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Blue Belle: Director's Cut

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Review of chapter "Chapter 17" from ironmike
An alternate time line, very clever :) Or should that be altered time line? It looks like Harmony is pretty much the same in every time line. Again, I really like the additions and expansions in this new version.
Comments from author:
Marvel canon for temporal mechanics is an immutable timeline that causes alternate universe branching. You can't alter your own past, you merely create new futures. For instance, the Earth-616 that we're all familiar with? From the perspective of canon Rachel Summers, it's a divergent alternate universe from her own Earth-811.
Review By [ironmike] • Date [30 Jul 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 17" from (Recent Donor)DrakePendragon
So, this wasn't originally my cuppa, but I'm really enjoying it now. I love your fascination with mammary glands and beings that bear them. Thank's for the rec and the advertisement. It means a bunch to me.
Comments from author:
Well, not to sound too hideously arrogant? I've got 102 people recommending this story as of right now, 2000+ readers average per chapter, and 970 people tracking it, 180 of whom track it alone as opposed to my entire account. It gives me a really good platform to get attention from, and so when I see a story that I think deserves more attention than it's currently getting? Of course I'm going to try and do something about that. :)
Review By [(Recent Donor)DrakePendragon] • Date [30 Jul 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 17" from Jimbobob
Really love Rachel's character. Fun all around.
Comments from author:
Well, look at who her mom is. It's kinda inevitable that she's be a bit of a pain in the ass. :)
Review By [Jimbobob] • Date [30 Jul 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 17" from (Past Donor)Keldin
It is always so much fun to let Harmony make comments like that, isn't it?
Comments from author:
Well, there are only two people in the room who might say something like that and the other... hasn't been revealed yet.
Review By [(Past Donor)Keldin] • Date [30 Jul 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 17" from Wraithmaster
Awesome story, can't wait to see where it goes. Love the art work that was in the newest chapter. Whoever did that is talented
Comments from author:
That'd be my sister, who is also writing (and illustrating) her own story now. Seasons of Change; you can find it under my stories because we've been collaborating on it and so I posted the first chapter.
Review By [Wraithmaster] • Date [30 Jul 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 17" from (Current Donor)Sithspit
Wow, when you said "Monday", you meant EARLY Monday...

Excellent, blah blah, great as usual, blah blah, you know all that.

That being said...this line: "Speaking of people find out my secret, though… you're taking this awfully well."

Is "find" correct? Or should that be "finding"? It doesn't read right to I just reading it wrong somehow?
Comments from author:
No, it's grammar check not triggering on a really obvious issue. Ugh. Fixed for the version that'll replace this to wipe out the note. -.-

As for early... going car shopping with the woman today. I don't know when I'll be back, or how big a migraine I'll have when I return. Figured it was better to post early than post Tuesday.
Review By [(Current Donor)Sithspit] • Date [30 Jul 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 17" from (Recent Donor)Deamondeathstone
Traumatising your children? LOL! Will Wanda and Co visit Sunnydale? I do like that "classic" Blue Belle is an alternate reality and that no matter what reality you apparently go, Harmony will go for the lesbian threesome option.
Comments from author:
I thought the winknod to the 2010 Blue Belle was fun, yeah. And Wanda and company won't visit Sunnydale, but there WILL be a Lehnsherr family gathering at some point in the future.
Review By [(Recent Donor)Deamondeathstone] • Date [30 Jul 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 17" from InsanitySorrow
I read the first version of Blue Belle before and I had to say I like this version better. Mainly because the Emma/Jean pairing and the insanity the pairing brought to the world in whole. They are some good Emma/Jean pairing before but you're the first one that make Rachel as NOT a summer and actually part Frost. Wonder how the rest of X-men will react to the news. *snicker* Considering that I'm don't really remember which universe you used in this story, I cannot even predict how Ororo will react as in Canon, other than Kitty she the other person who quite known as Anti-Emma in the group.

PS : By the way, in chapter 16 you make Emma decide to ask Bruce to increase Jean diet. Who Bruce in the first place? And will Jean finally known about her future relationship with Emma?
Comments from author:
Well, a lot of Ororo's anger with Emma stems from an Earth-616 event that's not relevant because it never happened in the Earth-199999 universe. That and... well, I haven't even pondered how people outside of Scott and James/Logan will react to the news, and they're easy to predict because they each have a personal stake in things.

