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Devil's daughter

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Review of chapter "First Strike" from trongod
Giles really is an idiot, isn't he? He heard the squeal of tires and then, seeing Faith & Co. immediately leaps to the conclusion they attacked her...

And then stood around like sheep...

Being around magic really /does/ reduce intelligence, doesn't it?
Review By [trongod] • Date [29 Jul 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "clearer picture and karma can be a bitch" from CrystalBlaze

I agree about AP rounds. They are used to go through armor then tumble about in the target. This makes them less suited for long range shots.

As a Marine and weapons expert (including sniper rifles), Frank would know to 1) go for the instant kill--head or heart, and to 2) take the shot from as far off and with as little warning as possible. As such, AP was contra-indicated and at that distance Travers may have hit the ground before the sound of the shot reached his corpse's location.
Comments from author:
Thanks wanted that to be clear because I original had AP as the type of bullet used
Review By [CrystalBlaze] • Date [11 Jul 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Revelations" from Ltlconf

This was a LONG sorta essay and rant I sent our esteemed writer to help him answer accusations of character bashing. He said "put it up" so I am.
Be patient and remember this written as a stream of thought in one go and thus wanders...alot.

Okay, to help you answer some of the perceived character bashing.
For this latest chapter the Scoobies and Buffy are very much in character. Buffy reacts to the Ghost Rider pretty much the way she always reacts to anything scary and/or unknown that shows up and doesn't immediately do as she says and given the answers she DEMANDS...or wants to hear.
Even Angel's first meeting face-to-face with Buffy was her trying to beat the crap outa him without warning...and she didn't even know he was a vampire (so without hindsight, Buffy thought she was attacking a human).
Buffy makes it VERY clear to anyone, no matter who they are, that Sunnydale is her town and she's THE law (as well as judge, jury, and even executioner). Do it her way, hit the road if not, and if you stay you WILL be dealt with, firmly. Buffy does threaten violence and death often and colorfully. A trait I do like by the way! But nonetheless Buffy dishes it out, but can't seem to take it well. Or being challenged at all.
You do NOT wanna be a scary-lookin' good guy who feels he has the right, period, to walk were he wishes and tell the bossy little blond Slayer to fuck-off. You'll likely get attacked right off.
Its seen in every other episode!
And God help you if you're a good guy who has a different idea on what doin' "good" is! You're likely to end up crippled or dead! Ask the very HUMAN knights of Byzantium: Buffy crippled or killed (not that I wouldn't been right beside her mind, just making the point) a good few dozen.
Buffy demands absolute obedience to her rules from moment one and you don't give and you're not human, she does go for the kill. Humans too, past a point. At least a few graphic threats.
Frank Castle showed up they'd be war to the death!!!!
In Buffy's defense, in her situation it IS better to be safe than sorry, and the Hellmouth is indeed her responsibility. But Buffy makes it clear she's also the boss of that whole town and she won't share...period.

Yes, under the law both Buffy and Faith are innocent of Finch (though how you'd explain it to the police is beyond me).
Indeed that's a major plot point in this story!
The point here is that no matter how you look at it, intentionally or unintentionally Faith got shafted. Faith didn't help matters (by any means) but then she had the reason of not (and never) having a support system or friends to back her up.
And that's another point here: The Scoobies were NOT Faith's friends and never really were. They left an underaged girl in a hotel room (where vamps can come and go as they please), with no visible means of support (first time we see her room she's trying to not get kicked out for not paying rent!), unsupervised and un-checked up on (often for weeks: She coulda been dead for two weeks and they wouldn't known til the new Slayer showed up), rarely invited her to meetings, never invited her over for dinner (Joyce did, same with X-mas), dancing, or just out, nor included her in holidays (where is she Thanksgiving, New Years, Easter?), and no one EVER asks Faith about family or her what her last name is (even before sleeping with her, classy).
We know more about AMY MADISON WHO WAS ON LESS THAN SIX EPISODES! Why? Cause the characters ASKED Amy!
They never ask Faith's age, never comfort her over her murdered Watcher (rather Giles gently berated her for not telling them), never ask HER name, and never offer her a bed in a house (which Buffy, not Giles, offered Kendra the day she arrived, just for comparison). The entire eight months she's in a coma not one visitor and Faith ended up in the basement to rot.
"I was in the same place for eight months B, how hard didjya try?"

