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Review of chapter "Surprise" from (Current Donor)mmooch
Oh, I love it! From Aragorn's snarky thoughts about the Rohan king to his mistake about Buffy to the Buffy/Eomer interaction. So, is this a sneak peek into what's coming up relationship-wise in Gimli's Sisters? Probably not since Faith would have been throwing a fit to be at the fight with Buffy, huh?
Review By [(Current Donor)mmooch] • Date [14 Feb 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Surprise" from tomfo
Thanks for yet another well written and funny piece of work, only 2 spelling mistakes that I saw,sauroman should be Saruman you seem to have Sauron and Saruman mixed and hole crusade should be Whole crusade. Other than that it was another enjoyable read, looking forward to more, hopefully soon.
EDIT: For Wrytergrrrl. If you wanna read what is probably the best Buffy/Eomer story i've seen so far check out Journey's End by Little Cherry Tree on
Comments from author:
I immediately fixed the mistakes you pointed out, thanks for that.
I loved Journey's End, it was a shame it was 13
I loved the story but it was more about the journey Buffy made and her relationship with Eomer was regrettable very tame. It's still on my favorite list though, and seeing as I only put the stories I really love on my list, it means something.
Anyway, I'm glad you liked it, an thanks for the review.
Review By [tomfo] • Date [14 Feb 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Surprise" from Wrytergrrrl
Nothing like seeing big tough warrior guys put in their place by everyone's favorite tiny blonde vampire slayer. And I LOVE that you paired Buffy with Eomer. I just don't see that enough and it is a fun pairing. They would have such beautiful blonde babies! Great job and I can't wait for more of "Gimli's Sisters." I feel like it has been forever since you updated that. Dare I hope perhaps a Buffy/Eomer pairing will make an appearance in that story as well? ;)
Comments from author:
Thanks for reading and liking the story. I love this pairing and you're right, their babies would be adorable. I happen to think Karl Urban is a real hottie especially when he's a brunette but hey, he does have long hair in LotR so I'm not complaining.
Gimli's Sisters....I don't wanna give away the pairing. But, I will say that Eomer will be a big part of the story. Anyway, one of my other reviewers had something to say to you; EDIT: For Wrytergrrrl. If you wanna read what is probably the best Buffy/Eomer story I've seen so far check out Journey's End by Little Cherry Tree on

Thanks again,
x Hanane
Review By [Wrytergrrrl] • Date [14 Feb 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Surprise" from (Current Donor)DeacBlue
It wasn't bad. The pairing should be other LotR, rather than other BTVS. I was expecting Buffy to ride up with Willow! ;)
Comments from author:
Oh, yeah that's my bad. It was suppose to be other LotR. No Willow, sorry.
Thank for reading and reviewing, it means a lot.
Review By [(Current Donor)DeacBlue] • Date [14 Feb 12] • Not Rated
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