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Lonely Souls

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Review of chapter "Seers, Hunters and Shamans" from Panaka
Jack's in trouble! No matter what he does the family is going to rip him a new one. If magic was used to make him leave Arlene he might get a break, right up until he gives her the activation papers. After that all bets are off.

Ok, Brenda being a clone would explaine the doppelganger thing with Prue. Does that mean there are 2 backups for the Charmed Ones? Brenda and Paige?

good chapter.
Really want to get to the Jack/Arlene part and the trip to SFC.

I actually have a question concerning Xander. How are you going to develop him as far as his roll in the group goes? The heart thing probably won't change, but with all the encouragement and tutors available he can pick up a lot of things. He turned out to be good with his hands late series and more then a few authors make him turn into a good shot with guns. gun/weaponsmith/designated marksman?
Last thing about Xander: Any plans to develop that "The one who sees" thing more then 'He just gets a bit more insightfull'?
Comments from author:
Ayup. Brenda cannot access her magic, so she cannot, for now, serve as a back up.

Jack and Arlene next chapter...

Xander is currently being trained as a mechanic, and no doubt Joyce and Simon will guide him to work with his hands and into mechanical or applied engineering. As for 'The One who Sees', I fear you will have to wait a bit longer...

Thanks for reviewing
Review By [Panaka] • Date [11 Dec 11] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Seers, Hunters and Shamans" from Eureka
Hmm so Brenda is a clone...So means Brandon is her clone too then?
(And for the reviewer who asked about that...A clone can be made from the eggs of the original and an egg can split to make 2 as seen every day by the identical and fraternal twins that are born.) Hopefully Jack can keep himself in line for ONCE and not get teh WHOLE family up in arms about what he did (Even if he doesn't realize it YET!) to Arliene and hence to Evy. I don't think they are gonna like what the family would do if he walks in there demanding that they leave everyone and everything to go back with him. I don't think he will like what Simon would do to him!!!
Comments from author:
Nope, Brandon is a true born Walsh. Jack only needs to get one person riled up, as long as it is the wrong person...

Jack is not enjoying this mission. It's gonna get worse before it gets better...

Thanks for reviewing
Review By [Eureka] • Date [11 Dec 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Seers, Hunters and Shamans" from (Past Donor)Glendon
Talk about a lot to process, both for the family, and for the readers. Poor SG1 are going to show up at pretty much the worst possible time. The loss of Amata still has the whole family grieving the girl that become one of their own in the short time she was with them. Then you have Willow just beginning to process the loss of sisters she never knew. And you can't forget the revelations that were just dropped on Brenda and Pru. Prue especially I have to assume has some trauma she never had a chance to deal with. Finally you add in Evie's insecurities and everyone's experience with Marigold so far, and this meeting could go very badly. Ya, a black project going to go over well with most of these people at the moment. If anyone can keep things from blowing up, I'm guessing it's probobly going to have to be Jon and Four Bears.

The SGC could be an ally to the family, but if Jack gets it into his head that taking Arline and Evie with him is the right choice and tries to use regs to force the issue, this could get nasty. Though this story rarely follows the obvious path.

On another note, I get the feeling that what happened to Pru when she was little is going to end up being just as strong of a first hand example of the damage Marigold's practices can do to people. She was what, 3, 4, when Piper was born? At that time, even with magical help, I doubt we are talking a simple blood sample for cloning. If she had a repressed or even simply forgotten memory come back, the poor women may have some trouble for awhile. Though given that it is Prue, she may just channel those emotions into something constructive.

And oh yes, demon waterfowl? *gigglesnort* just about covers it. :) Great idea. And so very necessary to this chapter!
Comments from author:
Yeah, but that is not unlike the series. PTSD aroudn the corner, beckoning. They could pick a better time, but how are they to know?

Jon keeping things from blowing up? Err...

Jack probably has more sense than to use regulations, but Arlene has had a few days to get used to the notion of being activated.

Prue will channel her anger and anguish into the highly construcitve deconstruction of Marigold...

Just you wait and see what Tucker Wells has planned next...

Thanks for reviewing
Review By [(Past Donor)Glendon] • Date [11 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Seers, Hunters and Shamans" from BlazeVein
Hi, thanks for the chapter , it put a very wide smile on my face :)

Mm... I thought that ducks don't have claws... that was odd. Maybe they were mutant zombie ducks or something XD.

GO MIKE!! Go MIKE! Yes. (Team Mike here heh)

quote: "...and a reject from the Village People if they’d needed an Emo, doing in this cemetery?” LOL. Yes, totally brood-gay! ::Chuckle::

Well, if Brenda is a clone... what about his twin brother?? (the stupid who don't believe in her, talking about the holier-than-you people). And her parents didn't know?