Faith is at best treated as a valued employee, or/and from her perspective not much better than the Council treats Slayers: as muscle. And at least the Council is honest about not caring about her (which makes the Scoob's treatment worse: they SAY they care...then do little to show it). And when she's outa sight, Faith is often outa the Scoob's minds.
And find me one point in Sn3 where ANYONE tells Faith after a battle or when she's saved a Scoob's life where she gets a thank you or a "good job". You may, once. As Faith said in her rant to Buffy in "Enemies," all she heard is Buffy. No matter how hard she worked or what she did Buffy got all the credit.

That little rant Faith gives Buffy in "Enemies" making sense yet? Not jealously really, its being constantly shoved aside and forgotten, being denied her place in the sun that by all right and only due to a accident should have been Faith's.

Oh, an aside: yes indeed interviews with the directors, actors, and writers all show that the assumption was Faith was:
a) younger than Buffy. Its one reason they cast Eliza Dushku: she actually was still a teen and so looked a bit younger than the rest (she was the youngest regular cast member at the time!).
And b) bisexual. Yes, the sexual tension between Buffy and Faith was intentional, the flirting "real," and did as much as they could get away with at the time (they were supposed to kiss on the mouth at the mansion and later the hospital, not foreheads. Just peck though you pervs ;-) HEH!). Hey, if you didn't get the heart Faith draws in the window of the chemistry window and the following lick of the lips...well, there's no helpin ya. Just an idea really.

Okay next is that Buffy, indeed, is not to blame for Faith's downfall.
I agree with that stance, to a point.
It WAS not intentional on Buffy's part as she was as panicky as Faith. Frankly is has more to do with the Joss and Co. turning Faith, who was just supposed to only be a around a few episodes originally anyhow, into a plot device rather than a character.
At that point ALOT of the behavior is very OOC on all sides in order to drive the now chosen story arch. However a fanfic writer is stuck with what is and you can't escape that. Not unless you rewrite the whole season anyhow.
Alot do it and those stories often make more sense all round!
However, in the end it's Faith's decisions that lead her to the Mayor, rightly or wrongly. Faith may have been pushed, but instead of pushing back or simply goin' for leaving again (LA likely looked good), Faith went to the Mayor.

Yes Faith lied. Why? Lets specualte based on two logical assumptions: Faith's status as a likely (fits like a textbook case) victim of abuse who's never had a genuinely loving friend or authority figure in her life, but one.
Whose dead.
Next is that Faith likely has no living family she's aware off. If she did she'd assume they'd shown up by now. Faith likely feels she's completely on her own with no one to truly always.
Fits the character so we run with it. Since we can't read their thoughts and the characters used alot of hyperbole (Angelus did NOT eat half of Sunnydale for example) we have to use analysis and best guess.

So onto what led to the downfall.

So again, why lie? Cause on the Street a kid like her is assumed guilty til proven innocent by those of authority. Not fair, its unAmerican, but it is what it is.
May be a plot device, but its logical actually: a street kid like Faith WOULD be paranoid abut cops (who often harass, pick on, and sometimes take advantage of them).
Besides, what happens when Buffy gets in these situations (aka, possible murder such as Ted)? The Scoobs cover, lie, and do whatever they have to do to protect her. Faith is logically (based on her treatment so far, see above) assuming no such protection for her, not if they have to choose between Buffy and her. As Faith is as much a victim of her circumstances as Buffy (who trusts authority...a habit she'll lose) without her having 20/20 hindsight, Faith's actions are both IC, plausible, and reasonable even based on her likely past...even if wrong.
WE know the Scoobs would protect her. Why? Cause they're the heroes, its in the script...and we saw Sns 1 and 2`!
My brother hadn't, and coming into this in Sn3, thought Faith was just logically covering her ass since no one else seemed to care or bother.

Another thing to consider.
While indeed Buffy AND Faith were innocent, what did Buffy say in Faith's hotel room? WE have to go to the police because YOU killed a man. NOT "we", but YOU! Faith likely decided at that moment she was all on her own and all her future behavior bears this out. She'd lost, wrongly I agree (Buffy has a nasty tendency to avoid ugly realities, again she does this throughout the series, but on a whole Buffy DOES try to do the right thing), all trust and faith in Buffy and by extension everyone else. True Buffy woulda stuck by her, but Faith doesn't have 20/20 hindsight, or the script, to tell her that. That leads to....

