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Handle With Care

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Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from JasonBarnett
THis is in response to some of the other reviews here.

I think the Watcher's Council would have something to take out wizards so if Xander's working with them I can see him managing to take them out. Travers' Council seemed to me the type who would turn on the other supernatural things besides demons if they were ever wiped out. In this reality I can see Buffy and Xander agreeing with that. Also how many people does Xander care about in this reality. At this point his friends have dwindled down to Buffy and Dawn. Tara and Willow are dead and Anya became a demon again.

If the White COuncil has a problem with memory altering(which only seemed like a problem in the Buffyverse if Willow did it) how would they feel about all the Scoobies functioning with altered memories full time.

Willow turned Amy into a human. She wasn't the one who turned her into a rat.
Comments from author:
The Amy charge, I'm not sure if it would actually go through, but it happened; you do remember the scene they played for laughs once where Amy randomly changed to person and back to rat behind Willow's back when she was messing with magic?

And considering the caliber of other organizations running around in the Dresden 'verse? Trust me, the Watcher's Council is freaking small change. Read the books again, then come up with some concrete thoughts on how you think they could possibly be a threat on the scale of the things the White Council is used to fighting. =)

As for how many folks Xander cares about? Well. I haven't exactly spelled out where all the differences are yet between canon and this fusion-verse. But come on, even just from canon, there are definitely more than Buffy and Dawn. And I don't know where people get the "assassin!Xander" vibe from anyway, unless from fanon and an extreme elaboration of the Halloween episode and some early-season running off at the mouth.
Review By [JasonBarnett] • Date [15 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from Greywizard
Well done, and you captured Harry's voice and attitude quite well, judging by the little I've read of the series.

I'm really curious, though, to find out what kind of reaction Xander had when the White Council (a bunch of self-righteous bastards who are just as bad as the Watcher's Council ever were) had Willow assassinated.

I honestly can 't see him just saying, "Oh yeah, you guys are right. It's perfectly okay that you whacked my best friend from childhood without any trial or questions about what drove her to behave the way she did. Most especially, after you never bothered to give anyone living around the Hellmouth any kind of help or even any warning about the consequences of playing with magic."

I don't see Xander easily forgiving anyone who would assassinate anyone he cared about, especially given the way he threatened to kill *Buffy* if anything happened to Willow in the season two opener, "When She Was Bad."

What I can see him doing is going on a vengeance quest and taking out all of the people he sees as responsible for sentencing Willow to death. I don't care how powerful a mage might be, unless they're precognitive and can keep up some type of anti-missile shield constantly, a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle will make their head explode long before the sound of the shot reaches wherever they're standing. And if the Barrett isn't available for some reason, then I can easily see him brewing up the same home-style recipe the Scoobies used to deal with the Mayor.
Comments from author:
Yes, Xander would be a bitter boy indeed in this 'verse. Hopefully at some point I'll touch on him and what he's up to, but as everything has to come in through the Harry-filter, that would mean lots more of Harry getting to know Buffy first.

A couple of points, though. First, in the Dresden-verse, at the time all of Willow's big experiments with magic were going on, the White Council was very, very busy fighting a covert supernatural war. This meant not so much keeping their eyes peeled for potential new wizards to steer away from black magic as usual, so they actually would have a reason for perhaps not noticing earlier what was going on in Sunnydale if it wasn't a war center; Harry comments bitterly on the increasing crop of warlocks (crazed black magic users) more than once. And second, in the Dresden-verse, black magic truly, truly corrupts. By the time a magic-user got as far as Willow did at the end of Season 6, it wouldn't matter what her motivations were; there'd be virtualy zero chance she could be rehabilitated. So there *are* valid reasons for that "self-righteous" behavior, which become more and more clear as the book series goes on.

Not that it makes it any more palatable. But it does make it more understandable.

Also, no matter how much effort Xander might put into shedding the somewhat pathetic behavior he had devolved into by late Season 6 and training himself as an assassin, he still wouldn't be able to reach any wizard with power enough to be admitted to the White Council unless they tromped around sans magical protection somewhere a mortal could find them, and unlike Harry, most of them hold themselves aloof from the world. Not a chance in Hell Xander could become a successful killer of wizards without joining one of the enemy supernatural organizations and abandoning all the *other* people he cares about.

So. Bitter Xander, yes, very. Murderous? Not so much. His first conversation with Harry would have the potential to be..... quite interesting.
Review By [Greywizard] • Date [15 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from Bobboky
very good
Review By [Bobboky] • Date [15 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from RevDorothyL
Any chance of a sequel?
Comments from author:
I'm *trying* to keep on track with my request-list, so not immediately; but I'm never not going to be obsessed with the Dresden-verse, so eventually, I hope so. I've certainly done enough background construction to support several more stories in this line.

If not by March next year, maybe you can win a request for it? =)
Review By [RevDorothyL] • Date [15 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from Ellia
I just finished the reading the books, so was really glad to see this.

