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Shadows Underneath

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Review of chapter "A Sour Enterprise" from PATM
The prologue and chapter 2 a fun read. More please.
Review By [PATM] • Date [28 Dec 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "A Sour Enterprise" from (Past Donor)sopchoppy
very intrigued.
Review By [(Past Donor)sopchoppy] • Date [28 Dec 09] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "A Sour Enterprise" from Greywizard
Okay, you've definitely caught my interest, and I'm extremely curious as to what combination of circumstances could have led to this particular situation, and have any number of questions, which I'm sure you will (eventually) be addressing over the course of the story.

It appears that the Scoobies (whose numbers now seem to include including Inara and Rae - a character I don't recognize at all) have several Council teams after them.

Is this Council a descendant of the Watchers council, or something entirely different? And if this Council has evolved from the Watchers Council, why are they at odds with the Scoobies?

Is Inara simply an affilliate of the Scoobies, or is she a full-fledged member? And who is Rae? Are they somehow children or descendants of the Scoobies?

How have the original Scoobies gotten into the Firefly universe? Dimensional travel? Simply living long enough for the unspecified background events of the Firefly universe to develop and evolve into the current universe?

How can all of the Scoobies have remained essentially unchanged from their states at the end of 'Chosen'? Is it a result of the Activation spell?

And most significantly, where are Willow and Giles? Are they missing in action, deceased, working on their own assignments, or are they possibly opponents - the directing force behind the Council teams the Scoobies were fighting at the beginning of the story?

As I've said, I'm really interested in seeing what you have in store for us.

If you need a beta or would like to discuss plot points or plotlines, I'd be delighted to help out.
Comments from author:
thanks! i've been anxiously checking this story, waiting for my first ever review, and it's lovely to get such a long one!
i've got a bit left to post before i start taking on new ideas; I think it addresses several (though not all) of your points. after it, well, having someone off of whom to bounce ideas would be quite nice. again, thank you for your review; i'm glad my bit of story sparked such interest!
Review By [Greywizard] • Date [27 Dec 09] • Not Rated
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