3) The Scoobies always follow Buffy's lead.
Not true mind, but to Faith up to this point (in Sn3) it sure seemed that way. Even after lying and endangering them all with Angel (a pastime for the scriptwriters: "How can we milk this "R&J" thing some more?"), Buffy got a relatively free pass. And even MORE appreciation and trust! From what Faith sees, from her POV, everything Buffy wants they'll okay sooner or later.
In the end that included killing her to save Angel soooo, not a totally invalid assumption!
And make no bones about it: Buffy considered a vampire with a easily tripped "I KEEL you all" switch to be worth more than a human life. And in the end so did the Scoobs, even Xander. Ya know, the guy that tricked Faith into trying to kill said vampire only a few months earlier?
(To be air Angel did NOT share that opinion. Likely his simmering discontent with Buffy's arbitrary and ruthless behavior with that act may have guided, to a degree, his actions towards her and Faith in LA)
However I'll agree that when you're 18 and in love, no one's gonna act any different!!!
But you can't totally blame Faith for trying to lie, squirm out and otherwise avoid taking the fall she assumes' coming. Every experience in her young life would lead her to never think otherwise.

4) The writers did make the Scoobs and Buffy inconsistent on the rules of who to kill and why.
You get right done to it, Buffy has a rather high body count on humans that she's killed either by accident (Swim Team, The Pack) in a fight, or on purpose (Lie to Me, all of Sn5). In fact, the only cast regulars that haven't killed humans are Dawn, Tara, and Xander (who does try to arrange Angel's death twice). She tries to murder Faith (hey, Faith was unarmed and in her own domicile...even in the Marines we call that what it is, assassination). Then turns around and tells Willow she CAN'T kill Warren for a similar act that succeeded on Tara.
So, if Tara was still alive but fading and Warren's death was needed to save it okay then? Joss has admitted it was his weakest arch.... This is one reason.
Willow: Even more so than Faith she tries to kill everyone and creatively, then then end the world. Not to mention flays a man alive, sucking a drug dealer of his life force, and injuring and/or likely crippling numerous police officers.
Worth was at least quick and Wes up and about the next day (if sore and mentally traumatized as hell I'm sure).
How does Willow pay? She gets hugs and rehab in England.
But why are we so sympathetic (well, I was)?
Cause we love Willow, loved Tara, saw Tara die, and Warren is an ass who deserves it. Rack? Heh, I'll hold the SOB down. And I felt all that. I personally have NO problem with Willow flaying the asshole! Rack, the same.
Like Xander I cheered her on ("Faster pussycat, kill, kill!")!
The difference with Faith is that we NEVER see her Watcher die, Faith hides her emotions (and well), and her breakdown into homicidal rage at the world was in slow motion over a whole season and not over a two part season ender. Thus we can ignore or miss the signs easily, write 'em as quirks of behavior.
We're invested in Willows pain for that reason, but not Faiths, and the writers make it that way.
Note however that Willow gets to this point largely for the same reason Faith did: nobody saw the signs and headed things off! Yet another writer-induced bone-headed moment for the Scoobs. Though, in fact, in real life people can and will do so (often comes a total shock: we see what we want). But generally heavy drug use is often obvious, and Willow WAS obvious!

Anya? Killed more people than Stalin, and more graphically, rarely shows remorse (rather the opposite), brags, and the Scoob's reaction is mild amusement to annoyance. And remember: Vengeance Demons are fully human (and souled) barring their medallion! The writers never explain why Anya is given a free pass just cause she SAYS she's changed...but she does, even by us (likely cause Caulfield was FUNNY as hell!). Yes she does change greatly (notice it's the minor characters have the most growth: Andrew, Anya, Dawn, Faith, Spike, and Tara) but again, hindsight, and not fully developed til Sn7. All through seasons 3 to 6 Anya openly PINES for her demon status... and is also largely brushed off despite being a walking encyclopedia of demon knowledge.

