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Four Square

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Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from (Past Donor)Skyefather
hi joy,

sorry to hear about your summer and I really felt bad about putting more stress on you. though I was very hopeful that you had most of the next chapters ready for both DP and four square... Ok lets stick with calling it Dawn Potter cause DP sounds like its a porno. speaking of which have you ever noticed the name Nymphadora Tonks sounds like a porn stars name? as I've said b4 I'm only marginally in control of the insanity that come spewing out of my brain at odd and often inconvenient times. just know that there's a ton of people here @ TTH that love and appreciate the work you do. I'm of course not referring to the ones who write flames like 'oh my god you suck'#13 or other such drivel. I've noticed that people who write reviews like that also have never posted a single story. so I say remember what Ernest Hemingway said about writing. "Writing is easy, just set down in front of a typewriter and bleed!" hope this made you smile... even if only a little and let me know if you need to talk about anything ... well write about it via e-mail. I'm taking pchy this semester so I'm fully qualified to put my hand on my chin and say 'MMMMMmmmm that's interesting... now tell me about your mother."

as always
Review By [(Past Donor)Skyefather] • Date [26 Aug 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from Gertyke
Hi! I love this story! I was wondering when it'll be updated :) I love reading this and I've already started from chapter one like 3 or 4 times and read it all through :)
Review By [Gertyke] • Date [24 Aug 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from SwimmieTeam
Hey, Joy.

I just finished rereading this entire thing and wow. I got all emotional at certain parts even though I knew what was coming. I guess it's just a testament to how good your writing is. I hope that you update soon. It's been awhile and I'd really like more of this amazing fic.

Comments from author:
I plan on it! I've been blocked and drained out, and busy with RL, but I do plan on finishing this, it hasn't been abandoned. Glad you like it!
Review By [SwimmieTeam] • Date [9 Jun 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three" from Cygnus
The conversation and whatnot are all excellent so far, but the problem i have is that you've far understated the power level of the vampires of the twilight continuum. Overpowered as they may be, it is canon that they are each far more powerful than even an amped up slayer...although Stephanie Meyer's description of this is inconsistent, at best.

For example, newborn Bella has the strength to(As she estimates) stop a cement truck(around 66000 lbs), rolling downhill, at 40+ miles per hour. In essence, a twilight vampire could probably not only kill a slayer with ease, they could most likely throw that slay into ORBIT.

Yes, it is brokenly overpowered, but that's just basing it on her continuity. I'm all for convincing the volturi not to attack through some political or magical gig, but in terms of raw power, there isn't any comparison. One of the main factors of twilight vampires is that they DON'T have any weaknesses, other than other monsters on a similar level (pretty much SSS class monsters).

Personally, i would change it to something involving the canonically absurdly powerful children of the moon(supposedly capable of putting up a good fight even to small covens of vampires) which pretty much makes them the twilight equivalent of Doomsday to superman. It would also be a whole bunch more clever.

Anyway, that's just my view, but its a great fic regardless. Cheers!
Comments from author:
It is nearly impossible to have a crossover in wihich both canons are kept accurate. I adjusted the Twilight canon to exist within the Buffy canon, not vice versa. I don't actually *like* Twilight, I started this fic on a dare, so I tend to be prejudiced against the Twilight side. If you don't like the power system, that's fine.
Review By [Cygnus] • Date [2 Jun 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from Drix
I just go finished re-reading this, and I have to say, hats off to you. What an amazing adventure, spanning years and drama, and love and tears. Truly on of my favorite stories on the site, and most certainly my most favorite portrayal of Bella and Edward, and a top ten on my list of Dawn fanfiction, who is my all-time favorite character.

I love the way everyone in this tale has, not a happy life/ending, but a satisfying one. I like how, even in the middle of such supernatural circumstance, it feels like real life to read. And I absolutley love the feeling of family you engender to your readers.

Serious kudos to you. I hope to be reading more of this amazing story soon.
Comments from author:
I have every intention of updating this soon, however I've been blocked on the next chapter for *months*. It's been suggested I just skip over the next scene and move on, since it'scausing me so many problems (It's supposed to be a Embry/Jude/Eric/Nick sex scene, and it's completely blocking me) but since it's not brutally important to the plot, I may just reference it happened and move on.

