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Prophecy Breaker

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Review of chapter "Chapter Five" from Kirallie
Great work!!! SO will there be another?
Comments from author:
Thanks, and yep, there's gonna be another. Expect the beginning of Child of the Hellmouth a week from now.
Review By [Kirallie] • Date [7 Feb 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Five" from Celticchick
awww it is not over right? you will be writing another part of the series right? and hey sneaky with the Inuyasha cross get Kagome to teach Xander some magic tricks and have shippo be related to Kurama. have the Inuyasha crew become part of Xander's friends and family.
Comments from author:
XD You caught that huh? I just kind of randomly threw Kagome in there as I was typing it up. However I don't have any plans to actually have her as a character in the series. And no it's not over, I'm already working on story three. Expect the prologue for the next story, Child of the Hellmouth, to come out next Sunday.
Review By [Celticchick] • Date [7 Feb 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from Morrigan
I don't mind if Xander ends up with the bleached wonder (they're my BTVS 's OTP after all ^^), but you crashed all my hopes of someone acceptable for Kurama! (since Hiei is happily cuddled to Kuwabara) and I wouldn't like to see him ending alone, and checking other males from BTVS my mind had a seizure when I thought of Angel and I died of horror *lol*

Love your fics, and I can't wit to see how this one develops ^^
Comments from author:
*blinks* Ya know, I never even considered that pairing. o_O; Just shows how little I think of Dead Boy. Not that I hate him, I'm just not his biggest fan. As for Kurama's future snugly...

I was just plotting away one night, trying to think of names for future stories in this series when I got off on a wild hair and ending up thinking of three side fics and suddenly a pairing popped into my head and decided to stay. It was like after three in the morning and I was like what? But at the time it made sense...still kinda does in an odd way, and I'm not saying who he's paired with yet. It will be a while and I don't need the grief just yet. (I'm not saying you'll go psycho fangirl on me, but I'm keeping it to myself for now, cause even my best friend was all 'wtf are you thinking?')

It's not Angel, so don't worry about that. Now, no more seizures for you. lol
Review By [Morrigan] • Date [1 Feb 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from Kirallie
So Xander finally gets it!
Review By [Kirallie] • Date [31 Jan 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from DarkFaerieYumi
Now he knows! *dances around* That was adorable. Xander you're such a dork. But as always I have truly enjoyed this chapter. I look forward to the next.
Review By [DarkFaerieYumi] • Date [31 Jan 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from silvergaurd
awww does that mean that xan/ and kurama aren't going to stay together. So sad. Hope to see more soon.
Review By [silvergaurd] • Date [31 Jan 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from claws
Ah, yes; the Demon Magnet strikes again! I'm rather looking forward to seeing what reiki abilities and spirit beast you give to Xander. I mean, even when you weren't deliberately foreshadowing it, it was obvious that at least one of his powers would have to do with averting prophecies, but I'm curious as to what else there will be.


Having just read some of the previous reviews and responses, I'm suddenly a little less enthusiastic. Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against M/M pairings (though, impo, Yukina will always be Kazuma's OTP), but I'll never understand why people keep pairing Xander with Spike - it's like pairing Inuyasha with Sesshoumaru, for crying out loud! That said, I'll keep reading, just because this seems to be one of very few BtVS/Anime crossovers I've found that hasn't been abandoned since - BtVS/VG stories don't seem to have much of a shelf-life, either.
Comments from author:
I agree that Kuwabara and Yukina go well together in fact I find them cute. I just prefer Hiei and Kuwabara. *shrugs* We all all have our preferences. Same with Spike/Xander. However I don't understand you comparing them to Sesshoumaru/Inuyasha...I admit incest squicks me and I don't read it. But that isn't the case with Spike and Xander. Now if you're talking about their personalities clashing, well that makes more sense.

Anyway, you don't have to worry much about Spike/Xander just yet. They won't be getting together until story # 7. They might have some 'moments' in the next fic 'cause I'm gonna play up their meeting and interactions in story # 3.

Also, I hadn't really thought about him having an actual ability to avert prophecies...except there's gonna be a huge event in the final fic that would make a play on that. So you've given me some food for thought. Thanks!

And one more thing...what does VG stand for?
Review By [claws] • Date [31 Jan 10] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from Jaylynn
So I went to check who the pairing would be in your profile and I did a little fangirly squeal. I love Spike and Xander together. It's a weakness of mine. XD Of corse if that happens I can see some jelousy if Spike ever meets Kurama. *snickers at the thought*
Comments from author:
They will definitely meet, but it will be a long while before I even pair Xander and Spike together. We're talkin' not till season four here. And I'm just now plotting the equivalent of season two. I have quite the job ahead of me. @_@;
Review By [Jaylynn] • Date [31 Jan 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from kizunakat
awesome chapter. so if it is not kuronma who are you going to pair xander with huh??? can't wait for the next chapter. kizuna
Comments from author:
Ah...I've left little notes here and there about that. Scroll down the review page or read my profile on here. I also update my livejournal fairly frequently, and I almost always post chapters there first before anywhere else.

