteen" from Orion
The Plot Thickens . . . Hanson is NOT the similar character from Star Trek . . . but Star Trek DID make an appearance here. Every time I think I know where you might be going, you introduce a twist like this.

I didn't recognize the last scene . . . not BSG nor ST. What was it?
Comments from author:
*coughs* It mentions Romulans.
Review By [Orion] • Date [4 Oct 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Eighteen" from Harry
LORDS OF LIGHT, KOBOL, JEST AND TIME! First, we get one of THE FIVE onboard, now it looks like we have ROMULANS showing up as well! What next, Time Lords?
Comments from author:
Uh, no.
Review By [Harry] • Date [4 Oct 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Eighteen" from (Past Donor)sopchoppy
Intriguing, looking forward to more
Comments from author:
Working on more.
Review By [(Past Donor)sopchoppy] • Date [4 Oct 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Eighteen" from (Current Donor)Tempi
Hmm, the plot thickens....

I look forward to reading more.
Comments from author:
Dun dun dun...
Review By [(Current Donor)Tempi] • Date [4 Oct 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
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