I'm very glad you like it. I hope to write more soon.

Dawn's my favorite character. Most of my Buffy fics and crossovers involve her.

Thank you for your compliments, that's *exactly* what I'm going for. As much realism as possible within a supernatural world.

Glad you like it!
Review By [Drix] • Date [13 May 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from Kitty
Your story is amazing, keep writing can't wait to see what's gonna happen next
Review By [Kitty] • Date [7 May 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from andystreetuk
Fantastic story, I was unable to stop reading it, and ended up taking a day off work to finish it :)

PLEASE write more :)
Comments from author:
OMG, don't lose your job!

I'm working on the next part now.

Glad you like it!
Review By [andystreetuk] • Date [10 Mar 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from Bunney
Okay so i have taken 4 days and read this whole fic as well as all of your AN and i have to say you did a fabulous job. I say this from many POVs. First being that i HATE Twilight with a fiery passion that makes me wish hateful things on S Meyer. So for me to even choose to read your fic was a big step for me.

Second I truly enjot a well planned long fic. Yours is actually not that long in comparison so don't worry how long it takes you end it when you feel is right. If you are curious the longest i read the first story of the series is over 5000 pages and the unfinished sequal was almost close to 10000. It was a long really worth it.

And Last you have really taken the 2 and blended them in a realistic fashion without compromising the integritiy of the character and you should do a little dance around for such things :) Then again throwing in sex or violence doesn't hurt :) That is what they do on TV when they need a change or a better segway :)

Anyway I plan on reading the rest just cuz i know you will do a good job of finishing it and make it worth my time to do so :)

Later and Love
Review By [Bunney] • Date [8 Feb 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from DoodlePenguin
Okay. I just spent three days reading this. Three Days! ON MY PHONE! Cause I don't have Internet anywhere els. You need to update. Soon! Please I LOVE this! It great! And I love the four square idea! Please add a chapter before march!
Comments from author:
I'm going to try. I've been working on some other stuff lately, but I am going to try and update this soon.

I'm really glad you like it!

I may need to reread the whole thing again to get my head back in the zone. But I know where it's going (And where it's going may possibly involve an Eric/Embry/Nick/Jude foursome, lol) I've just got to write it
Review By [DoodlePenguin] • Date [25 Jan 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from twlight
"I ment what I said and said what I ment..." I read the whole story all over again. As always I love this wonderful story. I can't believe how many spelling errors you have in some of these chapters, have you ever gone back and reread this mammoth story? I can totally understand why Stacy didn't want to be in Sam's pack, she's blaming Sam for her brother leaving her and she really doesn't know or in some cases like some of the boy's in that pack. I love the spell that Dawn did to somewhat postpone the change for Stacy so that they could explain what was happening to her and that they could give her the bracelet and cut her hair. I love how you described Bella post hunting, the fact that she is happy she was still breast feeding is a bit funny. I am very very eagerly awaiting the next installment to this wonderful story hopefully it won't be an extremely long wait so I don't HAVE to read the story again to know what is going on in the story. Again I love this epic story.
Comments from author:
I haven't re-read this story in a while, but because I don't work with a beta anymore (my last beta kept trying to change my plot and characters which is not what a beta is supposed to do) I reread my stories from time to time, and I'm always finding typos and fixing them. I do need to do it again. I'm glad you like it, honey. You're one my my favorite readers.

*feels really, really bad*
Review By [twlight] • Date [11 Jan 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from AchillesMonkey
I've really enjoyed reading this story. I hope that you update soon!
Review By [AchillesMonkey] • Date [13 Dec 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from Ansku
Good chapter :)
Review By [Ansku] • Date [14 Nov 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from LalaithQuetzalli
I think once Stacy learns everything about her brother she might empathize with Kim, after all, they both lost Jared, and also, Stacy will have a little nephew to take care of. Kim will need her, and the rest of Jared's family.

Talking about that, I just knew you were going to kill someone, and that it was gonna be bad. I mean, after Renee and Rona, especially Rona, it was obvious that it was gonna be bad. I still wish it had been someone else, maybe Paul or Sam, I especially dislike Sam, both in cannon and in your fic, his death wouldn't have hurt me as much as Jared's. And while I know life is cruel, this was war and all that jazz, I still don't like it.