I am so expecting to see the Jack/Arlene reunion.

Chao, and happy holidays .
Comments from author:
Good to hear. These are demon ducks, their toenails have grown much longer and nastier... Mike seems to be quite popular. Heh.

We'll get to the Walshes and what they did and did not know, but it is not as bad as it may seem.

If everything goes well, Jack/Arlene next chapter...

Thanks for reviewing
Review By [BlazeVein] • Date [11 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Seers, Hunters and Shamans" from EllandrahSylver
I want to hug Willow. What a horrible thing to discover, and considering what the family is only just starting ot learn, about the souls of baby witches being stolen, it's clearly going to get worse before it gets better.

"Well, until I saw the three of you in action, I was gonna chew you out for being stupid enough to have a tryst in a Sunnydale cemetery."

*sniggers* Somehow, I can imagine Joyce being less than amused at the implication that Buffy was sneaking into a cemetery to have a threesome with Mike AND Angel, but this was really funny. And totally believable that someone from outside the situation would say something about it before anyone close to the Slayer would.

It was nice to see more of Mike, and the male posturing between Mike and Angel is priceless. *grins*

The fight was entertaining, and I've actually MET some people who are actually that stereotypically redneck. And with comedians like Jeff Foxworthy making 'dumb redneck' jokes their life's work, it's not as unPC as it could be.

This chapter has nice flow, and gets a good bit of information out, through dialogue that feels natural, so kudos. Great chapter.
Comments from author:
Yeah, Willow has a lot to work through. Joyce, if she hears about it, will probably give Hannah (and Liam, Mike and Buffy) a talking to...

Glad the rednecks weren't plot breaking. Good to hear the chapter worked, thanks and thanks for reviewing
Review By [EllandrahSylver] • Date [11 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Seers, Hunters and Shamans" from borgrabbit
Stereotyping? Here's one.
How do they separate the men from the boys in the Blue Ridge mountains? With a crowbar.

Great and funny chapter, even with the non branching family trees.
Comments from author:
Yes... I seem to be mild compared to that. Thank you. THe non branching tree is entirely due to my imagination running wild with suggestions from reviewers.

Thanks for reviewing
Review By [borgrabbit] • Date [11 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Seers, Hunters and Shamans" from AllenPitt
So, Prof. Walsh may yet turn out to be related to the Walsh's Brenda is with, maybe were looking to adopt and she steered the clone towards them? Then Brandon isn't really related to her? OR is a reverse gender clone of Pru's? This stuff gets weird after a while. Hardly suitable for a grounded-in- reality show like Charmed. Heh.
Poor Willow. One of a set of triplets, and never even knew. And they still don't realize her mother planned the whole thing. Ouch. Even as is, they probably cloned Willow a few times -that'd explain the Veronica Mars show with the adopted sister of Logan Echolls who looks strangely like Willow, and other shows of course.
Gee, Angel just can't catch a break lately. He & Giles have been thoroughly sidelined by all the recent events, in a way. Giles is never going to be Buffy's substitute father figure now (just as well, he totally sucked at it).. Ok, so Xander is the 'one who sees' meant literally. So he has a Seer ability of some kind that hasn't come out yet? How will the gypsies react to that? If Jenny & Giles marry, will G. get powers? Inquiring minds want to know!
Comments from author:
Brandon is not related to Prue, and he is not a Warren.

Noep, no Willow clones, sorry. Brenda, after all, was a failure...;-)

Giles will just have to deal with the fact he will be a beloved cousin, or brother in law, when Joyce gets through with Jenny... Angel is still a good fighter. He just no longer has the same importance as in Canon. And Joyce does not approve of him as a boyfriend.

As for Xander and the Gypsy thing, I fear you will have to wait...

Thanks for reviewing
Review By [AllenPitt] • Date [11 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Seers, Hunters and Shamans" from tryingtobestine
I really, really, really look forward to 'tomorrow'. And it kind of figured that you'd make Hannah Harris related to Xander, and knowing Willow, these things just happen ;)
Comments from author:
Glad to hear it. Xander has the most extended known family of all the Scoobies. Willow no doubt will be told hacking is bad. Again...

Thanks for reviewing
Review By [tryingtobestine] • Date [11 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Seers, Hunters and Shamans" from war
Well the vamps and killer zombie ducks did very well until Hanna showed up if the Master had someone or that other Demon Lord watching they will get alot of good intil on the Buffy and crew capalbilties, strenths and weaknesses.

Poor Jack he's gonna walk into a buzz saw when he shows up with everyones emotions running that high.

I see Hanna is making good impression with the family.

Good story looking forward to your next chapter.
Comments from author:
Well, they vastly outnumbered the heroes and the bodyguards. It might teach the Master about holding back a reserve, but he knows that already.