Giles was once Ripper and such a badass he's apparently still a figure of fear in London's supernatural circles... 30+ years later. No mean feat that.
He got most of his London friends killed. Brutally tortured Ethan Rayne on Halloween and then later Giles gave him to the boys who gave us Adam (couldn't happen to a nicer bloke I say!). Giles then snuffed Dr. Ben (necessary, just saying). Next he and Robin planned to arrange Spike's dusting (barring hindsight, all for that, a logical call: He killed dozens in Sn7!), not all that different from Faith and Angel's near death. But we all love him anyway (and so do I).
Point is that Giles likely, if pissed off enough, makes Faith look like a ankle-biter.
AKA: Giles is NOT a nice guy!
But we never REALLY see how nasty he can get, but once or twice, and we naturally cheered him on at the time. Who doesn't like to beat on Ethan or Angelus?!! Show of hands (mine shoot up).
Of all of them, Giles would scare me the most.

Buffy, as I point out, killed a fair number of humans in her day, either by accident, purposefully, or by inaction/plan (they're a diversion).
A web site exist that has the exact body count, but up to Finch I'd say only Ford is deliberate: she leaves him to be Spike's dinner. True he's a bad guy and WANTED to be vamped, but seemingly not anymore (and since when does Buffy permit suicides?).
And Buffy is stone cold when she closes the door.
But if that's the case why freak over Finch or Warren (for that matter)?
Again because it's in the script. The script says if BUFFY kills she's got a good reason 'cause she's the Hero (tm). Faith is more...sketchy.
Good storytelling (this ain't Tolstoy), bad for continuity.
The Knights are axed, thrown under pursuing horses and left to slow Glory down. Again I agree with Buffy on this: No one screws with my family. Period.
However if you're a husband and are father of four in Jersey you can see how you'd say: one for 6 BILLION and MY family? GO KNIGHTS!
We see it all from Buffy's perspective and so see the Knights as baddies, but in reality they're RIGHT and trying to save the freakin whole UNIVERSE! Gotta love the gray there. Buffy sorta wins, but again that's hindsight and the writers make it clear it was largely luck and Buffy STILL died. Gotta wonder if maybe gettin' those Knights on HER side may've been a better idea....

And that leads us to the last thing that bugs me on Faith's fall: By Joss' own cosmology and canon established in Sn1 Buffy is no longer THE Slayer!!!
Kendra was, then Faith, the true Slayer and there's no avoiding that. Buffy still has the power but no longer has the role.
Unless she wants it.
And here's where Joss wrote himself into a corner with that sn1 death scene: Buffy CAN quit. BUT because its "BUFFY the Vampire Slayer" she...can't!
So Buffy bitches and moans, and very legitimately, on how Slaying has ruined her life (again legit!) but because the show demands it SHE CAN'T GIVE IT UP! So she ends up looking tad hypocritical through no fault of the character's.
So while Buffy gripes constantly, at the same time she seems to be lying to herself and others, 'cause every time another Slayer shows up, or the government, Buffy's more territorial than a pit bull! Sure Kendra got killed, Faith defected, and the Initiative screwed up, but that's hindsight! At the time Buffy shoulda been doin' cartwheels and packin' up to go to Northwestern U.
And if she'd done just that Faith may have been the one dealign with Adam 'cause that feeling of having the one thing in the world that made her count was still Buffy's... and it should have been Faith's. Sunnydale, in a way, really should have been Faith's town... and Buffy happy as hell to let it happen!
As crappy as we see a Slayer's life is, lets look at something. While Kendra knew nothing else, Faith did. From all evidence and hints Faith, like Buffy, was found either shortly before or after the fact of becoming a Slayer. But nonetheless she's reckless, loves the battle, and loves the job.
We hear only the Scooby and Buffy opinions on what this means, but no character stops to ask, "If Slaying is indeed so awful, then how BAD was Faith's life to make her think of Slaying as an IMPROVEMENT!" 'Cause largely its not a large leap to look at Faith and wonder, when she asks the world "what have you ever done for me?" She hears cricket chirps... except for being the Slayer.
It seems that everything Faith is, and measures herself by, is about being the Slayer. It gives her entire existence purpose, meaning, and way to count that she's never had. Buffy says she loathes it, wants out, and to leave...yet when Joyce points out to Buffy she can, she turns it down and implies she's NEVER leaving Sunnydale. Thus Faith will never be allowed to truly and completely fulfill her role, the only thing she measures herself by as a human being.
Again hindsight, and something the writers were trapped in, and certainly NOT the Buffy character's fault. But it's there and you can't ignore it and be honest.
Again Faith's rant to Buffy in 'Enemies' makes alot of sense, from Faith's POV, and has a large grain of truth: Faith IS the true Slayer, the line runs through her. So it's BUFFY that's the spare, the back-up, the accident, and as said, Sunnydale really should be her town.
On the other hand, Buffy is never told this (not like Faith's an impartial witness or reliable at that point!) and Giles seems to avoid the subject religiously. And maybe why he ignores Faith: Buffy's his DAUGHTER in his eyes and he'll not hurt her like that. Giles knows that deep down Buffy is proud of being the Slayer and like Faith measures her worth by this. Plus parents do get myopic when it comes the THEIR kids!

