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Enter The Magician

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Review of chapter "Changes" from Mamodo
Nice story!

Is the Blue Bowman Jonathan???

Comments from author:
Gee, let me think. Yes, Jonathon's the Blue Bowman. I wanted someone else from Sunnydale to disappear but in a slightly better way.
Review By [Mamodo] • Date [14 Jun 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Changes" from russle
“Genetically speaking of course, the young man is now Zatanna’s daughter.”

"OH MY GOD!!! Thanks for that! I really needed good lough. Can´t wait for more. :-))
Comments from author:
I'm glad you found it humorous. I'll try to update soon.
Review By [russle] • Date [14 Jun 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Changes" from espinosaca
I always like a good gender-bending when its done to Xander. My question isn't what Xander did during those months after first becoming Zarina. My question is if there's romance in this will Zarina be straight, bi, or lesbian? I ask because she use to be a guy, and a guy with a pretty healthy crush on Buffy too, so I don't think she'd be interested in guys.
Comments from author:
There will be romance though I will not tell.
Review By [espinosaca] • Date [14 Jun 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Changes" from Nikolaos
Really liked this and hope to see some more soon.
Will there be pairings?
Comments from author:
I'm glad you enjoyed it. There will be pairings but aside from JediKnight, I'm not telling anyone yet. Just have to guess.
Review By [Nikolaos] • Date [14 Jun 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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