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What makes a Slayer

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Review of chapter "What makes a Future" from starshinedown
I've really, really enjoyed reading this. The blending of the two worlds is seamless, and each of the characters feels spot-on. So nice to see a well-adjusted Faith! well-adjusted as a Winchester can be, anyway. :)
Comments from author:
So sorry for not replying to this earlier- bad me.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, and I'm so glad you're enjoying the fic! A well-adjusted (ish, anyway!) Faith is what I'm aiming for- so thanks for that! :)
Review By [starshinedown] • Date [17 Apr 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What makes a Future" from LolaAnn
Wow, John Winchester gets around, don't he?

Do I smell foreshadowing? He didn’t know, but it was exactly that train of thought that led Mary Winchester to making a deal with a demon, years before. Sitting around a table with three of them, Dean didn’t even wonder about the irony.

Dean, Dean, Dean... you just can't resisting making deals.
Review By [LolaAnn] • Date [16 Apr 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What makes a Future" from LitaJ
*grabs tranquilizer gun* Hey... Alec... Ben? How are you guys... come here... lets talk.... I understand all about obsessions....

Heh, the sisters was a Freudian slip but now I am more sure than ever that Dean is on his way to adopting another sister... I loved that Lorne emptied the bar when he saw Dean around, gotta love how Hunters are bad ass!

I absolutely hearted the little speech Angel made and the song Dean chose though the ending did break my heart a little and made me wonder if the Slayer has the essence of one of the fallen since there was this talk about brothers... hummm

You just keep twisting and turning it all!
Kinda made wish for an aside in either Lorne or Doyle's pov of the Vampire and the Hunter...

sounds like the start of a joke... a hunter, a seer and a vampire go to kareoke bar...
Comments from author:
Too late- they've fled. ;)

I've been considering a chapter from Lorne's POV, so you might get lucky!

Thanks so much for r&r- I love hearing from you. Transgenic teasing aside. :P
Review By [LitaJ] • Date [2 Apr 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What makes a Nightmare" from LolaAnn
Wow awesome chapter! I always liked Doyle, too bad he didn't last long on Angel. I love how you're bringing all the Yellow Eyes stuff into this and weaving that into Buffy canon as a reason for the splitting of the slayer line. Very cool. Still not sure if the voice in Dana's head is someone good or a demon possessing her though. Hmmm... guess I'll have to wait and see. Also can't wait to see what Dean sings for Lorne :D
Comments from author:
Aw, thanks. And I always liked Doyle too- one of the more under-rated characters, IMO. Plus, cute. Because I'm shallow like that.

It's hard to know with Dana- voices in her head could be, ya know, just voices in her head. ;)

As for Dean's song choice... it's less a choice, really, and more a question of *which* Metallica song springs to mind first. :D
Review By [LolaAnn] • Date [2 Apr 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What makes a Nightmare" from LitaJ
Well this was gorgeous, and I am sure this will make Dean even more determined to protect his sisters... and thought he might not care too much about he new slayer yet I am sure that as soon as he sees her and how she is trying to help Faith (if I saw and understood her deliriums correctly) he will be determined to aid her once he glimpses her in person...

Deano can't resist helping broken girls, or boys one of the reasons everyone wants to protect him at all costs.

Now, a pair of transgenic could help the new slayer, faith and angel to protect him... just saying,,
Comments from author:
Aw, thanks. And I love how you've just gone and said 'his sisters', like it's a foregone conclusion. I mean, he just just be 'lawl, no, I don't need another moody brunette, thanks', but we have such faith (geddit, Faith?? I'm funny, I know) in him to do the right thing that it's just assumed.... :D

And, yes, you did understand her delirium correctly. Though I'm not sure which of us that says the most about. Hmm.



"Alec, get the shotgun. This Lita chick be cray-cray."

"Dude, you're the one offering teeth to a piece of cardboard and you're calling *her* crazy?" But he did as he was asked and handed his twin a weapon, all the same. Ben smirked, every inch Dean Winchester's clone, bossing his bitchy little brother around.