Now on to other points.
Two things often ignored in Sn4. One is that Faith has every right to be pissed: Right or wrong Buffy tried to kill her. Folks tend to take that rather personal, period, no matter the reason, human nature and all.
Second is Buffy killed her adopted Dad and the ONLY person that, up to this point, seemed to truly care for her. Again right or wrong ain't the issue: its personal. If Buffy can risk the universe over Dawn, I think Faith has reason to be pissed over Wilkins. After all, HE wasn't a threat to all creation, just Sunnydale (remember a people've Ascended before and the world's still here)! Faith truly feels alone, lost any reason to exist, and has no plan but revenge.
Faith had no clue what Wilkins' toy did (he never said), and it was as much a surprise to her as Buffy. Likely she thought it'd kill 'em both from the way Wilkins' talked ("...let you go out with a bang.") and Faith seemed fine with that!

Faith's actions in LA are basically the kinda behavior you see when someone is trying to commit suicide by cop. She does every thing she can short of murder (which logically could be what clues Angel in) to get him pissed enough to kill.
He refuses.
Angel makes her realize she has to face up to her life and live. I think he goes overboard (make suicide sound preferable to redemption really) but it works. But the clincher, the thing that REALLY turns it all around is that BUFFY of all people faces near-certain death on the rooftop to save Faith's ass. No matter how things seemed, it turned out Buffy really did care (even if she'll never admit she ever made a bad call: another Buffy trait) and so Faith turns herself in on HER suggestion.
Side note to fanfic writers: Note the timing here!!!!
It's not to save Angel (that's fanon) that Faith turned herself in: she was long gone when Angel was arrested. It was to make things right. Faith asked Buffy what to do to make things right, and Buffy said jail, so to jail she goes. Not to save Angel's undead hide (Angel shows LONG after Faith's arrived), but for herself and maybe Buffy as well. When they do arrive Faith's sitting signing her paperwork, in handcuffs when the investigating officer (Kate) arrives, and then Faith says she'd like to make a confession.
Another point: Angel ain't happy about this and says so! He likely wanted Faith to stay with the Fang Gang and follow his path of "redemption by doin." (Talk says this IS what Noxon wanted later on that season, but Dushku wouldn't go for it.)
And Faith IS serious about this: for three years she stays in prison though she could leave any time and does her time. She never implicates Buffy in with Finch or to her own attempted murder (both of which folks often forget: Faith has Buffy by the shorties on this, and never uses it), nor even contacts Buffy. But then Buffy and the Scoobs (again) write her off as well so no loss.

Okay, I was just thinkin' as usual, about tomorrow's game so this long spiel over the "character hate" and how such views are largely born due to the scriptwriters, Joss making it up as he went along, and forgetting hindsight's 20/20 (that last is BIG). However as writers/GMs we do have to avoid this also...and it ain't easy.
Simply put (too late!) Buffy's not bad, but she has her character flaws that cause blindspots that also make her human. As one player of mine put it, "She's STILL the Queen Bitch, she just uses her powers for good now." And that's pretty accurate.
In many ways Buffy is much like Cordy in her behavior, just with the rough edges filed off. Buffy can still be: Self involved, self centered, feel she's the center of it all, has a martyr complex, a superiority complex ABOUT her martyr complex, fiercely territorial, expects to be, doesn't handle criticism or rejection well, got a serious temper, is a control freak, has mood swings (likely PTSD, as they get worse by season), largely clueless about other's emotional states, and rejects any reality that doesn't fit her world view.
AKA: She's a a teen then young woman... with ALOT of stress on her.
And Buffy's overall world view is that of the Scoobs as well: Largely a middle class suburban progressive Californian one. Its all they know and they never really leave it (and thus grow). Alot of the scriptwriters are of similar backgrounds, so really, it's to be expected.
This makes them a little naive and also means they had NO point of reference with Faith. Indeed they had more in common with WES than with Faith!

