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Scarlet Witch

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Review of chapter "Witchcraft" from DianeCastle
Ooh, nice touch slipping Felicia Day in there like that. I look forward to the reaction of most of Eureka when she shows up.

I'm enjoying this, and I'm hoping for more.
Review By [DianeCastle] • Date [17 May 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "In Unison" from Bobboky
Very good
Review By [Bobboky] • Date [14 May 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "In Unison" from Dmitri
Hm, this is definetly an interesting story. I really think that Beverly needs more chances to do something good for a change after the end of "Senator Wen is evil" arc. Hopefully, she won't make a mess of it, and/or won't need to have some sense knocked into her too badly. Of course, she also needs to be found, and that may be tricky by itself. I will be certainly enjoying reading this story. :)
Comments from author:
Using TV Tropes lingo, I've always thought of Beverly Barlowe as a well-intentioned extremist rather than an outright villain. She seems to have this vision of Eureka as a place for pure scientific discovery rather than a place where military tech is developed in exchange for the rights to indulge in other forms of science. She was more than willing to mess with people, but killing them was another thing entirely.
Review By [Dmitri] • Date [14 May 12] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "In Unison" from (Past Donor)DonSample
People in Eureka might have an interesting reaction if Vi is on the team that goes there, especially Fargo.
Comments from author:
Which, as you can tell now, is exactly where I was going.
Review By [(Past Donor)DonSample] • Date [13 May 12] • Not Rated
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