Great story, you really captured the sound of feel of Dresden's voice perfectly. And i loved all the little details from the books, like the mold demons and Mac's lemonade.

Willow's death isn't really a surprise, as the White Council wouldn't have hesitated given her record; and i can just see Harry being the only one the scoobies would trust.

If you get inspired i'd love to see more in this verse.
Comments from author:
I do hope to write more eventually! I have to clear more of my request list first, but I love the Dresden-verse very, very much. (I'm reading Turn Coat right now).

Thanks for your review!
Review By [Ellia] • Date [15 Apr 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from Nothorse
Well, if you fuse those universes, Willow's death is pretty much a given. Still a shame, though.

Nice and interesting fic. I think the universes are to close to each other to make for a comfortable fusion, but you managed to make it plausible.
Comments from author:
Doesn't close universes make fusions actually easier, not harder? There's a lot less to handwave away.

Glad you found it interesting, at least. =)
Review By [Nothorse] • Date [15 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from war
good story.
Review By [war] • Date [15 Apr 09] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from (Current Donor)mmooch
I don't know anything about the Dresden Files but still am enjoying this fic. Poor Willow died though? Sucky Council! Not that she's an innocent or anything, but it sounds like they didn't give her a fair shot. I hope there's more to this coming soon.
Comments from author:
Glad you're enjoying it.

The thing about the White Council in the Dresden-verse, is they have a one-strike-you're-out policy. Only in rare cases (like Harry's self-defense) is anyone spared, and even then they have heavy-duty probation. Multiple offenses like Willow's? There's virtually no way to have a universe where (a) the White Council exists and (b) Willow doesn't get axed. Invading another's mind, manipulating someone (removing memories), killing a person, transforming a person (Amy), and raising the dead with magic are all individually death-penalty offenses, nevermind all of them together.
Review By [(Current Donor)mmooch] • Date [15 Apr 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from VillageOrchid
Ah a little sad with Willow, but a nice start to a mixed world with a bit of sexual and perhaps romantic tension.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [15 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from JasonBarnett
poor Willow.

The biggest problem with the removal of any characters in the Buffyvserse is it's such an ensemble that if you pull one character out you uposet the balance on the show. Buffy and Angel both started to suck when they decided to play with character roles for plot and not fill them in afterwards.
Comments from author:
Unfortunately, there's no way to have a Dresden-verse true to its rules, and still let Willow get away with everything she pulled. If they dislike Harry? They'd view her as completely irredeemable. No second chances. That *would* shift the balance of events for season 7, you're right. No way around that. And if/when I continue this, I'll explore that some more.
Review By [JasonBarnett] • Date [14 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from MayhemManaged
Oh, very good. I actually am quite convinced that Harry and Buffy exist in the same universe without one of them needing to be AU, but your version neatly addresses some of the problems with this theory - mainly the bits about Willow, and Angelus & Spike being White Court (would never have thought of that, but it makes sense). Also, you captured the style of the Dresden books pretty well; First Person narration not being the easiest to reproduce. Again, I say - great job!
Comments from author:
The only problem with one of them not being AU? Thomas actually wears a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" t-shirt in one of the books, and in Blood Rites Harry tells Inari Raith to "make like Buffy". The books are pretty thoroughly permeated with pop culture, which you have to ignore if you want to pretend the people actually exist in the same world. =)

Thanks for your review! I appreciate your comments!
Review By [MayhemManaged] • Date [14 Apr 09] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from starchild
Wow. Book Harry, grown up Buffy and details that make sense. This is a story I can't wait to see more of.
Comments from author:
I do hope to write more eventually. Thanks for your review; I'm glad you liked it!
Review By [starchild] • Date [14 Apr 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from batzulger
Excellent use of the Butcher style of Harry dialogue!
Please continue this.
Comments from author:
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I'm a huge fan of the book series.

I have a request list of other stories to get through first, but I would like to come back to this later.
Review By [batzulger] • Date [14 Apr 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from (Past Donor)Mari
This was wonderful--usually fusions manage to shortchange one or the other, but you managed beautifully. Harry's voice was on, and the little details about Willow, Angel, and Spike were excellent.
Comments from author:
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I love both of these universes very much, and I hope to one day explore the Buffyverse alterations in this fusion-world a little more thorougly.
Review By [(Past Donor)Mari] • Date [14 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Handle With Care" from (Current Donor)Sithspit
This is freaking AWESOME! If ever a lead in to a new story deserved a "10", this is the one. Great portrayal of the characters, snappy and flowing dialogue that keeps the attention, no overused cliches, and just a great joy to read!

Impatiently awaiting the next chapter!
Comments from author:
Thank you!

it may be awhile before there's more of it, as I have quite the request-list to get through, but I do love these universes very, very much.
Review By [(Current Donor)Sithspit] • Date [14 Apr 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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