"It's just rock-salt! It's for our own protection! Faith would never forgive us if we got kidnapped by a norm." Alec rolled his eyes, more amused that he was willing to admit, and tucked his father's old Colt into his jeans.

"Let's get out of here. We have to make it to Dana's for Thanksgiving."


and so on. ;)
Review By [LitaJ] • Date [1 Apr 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What makes a Nightmare" from greeniron
Okay this is unexpected -- and exciting! Looking forward to learning more.
Comments from author:
Thanks for reading and reviewing- glad you're excited! :)
Review By [greeniron] • Date [1 Apr 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What makes a Nightmare" from MarcusSLazarus
Well, your reasoning behind why Angel's taking long to get back to himself makes sense, and with Doyle and Lorne having shown up here- to say nothing of Dana-, I am DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing what's coming up...
Comments from author:
Good to know- my reasoning always makes sense to *me* but I'm glad to hear other people get it, too. Perhaps I should make that clearer, though, in the next chapter. Hmm... might be time to give Angel some dialogue. ;)

Merging the two universes has been an interesting challenge, but I felt like the only sensible place to go with it at this point was back to L.A. to re-find Angel's story. A little ahead of time for him, but only by a few weeks, I think. So much of what happened to Angel happens in L.A. that it wouldn't be right to just ignore it. I think, anyway. So, yeah, Doyle and Lorne. :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing- much appreciated- and hopefully the next chapter won't disappoint... when I get it finished. :D
Review By [MarcusSLazarus] • Date [1 Apr 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What makes one Chosen" from MarcusSLazarus
The circumstances of Faith and Dean’s first meeting were brilliant in their simplicity- to say nothing of being rather moving as Dean ‘impulsively’ resolves to protect Faith after learning what’s happened to her in the past-, and subsequent developments as her brothers resolve to be there for her after her Calling are definitely effective, ranging from Dean’s resolve to protect her from the Watchers to their arrival in Sunnydale.

While the time-jump of some chapters makes it a bit hard at times to keep track of everything, in general it’s easy enough to follow what’s happening when, and it allows a unique opportunity to witness Faith’s interactions with her brothers as she was growing up before she became anything other than a normal girl.

Nice touch with your thoughts about Buffy’s past encounter with Cain colouring her view of Hunters while also establishing the differences between Cain and the Winchesters, and I definitely appreciated your idea regarding Angel’s return to the fold (A bit surprised that it’s taking him such a relatively long time to recover mentally, but I suppose that Dean may have just encountered Angel sooner than Buffy did in the show and hence he had less time to ‘sort himself out’, although the intensity of the fight against Pete might have helped as well by serving as a violent shock).

Hope you’re going to continue soon; aside from anything else, the implications of Dean and Angel’s current location aren’t exactly cheery...
Comments from author:
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing- I really appreciate the feedback. :)

If I were starting over again, the time-jump aspects would definitely be something I'd address- this whole fic started as a series of one-shots, and grew a plot somewhere in the middle, so I hadn't planned it out at all. Lol. You can tell. :D

Angel is taking longer to return to himself, I think, because he's not in Sunnydale. In BTVS S3, he was surrounded by people and places he'd known and loved (and hated) so there was more pressure for him to return to himself faster. Comparatively. But he's getting there- and he's not far from snapping back entirely. Whole sentences will be nice. ;)

Again, thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the next chapter, too. :)
Review By [MarcusSLazarus] • Date [25 Mar 12] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "What makes one Chosen" from greeniron
I'm so glad to see the next chapter! This is one of my favorite stories. I like how having Faith seems to be giving Dean some extra independence and respect. By the way, please don't apologize about delays: You're providing us with free entertainment, there really isn't much better.
Comments from author:
Aw, thank you- I'm so glad you like it. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing- I really appreciate it! :)

Also: LOL. If I didn't read so much fic, I'd write much faster, I'm sure. But, like you say, it's free entertainment. That's my favourite kind! ;)
Review By [greeniron] • Date [22 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What makes one Chosen" from FaithWinchester
Ooohh! The mental institution! Okay, are we talking the crazy chick who cut Spike's hands off in cannon or are you going a whole other direction here?
Comments from author:
Ding ding ding, we have a winner! That's her. Jeez... she was only in one episode (and it was AtS, even) and everyone's getting it. Girl made an impression, clearly. :D
Review By [FaithWinchester] • Date [22 Mar 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "What makes one Chosen" from LitaJ
Well, this has been very enlightening with regards to what is going on. I hope they can get Faith back soon... and I am pretty sure the new Slayer will latch on to Dean like a starving vampire, especially if she has had dreams about Faith.