"Bruce" would be Bruce Banner. You wouldn't like him when he's angry... because he always backs up his rage with facts and documented sources. He is... the Credible Hulk.
Review By [InsanitySorrow] • Date [30 Jul 12] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 16" from Oakheart
Am loving this! The fact that Cordelia rides, even directs, the wave of insanity is perfectly simple: this is what being Queen is all about. Not letting the fluster reach your face. The Emma in pursuit (or at least consideration) of Jean is quite in character - nobody will dictate to her what she may or may not have; her decision will remain her prerogative. Jean, even considering extended interactions with Emma, is a nice advancement of character past the canonical Jean (and Jean/Scott pairing). All in all, fun and challenging.

Comments from author:
Yeah, this branches off after X-Men and so it's still Scott+Jean=OTP in canon. If I want to do Emma+Jean, I'll need to deal with that because I'm not one of those lazy people who'll go "Oh, that's inconvenient, in this version of the movie, Jean was single and secretly a lesbian" or something.
Review By [Oakheart] • Date [28 Jul 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 16" from Eureka
Sooo which of the girls is gonna slap Michelle first? I mean she keeps flipping back to her guy (Xander) mind and Maybe Wills is gonna come outta the closet sooner than cannon???
Oh and THANK YOU for the e-mail.
Comments from author:
Keep in mind that the girls are used to far worse at school; Michelle's relatively tame, recognizes that she's inappropriate, and is mildly regretful about it. So she's got more to worry about from the Cordettes than the telepaths.

And you're welcome. She's adorable, isn't she?
Review By [Eureka] • Date [27 Jul 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 16" from Ben
" Michelle sniffed a few more times. Swiss cheese and grilled onions too. That eliminated most of the suspects: Burger King didn't have anything with Swiss cheese this month, nor did McDonald's, and the lack of accompanying chicken smell meant it couldn't be from Doublemeat Palace even if they did offer something with onions and Swiss. That left Jack in the Box or a to-go order from a real restaurant."

Do you mean to say that Sunnydale doesn't have a Hardees or Carl, Jr?
Comments from author:
No to Hardee's, and I completely forgot to check for Carl's Jr. locations because that's not a chain we have out here. Turns out the city has three. I'll make a note of that for future usage, though.

EDIT: The version of this chapter posted to remove the note (as I always do when I post the next chapter) will mention three Carl's Jr./Green Burrito locations in Sunnydale, matching Santa Barbara. Hardees, according to my friends, is just a separate branding for the same store when it's in different parts of the country. Green Burrito similarly becomes Red Burrito when it's in a Hardees location.
Review By [Ben] • Date [27 Jul 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 16" from Markelo
Pretty good job at keeping the BtVS characters in character. LOL If I was there I would be ROTFLMAO at Rachel's comment. LOL
Comments from author:
Rachel's definitely one of my favorite parts of the new version...
Review By [Markelo] • Date [27 Jul 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 16" from MarcusRowland
"Knowing that it would crush Scott's spirit was just a bonus in Emma's mind."

OK, eight out out ten on the Evil Overlord scale there, it'd be a ten but there should be a "Bwa ha ha" in there or at least a maniacal giggle. And she forgot to add something equivalent to the Conan "Und the wailing and lamentation of their women..." bit.
Comments from author:
I dunno, I think Emma's got a bit too much class to do the evil laugh... :)
Review By [MarcusRowland] • Date [27 Jul 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 16" from Darkstrider
Ah, another wonderful chapter. Not entirely sure how the spontaneous nudity came about, but I'm not complaining! Great stuff. Can't wait for the confrontation between Xander/Michelle and Raven. Funtimes!
Comments from author:
It's a bit of a winknod for people deeply familiar with Marvel canon; Jean (and Rachel) can perform subatomic telekinesis when they're in full control of the Phoenix Force. The power is exactly what it sounds like: transfiguration and conjuration by manipulating the matter and even air around them. So... Jean's subconscious here decided to get extra close to Emma in the middle of the night and underwear disappeared into thin air. ;)
Review By [Darkstrider] • Date [27 Jul 12] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 16" from Raider
as always.. awesome.
Comments from author:
Thanks. Trying to get Lexi to do E/J art but she's doing Seasons stuff and so she's avoiding outside E/J art to keep her mind on her project.
Review By [Raider] • Date [27 Jul 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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