Wish this had been Bangel, I just love that pairing, though at the same time I understand why you prefer differently.

This is the second time I see a tryad made with Alice, Jasper and someone else, third if you count one that hasn't actually happened yet but will be happening eventually.

I just love what you've done with almost everyone in this fic, and even the things I dislike I can pass up with so many good ones in comparison.

Can't wait to see what you end this fic with, I'm sure it¡s gonna be a bang.

P.S. When is Xander gonna get his happy ending? I think he's the only one actually missing one thus far...Hey! Maybe Stacy will imprint on him! jejeje

See ya in the next chapter. Hope you update soon.

P.S.S. You have my respect with this fic, I mean, I've been known to write long fics, but I seriously doubt I would ever be able to write something as long as this, and without it getting repetitive or tedious. I'm in awe.
Comments from author:
To be fair, both Sam and Paul are going to die eventually, lol, since they're mated to mortals.

Stacy's not going to imprint on Xander, but Xander will survive. I hope you don't believe that somebody has to be in a relationship to have a happy ending. Xander will wind up happy, but he might not wind up in a committed relationship. He's of the people I;m currently unsure of. I usually ship Xander with either Buffy or Cordy, or occasionally Faith. And from time to time I slash him with someone. But Xander's future is one I still haven't worked out.

Honestly, Angel is pretty much my least favorite regular character in the Buffyverse. Personally, I like him vetter as a character when he's not in a relationship at all.

Ooh, I've killed more than just Renee and Rona, right? I've also killed off Ethan and Kennedy. And of course there will be more deaths before the series is over. Death is kind of the obvious end to a mortal life. ;-)

I'm glad you like it. This fic became a much bigger deal than I ever intended it to.
Review By [LalaithQuetzalli] • Date [12 Nov 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from Pardryll
You know what else is interesting? I originally didn't like Twilight crossovers that didn't involve the words "And then Buffy staked Edward" or some variant thereof. However, this is the best unintentional birthday gift I could have gotten last year. Thanks! Planning to try to finish it on the 25th, make it an exact year?
Poor Stacy. That's all my mind can work right now, sorry. I might come back and add more detail later.
Comments from author:
I'm really glad you like it, and happy early birthday! Yeah, I actually own the "BUffy staked Edward" t-shirt, so this seemed like a very unlikely story for me to write, but I like it. It;s not going to end on the 25th, but I'd like to put the next chapter up then. I still have 2 weddings, some character development, a couple of babies and some relationship changes to fit into this story, before it's finished. My word goal is to have all of Four Square be 300,000 words before I start typing up the half-written spin-offs Ive been writing in my notebook, and then start the first full sequel next summer. The three spin-offs I've started are a Criminal MInds crossover with Dawn, a Numbers crossover with Eric and Nick, and a Castle crossover with Embry.

The sequel will take place at some point in the future. Then there will be an additional story with the same characters that takes place in, like, 500 years.

All of this is completely based around what real life throws at me, so I don't know when they chapters will make it into the net.

I'm really glad you like it, and I'm glad I've got another anti-Edward person. I've tried to not character-bash too much, but Edward pisses me off. THe only way I could write him was by changing the nature of his character.

And I like Stacy. Se and Nick are my favorite OCs so far. :D
Review By [Pardryll] • Date [11 Nov 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Seventy-Two" from SwimmieTeam
Loved it. I didn't expect that! I mean, Jared's little *sister*. I thought Leah only changed 'cause she's part of a prophecy! Anyways, I hated that you took sooo long, but loved what you wrote and I can't wait for more, hopefully, soon!
Comments from author:
I hated how long it took, Seriously, I've been coming home every night and just STARING at the word document, willing it to fill itself. It was awful.

I love Stacy. I love turning the Quileutes' world on its head *giggle*

If everything goes as planned, the next chapter will go up in 2 weeks. IF everything goes as planned. But if.

I'm glad you like it!
Review By [SwimmieTeam] • Date [10 Nov 10] • Not Rated
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