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Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru

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Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from Moontrap

Sorry for yelling, but I always enjoyed this story arc, and though I liked your other arc, I was sad to see this one get placed on hold. But now the revenge this story has yelled out for from the Russian/Cuban folder it has been in, has finally come. Thank you for bringing this arc back, and I can't wait to read more of it.



P.S. For those who read this, and have never seen the movie Red Dawn I pity you.
Comments from author:
Yeah, I was equally pissed when I got stuck because I had ideas for years two through four but I couldn't finish off year one, then I made a revision that got me through year one but I didn't know what to do after that. Sucked hard.
Review By [Moontrap] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from Gideon
Good luck!
Comments from author:
Thanks. I'm gonna need it.
Review By [Gideon] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from BlueEyedJedi
I can hardly wait for the next chapter good beginning.
Comments from author:
I have six completed and beta'd, two completed but unbeta'd, and Chapter Nine almost ready to add to Seven and Eight and send off to Sam for a read-over.
Review By [BlueEyedJedi] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from BlueEyedJedi
The Quality of your stories, engenders trust in your decisions. I like the previous versions, I have no doubt that I will like this one as well. Now to read it.
Comments from author:
Well, each story had its strong points. Each story had its weak points. It makes sense, when one's strong points are another's weak points and vice versa, to combine the two to make a better whole.
Review By [BlueEyedJedi] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from AshestoAshes
Ha, I was wondering when we would see the next rewrite of a rewrite of a rewrite from one of your stories. I guess it's because there's quite a bit of time between the versions that I still read your eternal rewrites (although I skip through chapters sometimes), but you're pushing your luck. Rereading stories is something I normally don't do. Nonjon and dogbertcarroll come to mind as some of the few exceptions. And you're not at their level I think (but that's a matter of taste, obviously).

Some people mentioned the speed with which Harry recognizes and accepts his situation. I seem to recall a previous version that went the other direction, although he was a bit too paranoid for my tastes there. I don't think fast recognition and acceptance is abnormal for the generic super!Harry story, but when the protagonist didn't consciously travel to the other dimension himself, there's something to be said for a bit more suspicion and investigation, or at least verification of his theory. And what's better than legilimency for a quick check without the use of complicated esoteric rituals to check his place in the omniverse?

He seems to be proficient enough. He read Hermione's mind without any problem. Did she never learn occlumency? And even if she did and it's still that easy, I don't think he'd suspect a little redhead younger than his new old body of being an occlumens better than Hermione, so what's the problem with reading the mind of this unknown quantity hugging him? And if he thought her a Death Eater in disguise, there would be even less reason to not read her mind, or rape it if she'd have considerable shields. If he's planning to "infiltrate" into his own family, it's also the most effective and smart thing to do. Much better than "reading a diary" like I seem to remember.

Overall, the quality is good enough once again, but sadly 'déjà vu' describes it quite well too. It would be nice to get some closure sometime.
Comments from author:
To each their own, I suppose, on a number of your statements there. Not really going to touch on the level of fuckeduppery that would be raping the mind of any child using legilimency, but it's not something I would write a light-aligned - or even grey - character doing.
Review By [AshestoAshes] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from Ernestt
the indescribable hate i feel for you leaving us hanging and the love i feel for u coming back to this story. lol o well did u just give harry Mjolnir?
Comments from author:
Well, gave it and then took it away. He had it in the old world but lost it in the transition... but there is a version in his new world somewhere.
Review By [Ernestt] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from Meneldur
So... once more unto the breach? I'm with you, especially if this finally goes further in and higher up. Will it be a combination of the latest versions of Wand of Uru and Second Life until we reach the new part?
Not much difference yet (obviously), but I saw a few new lines which made it somewhat refreshing, and I like re-reading anyway. Can't wait to see how it goes, and hopefully we'll have the new material by the end of the holidays or after them.
Comments from author:
It's a blend of the two, because Second Life was really just an advanced version of Wand of Uru. So why not take the improvements of Second Life and bring them back to Wand of Uru? :)
Review By [Meneldur] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from Thyatira
Hmm, is it okay to review a story you didn't particularly care for? I got one once and it was rather retarded. Oh well, if it is you can just tell me.

