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12.9% Increase In Mission Success

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Review of chapter "12.9%" from Genuka
I like how you did this. It's a tad unusual but I still like it.
Comments from author:
Thanks, it is odd, but it's how it came out.

Thanks for reading!
Review By [Genuka] • Date [19 Aug 10] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "12.9%" from JasonBarnett
I dislike the dismissal of Angel. There were occasions where an extra body, someone not stuck with a school schedule and/or with the extra strength were.

Simply turning him human and dismissing him, even if he's fighting elsewhere, would hinder Buffy. And anyway, he didn't have much purpose before he became interested in Buffy so who's to say he'd do anything.
Comments from author:
Maybe, maybe not. I'm not a big Angel fan. Never been a fan of the "woe is me, I'm a sexy creature of the night pew-pew-pew!" trope at all. I think it would have worked out well in different ways. And knowing Angel, he would have ignored the warning and gone after Buffy anyway.

But, this is how the story worked. I was trying to subtly show what missions certain scoobies had given her. Sending a terminator back in time to hit Angel with a shovel is definitely something Xander would do.

Regardless, thanks for reading and reviewing. I welcome criticism, even if I don't always agree with it. Thanks.
Review By [JasonBarnett] • Date [19 Aug 10] • Not Rated
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