Buzz saw? Jack? Nawww. ;-)

Glad you like it, thanks for reviewing
Review By [war] • Date [11 Dec 11] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Seers, Hunters and Shamans" from Meneldur
Damn it! I wrote an entire review for this chapter, and it was eaten up, I think because the spare chapter was deleted or something! So, shortened version:
Excellent chapter, good handling of issues. Xander will have more family, nice to see him and Simon doing more bonding. Interesting facts regarding Jessica, but I'm more concerned about what this means about Jenny.
Tara and Mary are gone. Hopefully Janet will get along better with her family, Mary might get together with Jethro, and when they come back, Tara and Willow will get together.
Wonder when they'll discover the reason for Willow's sisters death.
Brenda's some sort of clone, cool, what does this mean regarding her family and Brandon? Good that they're going to take care of Winters and Wolfram and Hart, may be opening too many fronts, but since they're several groups, it might work.
Hillbillies- hilarious, loved the Hazzard and Abbot and Costello reference.
Cant' wait to see the epic event of Jack meeting Arlene and her entire family, as well as his daughter. Please do it soon! 'Till then, Meneldur.
Comments from author:
My apologies. I thought I had posted it only once and I hope you can understand my desire to remove it quickly.

Xander actually has the most (on screen) family of all the Scoobies, his parents, two drunken uncles and an Aunt. But he needs bonding and Simon is uniquely qualified to understand and support him.

If all works out well, next chapter will be Jack meets Arlene...
Review By [Meneldur] • Date [11 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Seers, Hunters and Shamans" from LordSchmodder
Don't apologize for the Blackenstiens. I had a field day with them and the demonic ducks!
Comments from author:
Hillbillys? Hillbillies? and Demonic Ducks, to the rescue!

Thanks for reviewing
Review By [LordSchmodder] • Date [11 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The sorrows of chasing the Sun" from drago
Just started reading the other day and finished it today just couldn't stop reading. As for character death hey it happens now if a gruelsome and gory death than maybe a mild warning.
Comments from author:
Thank you. I hope you did stop at the appropriate palce to read The Devil of Sunnydale Elementary?

Thanks and thanks for reviewing
Review By [drago] • Date [6 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The sorrows of chasing the Sun" from (Current Donor)SamuraiCatFan
Excellent chapter. Extremely well done.

I am definitely of the view that character deaths (or any deaths) should not be noticed in advance. Noting it in advance takes away the impact that such events have and in my view take away some of the ooomph that such scenes are supposed to have. I am very much a member of the "no spoiler" school, other than those that are hinted at through things like prophecy, slayer dreams, etc. I believe that if a story has character death(s) that the rating one assigns to a story is sufficient to address the potential impact character death can have on younger readers.
Comments from author:
Thank you. I am of the same opinion, but if enough people complain I might add such a thing. (LS does have a fairly high rating, so people should be warned. Buffy itself, after all, was rated 15.)

Thanks and thanks for reviewing
Review By [(Current Donor)SamuraiCatFan] • Date [4 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The sorrows of chasing the Sun" from lunalurker
And for the second time, I think, you made me cry.
Thank you for writing, and continuing to write.
Comments from author:
I am honoured my stories evoke such emotions. Thank you for the compliments, I certainly shall. And thanks for reviewing
Review By [lunalurker] • Date [4 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The sorrows of chasing the Sun" from BlazeVein
Hi, very nice chapter.

Bob Munroe the chief police - he works for the Mayor. And know about vampires and stuff, so he is playing dumb?

I keep hoping that Kit leave the town with Arlene and Evy, but with the mercs it seems it not going to happen soon; and nice touch about the compulsion-spell, and that Jack go away because of that. Eager to see the reunion with him.

Clarice and Patrick are so sweet ! :)

Oh I am all up for Joyce and Simon having a baby . Or could be twins, a boy and a girl :P What all the magic are for? XD

Seriously ewwwww for kissing the mummy-girl when she look mummy-like.
Comments from author:
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

The official line as pandered to by Bob Munroe. He knows very well what is going on, but this is the Ampata version of Gangs on PCP.

Kit is very firmly staying with Joyce. It will be a miracle if she lets the girl go to school on schedule... As for Jack and Arlene, you will have to wait and see. Glad you like Clarice and Patrick.

Magic cannot solve everything, just look at poor Amata...

Love is a strange thing. Xander loved Amata, and even though he would have preferred kissing her as a beautiful girl, he loved her, and not just her appearance. Not kissing her would have hurt her dreadfully.

Thanks and thanks for reviewing
Review By [BlazeVein] • Date [4 Dec 11] • Not Rated
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