I will do my best to follow the series with my stories, so expect his relationship with Cordy, but not the one with Anya. But as I've told other reviewers, Kurama will get to flirt throughout Our Roots Run Deep, at least until I have him paired off with someone else.
Review By [kizunakat] • Date [31 Jan 10] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from ShadowKage
Interesting so far. A little droll for my tastes, but then again its a nice change from the consant action types of other stories. Keep up the good work and update soon again please
Comments from author:
I thought I did okay with the earlier chaps, but I was aware of this one getting kind of blah. I wanted to include the wedding since that was part of the reason Xander even went to Japan. However that's the part of the problem with wrap up chapters, they aren't nearly as exciting as the main event. We only have one more chapter and an epilogue left for this story so hang in there, and thanks for reviewing.
Review By [ShadowKage] • Date [31 Jan 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from Morrigan
Shizuru destroyed all my hopes that Xander would hock up with Kurama T_T
you, evil you T__T

Well, at least this visit will increase Xander's self worth

Thanks for the chapter!
Comments from author: I told xwinterangelx the whole Kurama/Xander thing is mostly fanservice. I always intended to pair Xander with a certain sexy and snarky vampire. I'd explain it all again but I'm lazy, and sick so I'll just direct you to the whole comment. *points* Just scroll down and read my reply to xwinterangelx's review. We'll see some Kurama/Xander stuff, just not a forever kinda thing.
Review By [Morrigan] • Date [31 Jan 10] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three" from DarkFaerieYumi
ROFLMAO! GO Xander! Show them who is King of the Puppy Dog Technique! LMAO! O goddess. I can't breathe! That was awesome! O! O! More!
Review By [DarkFaerieYumi] • Date [27 Jan 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three" from crepes
This chapter was great and what made it even better was that it came out on my birthday! Ha ha it was like a secret present since no one knows that I read this and so I didn't have to share it! -did that make sense? It did in my head- Anyway it gave me a reason to smile and picked me up. This chapter was really good and I loved Xander's speech. It was so perfect! Very dramatic and very vivid. Ha ha the prince of puppy eyes part was great and I can't wait to see Xander's spirit beast. Man it was so cool when the prophecy came into play and the part about the cultural references made me laugh! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
Comments from author:
*waves* Wow, I have good timing. Happy Birthday!

I was a little worried I overdid Xander's speech, but the show just left so much unsaid sometimes. Ya know? I mean Jessie died and...nothing. There's still so much potential there. *shrugs*

And the Puppy eyes thing...that sort of scene has been in my head since chapter two of Demon's Kin. I actually mentioned a very brief version in a comment to a review. XD Although the review was private and not visible to anyone but me...hmm.

We probably won't see Xan's spirit beast until the third story...I don't actually remember how long it took for Puu to hatch, but I know it was a few months at least. And the green egg just kinda happened. Puu's was a gold color, but I wanted this egg to be different, and then I was all hey! Green egg! XD No ham though.

I'm glad you loved the chapter so much, and that it made your B-day a little more awesome! XD
Review By [crepes] • Date [25 Jan 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three" from xwinterangelx
OMG! Hiei/Kuwabara????!! I can't believe you! that's freaking AWESOME! you're freakin awesome! (sry if i keep saying freakin.. im just soooo excited about this fanfic) I love how you didnt make kuwabara the complete insensitive idiot a lot of people make him out to be (he really isnt!) I've been a fan of Xander and Yuyu hakusho was my very first anime, so to see my two favorites together was like heaven for me. ^^ You have a really good plot line and awesome characterization skills. Like i can totally imagine the characters acting this way if they were actually together in real life. Plus there arent many grammar mistakes or anything :] I cant wait until your next update! it's wicked awesome! now that i think about it, if xander and yusuke were created in the same media, they could have actually been brothers... i cant beleive no one ever thought of this before. You're so awesome, dont ever let anyone get you down for writing hiei/kuwabara! they're just letting their first impressions get the better of them,. Is it just my wishful thinking or does it seem like kurama and xander are going to get together? you know what they say, you get closer to someone when you first fight with them (or something like that, it was in chinese and i hardly remember the exact quote) Update soon!
Comments from author:
*blinks* Hey there bouncy new reader, and how much sugar have you had today? XD Can I say that I absolutely loved your review? There's this huge grin that's threatening to crack my face and it's not gonna go away anytime soon.

I totally understand you on the Kuwabara issue. I've ready so many fics where he's put down and walked all over. Not to mention how many fansites exclude him just because he's not 'pretty'. *rolls eyes* Makes a girl wanna scream sometimes. And Hiei/Kuwabara is my absolute #1 OTP, I've been writing them for years and I'm never gonna stop. XD *nods* Fics, amvs, wallpapers, I've done it all.

I'm really glad I've done so well with keeping everyone in character, you have no idea how many times I've watched Buffy season one just to make sure they sound like they're supposed to at that point in time. Luckily, for some odd reason, writing YuYu Hakusho is almost like breathing, so keeping them in character is easy. ^^;

I also share your surprise that no one else has ever tried this sort of connection. I mean they do look similar...I'm still not sure what led me to cross these two fandoms. *shrugs* A moment of sleep deprivation, or a stroke of genius? It's been a couple years at least since this series started and I don't remember what made me start it. Ah well. Let's just enjoy it.

And the whole Kurama/Xander thing...mostly it's fanservice. I got a lot of requests for Xander to end up with Kurama in Demon's Kin, so Kurama is gonna get some flirting in. However I have other plans for the boys. I have this mental handicap where my muse won't let me permanently pair Xander with anyone but a certain bleachblond vampire. *rolls eyes* I don't understand it myself, I just go with it. And Kurama's future uh...lover/mate has been decided. My beta/best friend was like wtf are you thinking? when I told her. But, don't despair, Kurama will get his flirt on in this story and throughout the series. Which crazy me I've decided to make 9 stories long, with three side fics. *dies prematurely*

Wow, I've rambled quite a bit haven't I? Sorry, today was the beginning the semester and my brain is spinning. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful and shiny review. *still grinning* XD
Review By [xwinterangelx] • Date [25 Jan 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three" from ManyNamedChibi
Not the puppy face! ANYTHING but the puppy face!
Comments from author:
Muwahahaha! Yes! We must all bow before Xander! King of the Puppy Face! XD
Review By [ManyNamedChibi] • Date [25 Jan 10] • Not Rated
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