First, I do wonder why you are so intent on writing this story if the original(the one you didn't write) was so bad. Seems odd to me. But I know what it's like to get a bug up your butt about something so I can hardly criticize. Overpower fics seem to be almost impossible to write competently though, so definitely good luck.

As a previous reviewer mentioned, Harry seems to figure out his predicament unnaturally fast. Of course, I was skimming by that point, but it still seemed to come up too quickly. Admission time. I only read four or five of the original HP books and I was definitely skimming by the last one. So I'm not completely up on my HP geek cred.

I'm glad you removed the anime nonsense. I like anime, and love Ranma, but there's just no need for that crap in a HP story, or any really. Facefaulting is barely tolerable in the cartoons. In a story it's just wtf.

All-in-all I didn't hate it. And I could come to like it. I don't know. I'll come back to your second chapter and if I still don't care for it I'll just quietly bow out like I did with your 'Xander Bangs Three Hot Chicks' story ;).

Oh, and last review I said something along the lines of all your characters badmouthing or hating on Buffy. That was incorrect, obviously. I still think you bash her, but that's not how it happens. And it's not that big a deal. You're right, after what Buffy did to Satsu, that bitch is dead to me.
Comments from author:
I left a rather lengthy review for the author back in late '07 or early '08 detailing all the technical flaws, followed by all the logical and/or taste-related ones. He told me "If you think you can do better, let's see it". That's where this came from originally. The original had some bizarre 'shadow mage' thing that was supposed to be based on a prequel he never finished before jumping to the story I dissected, and so since it essentially amounted to a deus ex license to do anything anytime as long as it was darkness-related, I opted to excise it in favor of a Norse mythology twist.
Review By [Thyatira] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Rating [6 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from AbscondingCascade
I see this story has regenerated again, it's almost as bad as the Doctor :) ... Anyway a fantastic start, In thanks for this chapter - something a little bit christmassy :) -
Comments from author:
Merry Christmas. :)
Review By [AbscondingCascade] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from unicornzvi
Nice start, but then so were the others. better luck this time. Harry seems to have jumped to the conclusion he travelled diagonally through time rather quickly? is that something the wizarding world has accounts about?
One nitpick - while I get what you meant with the line "Girls like her are almost enough to make me wish Colin hadn't died." my first thought when I read it was 'what did Colin do that was so Horrible that even Ginny can't make him regret Colin died?'
Comments from author:
Well, especially given that Harry's mind is expanded by his past experiences in the old universe plus mine isn't quite the derptard of canon, it's not really hard for him to figure out: he's young, things are too different to just be a time jump backwards, etc.

As for Colin, it's just a bit of me having some fun at the expense of all the authors out there who immediately turn to Colin as their first choice if they need a gay male for amusement (rather than protagonist romance) reasons. There are a few on here, even; echo did one where she transgendered Tracey Davis into a flamingly gay boy and used a gay Colin to soak up the gay wingman when Ginny felt the need to pounce on Draco for flimsy reasons. Think Luna took care of Blaise to round out the three-on-three group date sequences.
Review By [unicornzvi] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from eldude
Once more with feeling, eh? Like always, good start. Not trying to sound like a smart-ass when I say I hope you finish this. Looking forward to the next chapters.
Comments from author:
Well, the problem I ran into was... what do you do with a figure of immense power to start who has the potential to become more powerful? Apart from 'just make Voldemort stronger, durr'? Finally found the solution.
Review By [eldude] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from (Recent Donor)zima
Just finished rereading Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru on a few minutes ago so to see that you are still writing on it is awesome.
Comments from author:
The version on FF.N has a few more rewritten chapters but because of the limitations of their system, it's still mostly the original as I work.
Review By [(Recent Donor)zima] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Rebirthing Now" from AllenPitt
yeah, all the anime stuff etc was cluttering up the basic storyline something awful. The only problem now of course is he's "super harry" with near-adult levels of power in an 11 year old body. Pile on the problems!
Comments from author:
True, but that's an issue that comes with almost any time travel story... and the problem I was facing when Uru stalled the first time. Think I've got it, though.
Review By [AllenPitt] • Date [19 Dec 11] • Not Rated
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