Thus Buffy and Scoobs would naturally, through no fault of their own, be unable to truly relate to Faith, her life, and her reality and know what to do. In a way she's so alien to them as to be from another planet. No kidding there.
Even though Buffy had those months in LA as Anne, she still was a visitor and didn't have to stay there (likely subconsciously knew this) nor grew up in it. Faith's world has few-to-no options, ways out, a future, control over your own life, or any genuine hope.
Its all about survival and nothing else. Morals, ethics...they're luxuries you can rarely afford. I know, I lived it...and got lucky (notice that those who often love Faith are from similar backgrounds or work with and counsel kids like her). And trust me, it was only luck (a chance meeting with a recruiter who could relate) that got me out. By this time, I'd likely be otherwise dead or in prison. Most I knew growing up are.
As Faith put it 'Sanctuary' "...where there IS no control...where its all just pain and hate and nothing you do means anything." It wasn't just about her feelings at that moment or in Sunnydale, that was Faith's EXISTENCE!

So who do I blame for Faith's fall? Giles mostly. He did live that life, for years it seems. And while like Buffy he wasn't born to it, he was far deeper into that world than "Anne" EVER was.
He thus had the experience and attitude to turn Faith around...but never bothered even when shit hit the fan. His world view, like any parent's was all about Buffy. Can't blame that, but he had a job to do as well. A vital one...and didn't do it. To his credit he did seem to improve and even his bad decisions (in 20/20) were sincere and logical attempts to 'get it right.' And he treated Faith with respect and later kindness on her return.
Always that 20/20....

The last thing is this: The story here is by necessity going to layered in Faith's POV even though not first person. Just as on BtVS where Buffy got the most screen time and thus we saw her world through her eyes, so too in any Faith-centered story. That's how it is in ANY story, period.

A good example is the afore mentioned Amy Madison: We only ever see her through the Scooby's eyes. We never hear on how she was both an addict and knew EXACTLY where Rack's was right out of being a rat for three years (implies this had been goin' on since High School). We never find out if her father let her back in (from what is seen in Sn6 and 7, its likely... no).
Considering she was the better Witch in sn2 why didn't they go to her to do the ensouling spell? Remember 20/20 hindsight: Logically, no sane person would assume Willow could pull it off, she could barely float a pencil! So yes, as Amy says in Sn7 Amy did get ignored despite her hard work while Willow got it easy, in multiple ways. And lastly, Amy was around and continued to be around the Hellmouth, her Mother's spell books, was kicked out of and nearly killed her Mother, and then helped KILL her Mother (for all they knew). Yet despite all that trauma and the obvious dangers of unsupervised magic on the Hellmouth (as Giles harped on Willow...and rightly it seems) they basically ignored her (as Amy implies in Gingerbread) despite proving to be a powerful Witch several times (curses the whole town, manipulates teacher's minds, turns Buffy into a mouse and back)! Then as they tried to help Willow get over her addiction, it seems they left Amy in Rack's tender clutches... yay for protecting others!

In a way, the Scooby's myopic focus (caused by the writers remember) on their own problems as well as their extreme clannishness caused Amy to become an de-facto enemy. One for whom we never get a picture of why...and the Scoobs, as usual, never really ask.
If the Good Guys blow you off (as they did Jonathan as well in Sn4) where and who do you turn too...? Likely who will give a feeling of importance and family... its how street gangs recruit, and it WORKS!
And remember too, the Scoobs were the ONLY "good guy" club in town. So if they don't take in....
As a friend put it, "All the good intentions and hard fightin' mean crap if you don't clean up the mess afterwards...and then keep it clean." The Scoobs saved the day, and then often walked off and left the wounded, burning buildings, and traumatized people behind to deal and rebuild on their own with no guidance.
They say they care but seemed to forget you in a week (til next Tuesday at least) and you'll never really join the club.
Again, the writer's fault and Joss hated firm canon (plus the cast woulda grown and grown and grown and....) but we're stuck with explaining it. And WITHOUT hindsight, it makes 'em look bad any way you slice it.
So don't always blame the fanfic writers, blame the scriptwriters and producers. Only blame the scriptwriters if they don't let the characters grow!
Even then, though, it HAS to be plausible... and those faults will still be there, just muted some. Its what makes them fun and human. Perfection in a character is boring... why we like Han more than Luke!

