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Volume II: Burn

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Review of chapter "A Vague Disclaimer is..." from (Recent Donor)Luna
Blaise's first thought was that he was going to be murdered away from witnesses, and that explained why the secretary was out. He was comforted by the knowledge that Draco and perhaps Willow wouldn't be too happy if he died and revenge would be swift and harsh.--- haha, too funny.

"But I'd like to be out of view of the windows; If I do end up having to kill you,--- :)

'Scooby Gang Shovel Speech, citing that a vague disclaimer is nobody's friend... Is that correct?"---- Ok, I keep seeing this everywhere and even used it in my recent story but I can’t quite recall the episode. Is it when Willow talks to Riley in Season 4 and its an ep where they’re at a party and its after Oz leaves?

Hmm, interesting little talk…
Comments from author:
Yes, that particular reference is to Willow's line from Season 4, Episode 7 "The Initiative".

Thanks for your reviews!
Review By [(Recent Donor)Luna] • Date [1 Mar 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Dreams" from (Recent Donor)Luna
... Huh... ??

What are you crazy cats setting up, I wonder?
Review By [(Recent Donor)Luna] • Date [1 Mar 10] • Not Rated
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