I loved how much we got to see, Faith sharing her realization of how much Dean means to her with him and how that made him put up with the touchy feely vampire. I loved the tiny aside about vegas = unsurprised clerk.

Now all that this needs is for a pair of transgenic clones to escape Manticore and join the family
Comments from author:
You and your transgenic clones! There's no space left in the Impala. Though, they'd be pretty small around now, right? Like, four year old size. Hmm. *think-y thoughts*

I'm so glad you liked it- and I'm glad to be back! :D

To quote Chuck... writing is hard. :D
Review By [LitaJ] • Date [22 Mar 12] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "What makes one Chosen" from LolaAnn
So glad you're back! Very interesting new chapter. The part where Faith recalled her past was very emotional. Poor Faith is still in a coma though... it's been a long one ;) I'm really wondering who that new Slayer is. I'm remembering the poor insane Slayer from Angel that cut Spike's arms off... of course the timeline is off for that. But this is fanfic, the magical land where anything can happen :D
Comments from author:
Aw, thanks. Glad to be here. :D

Faith has been out of action for a while now, yeah. Months and months... but she'll be fine. It's canon: Comas don't kill Faith. ;)

Would you believe that I did some research about that crazy Slayer and apparently, she's been in a mental hospital since she was 12 years old or so? So, ya know, if it *were* the same crazy Slayer, then technically, my timeline remains intact.

Of course, the research was a bit shoddy, so I could be completely wrong. Wikipedia is reliable, right? :)
Review By [LolaAnn] • Date [22 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What makes one Chosen" from isolda
I was so glad to see a new chapter of my favorite WIP! This was a great chapter, too. Dean is such a care taker, and you showed that beautifully in his relationship with Angel. I was glad to see Angel getting back to himself, although I do wonder how long he will stay with the Winchesters once he is more recovered. Angel is not one to play second fiddle for long. I think he and John are going to clash big time. The ending was intriguing. Is the slayer in the Asylum Dana, the one who cut off Spike's hands? I wonder if the Winchesters will have another slayer daughter soon?
Comments from author:
Aw, thank you! I'm thrilled that you're enjoying it. :)

Yeah, there will definitely be difficulties when Angel's 100% himself again- and he's getting there, slowly.

Part of the reason that it's taken me so long to update is the 'next Slayer' question but, yes, the Slayer in question is Dana. How that affects the family... well, you'll just have to wait and see! The next chapter shouldn't taken nearly as long to arrive! :D
Review By [isolda] • Date [21 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What makes a Death" from LolaAnn
Wow, Faith has certainly had a bad week in both of our worlds. Poor girl. Excellent imagery, btw. I could just see the scene with Faith on the ground and Dean trying to do CPR on her. Very intense.

I'm dying to know where this is going next, because I assume we'll have a new Slayer. But it sounded like you dropped hints that the evil Council was still going to be lurking. Plus, I have to find out what was really in those woods. Keep writing!

P.S. Hope they're feeding Sparky and scratching him behind the ears of course (lol).
Comments from author:
Yeah, jeez... stabbed and strangled- will the girl ever catch a break? :D One of us should be nicer to her. I vote you. :P

Intense is what I was going for so- yay. :)

Hmm... no comment re: hints or no hints. Gah. Not commenting is hard.

As for Sparky- he's been very good and he's house-trained and has learned all kinds of new tricks. :D
Review By [LolaAnn] • Date [19 Sep 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "What makes a Death" from bekkers
I am really digging this story! It's such an interesting idea, and well written, too. Can't wait for more!
Comments from author:
Aw, thank you. :) Really glad you're enjoying it! :)
Review By [bekkers] • Date [19 Sep 11] • Rating [9 out of 10]
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