Thought this'd give you ammo for the reviews and let you know how I approach this shit. If ya want, I can change this to general read.

The Cracker.
Comments from author:
Thanks for the great work
Review By [Ltlconf] • Date [11 Jul 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "clearer picture and karma can be a bitch" from (Recent Donor)tchizek
Good, Faith get allies, somebody takes out Travers before he causes more problems, now WRH gets some trouble.

It will be interesting to see where you take the Watchers Council after this, Travers was not the only traditionalist but he was the core of their faction so they are weaker now. I also wonder if Punisher will hit any other Council members prior to WRH.

Great chapter, thanks!
Comments from author:
Frank Castle aka Punisher
Review By [(Recent Donor)tchizek] • Date [11 Jul 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "clearer picture and karma can be a bitch" from tater
I actually agree with most of the rant. Faith got shafted by people who didn't understand her, and didn't really try. And the Scoobies all had their heads up their asses for pretty much the entire show. And Anya, don't get me started on Anya. Spike needed to be betrayed and ambushed and killed, for killing a Slayer, his natural enemy, in a fair fight, before he got his soul, but Anya could kill thousands of people, most of them completely innocent, over hundreds of years and shamelessly enjoy it, and that's okay. And it's even okay that she's not sorry. Wtf?

Here's what really bugs me, this story is set after Faith goes to prison, which is years after the Finch mess, and after Buffy is in college and even taking a psych course which would cover things like the effects of abuse and reactions to trauma, and nobody seems to have grown beyond their season 3 selves. They all still have their heads up their asses, except Faith. Now I realize this is canon, that they never learned and grew, but it's fanfic. Why must one character grow and learn, and all the others remain idiots? Can't they all grow up a bit? Just a little? Just because Joss and the show writers couldn't manage it, doesn't mean nobody else can.
Comments from author:
s5. And also Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies are still going to be pissed about the mind swap in s4 and also PTSD is not something covered in low level psychology classes in 2000 so Buffy would not have learned about it. PTSD was not widely known until the vets started to return home from Iraq and Afghanistan, so it would have been as widely known then as it is now. Also Buffy never seemed to connect abuse with Faith for some reason in the show.
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Review of chapter "Sunnydale reactions" from tater
Ok, reading the story and some of the reviews, everyone seems to be making a big deal out of the fact that Faith was only 17 and that makes it all not her fault, but Buffy's. Does everyone not understand that Buffy was also only 17 at the time of Finch's death? And Buffy never lied about what happened, that was Faith. In reality, it was a friendly fire accident. Neither of the girls was responsible, it was just a freak thing that happened in the heat of combat, and they were both kids who when faced with a traumatic accident, freaked out and panicked. The people who were in the wrong in that mess were those over 30 who should have been responsible adults. Finch, who should not have jumped out at Slayers in a dark alley in the first place. Giles, who did try to react reasonably, but was totally out of his depth. Wesley, who had the worst case of head up ass possible, and was too busy being pompous and trying to prove his authority to recognize that this was an accident, and should be treated as such. And finally, whatever moron at the council instituted a policy that a Slayer must be 'retrained' any time she kills a human, regardless of the circumstances.

It was an accident, there is no bad guy in Finch's death. The Scoobies were all just too young and inexperienced to handle it well. Now the Mayor taking advantage of Faith's nasty case of post traumatic stress syndrome to manipulate her and then Wolfram and Hart railroading her into prison, these things were evil.

And now that I've had my rant, it's otherwise a good story. Interesting premise that we haven't seen before and I look forward to seeing how the two worlds continue to mesh together. I also think it will do Faith a lot of good to have a stable parent in her life who realizes that she needs some help, and will give it to her.

Edit: Ok, my timing is off then, I was thinking the Finch ep aired before the Cruciamentum. I'm lousy with things like timing and order. The point still holds though, people are making it sound like Faith was innocent that night and it was all somehow Buffy's mistake. My argument is, they were both innocent. Shit happened, they panicked, the panicking made the shit worse. The people who should have helped them work through the panic and sort the mess out, didn't. It just really annoys me when authors make one character look better by making another look worse. Sometimes, nobody was an evil bitch, shit just happened.

Although really, it's not Giles or Wesley's fault they didn't help, they had both been trained that the Slayer was just an obedient tool and had no idea they even needed to watch for things like PTSD, much less how to handle it. Everyone involved in the whole mess had been pretty much set up for failure.
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Buffy is 18 because the 'test' would not have happened otherwise and also Faith realizes that Matt does not want to use her in any way shape or form. Read cmiller review. Going on the fact that Faith tried to ruin Buffy's life in S4 and the fact that she knew Faith confessed to the crimes made her pissed off. Also PTSD was not very well known of until the mid 2000's.
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Review of chapter "Sunnydale reactions" from Cmiller
That was cool. Now I'd love to see a reaction of the Scoobies finding out Faith was younger than them, and that Matt is Faith's father and that being how Faith got off.

Also would love to see the truth of what really happened in the alley way to come out, maybe have Cordy ask Faith what happened that night to find out that last puzzle piece before the lot having it out with the Scoobies with the fact that Buffy was the one to touch Finch come out in the heat of the moment.

Can't wait for more.

EDIT: in response to someone's review... Buffy was 18 when Finch happened because of that test thing was on her 18th birthday and Buffy slept with Angel on her 17th birthday. So while yes the adults were at fault in this more than the two Slayers, Buffy was one older than Faith and two at point... plus it's never seemed to come out that Buffy says she tosses the guy to Faith just that Faith was the one to stake him. Yes Faith lied that parts true but I don't think the full truth of what happened that night ever came out.
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Review of chapter "Sunnydale reactions" from WolfWriter
If Ogun is being brought into the mix, that means that Kitty Pryde is in a lot of danger.

Or are we still talking about Faith? I'm a tad confused as to which 'devil's daughter' is which.
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Ogun goes after Pride and also the other person revived makes sure that three other mutants WILL get invovled
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Review of chapter "Sunnydale reactions" from (Recent Donor)tchizek
Overreaction on Buffy's part to Zarathos, what part of "Gods' literal Spirit of Vengeance" doesn't she get? Oh well maybe a bit of character bashing in this chapter toward the Scoobies but it fits well with the rest of the story.

Great chapter!
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Review of chapter "Sunnydale reactions" from AllenPitt
Ogun, that's not going to be an easy fight at all. Faith is going to have to up her game. ... I wonder who Ghost Rider is after in Sunnydale; or maybe he was just passing through?
Ok, so Faith is out of prison, about to get attacked by the Hand; her only ally is DD; maybe Angel will help, he did stand by her & visited her in jail and all that.
Hopefully Elektra will show up at some point. That would be one interesting meeting.
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That it will be
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Review of chapter "After the verdict" from (Recent Donor)tchizek
Ah, the fog of story begins to clear. Interesting chapter, I like where this is going!

Thanks for a great story!

EDIT: I like that there is the beginning of interaction between DD's world and the Slayers world, I like that Faith will begin to see Matt as more than just a blind lawyer, I like that it looks like Fisk and Wolfram and Heart may cross swords over DD/Faith, I like that the old corrupt council got caught in the middle between Fisk and WRH. I am sure there were more things to like but that's all I can remember off the top of my head!

Again thanks for a great story!
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In what ways

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Review of chapter "After the verdict" from AllenPitt
And Elektra is probably alive out there, unknown to anyone....(Matt did manage to revive her, though he thought the effort had failed).
Slayer vs the Hand, that's going to be strange.
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Review of chapter "After the verdict" from Cmiller
So is anyone in Sunnydale going to find out that Faith's not in prison? And also is the LA Gang going to confront the Scoobies about what really went down with Faith during her time in Sunnydale? Also would like to see Giles get handed to him about not making sure Faith had good accomidations by Matt.

Would like to see Elektra soon. Can't wait for more.
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soon as I can figure it out
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Review of chapter "Cryptic prophecies and court dates" from Morgomir
Great story. Keep up the good work.
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Review of chapter "Cryptic prophecies and court dates" from batzulger
Stick, Shaft, Stone, and Claw...that is all.
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not the Chaste sorry, but two of the people who will help out are ninja's in some form
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