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Cross Purposes

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Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VIII" from DieselDriver
Weee fun!!!
Comments from author:
Glad you enjoyed it.
Review By [DieselDriver] • Date [17 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VIII" from LFW
Great piece the quipping made me laugh
Comments from author:
Glad you enjoyed it. The next chapter wraps this piece, and then a new sequel begins.
Review By [LFW] • Date [17 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VIII" from LallaBelle
I'm not a big reviewer, not because I don't like the stories on the site but usually because I have no idea how to properly express myself when it comes to liking one... and let's not get started on con crit because pretty sure i wouldn't be able to do that either.

Anyway have been loving this look into the alternate SG1 team and this was yet another awesome chapter and can't wait to read the finale of it.
Comments from author:
Thanks. And since no one agrees on what 'con crit' is, that's a toughie. I view almost everything except the 'u suk & so does yr mother' comments as constructive. Is it constructive if you say that a work was well done but one person was OOC? I think so, but plenty of people don't. So 'constructive' criticism is just a big, stinky can of worms.
Review By [LallaBelle] • Date [17 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VIII" from fanreaderonetwo
Wondering if they will able to recruit or borrow Carter to complete the "set".

The data dump from "Ascended Jackson" to "un-ascended Jackson" speeded things up.

Wondering when it will occur to O'Neill that Willow is a potential "loose planet buster" and that it might be safer for the world if she met a "fatal accident", even one that cost him his life when the Scoobies found out what he had done.
A few more horror stories about how dangerous Darth Willow can be might accelerate the notion......
Comments from author:
Well, considering that canon-Jack knows Sam is a potential planet buster and *encourages* her, this Jack might opt to work *with* Willow and train her.
Review By [fanreaderonetwo] • Date [17 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VIII" from Starfox
Touching conclusion to the fight and to Darth Willow. Very nice idea with Daniel's AU self, and very interesting thoughts on Jack's side.
Comments from author:
All along, starting with tLoEW, I was wondering what to do about Daniel, because Sam Carter had no way to know he would die in a matter of months.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [17 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VII" from Letomo
Just a few thoughts I had. First, in LoEW, Buffy says they did try guns, including Tracer rounds, but that those only worked on Vamps if they specifically struck the heart. So, why didn't they mention that to Jack? It's not that they know them to be totally ineffective, just requiring so much skill as to be impractical.

Also, I don't think Alex Mack has been mentioned in the Buffyverse. Since powerful characters tend to cross over, how would she manifest there? As a Slayer? A Witch with limited, but potent in her specialties, areas of power? A wild card like Gwen Raiden? A half-Demon that shows truly odd abilities? Something else?

Otherwise, eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
Comments from author:
I figured out two good possibilities, but they didn't go anywhere because they ended up far too much like Alex in the Alexverse, personality-wise.
Review By [Letomo] • Date [11 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VII" from DieselDriver
OMG!!! I had to laugh. Poor Hannah... Poor Jack... POOR WILLOW!!!
Comments from author:
:D Yes, stuff happens, and sometimes it happens all around you.
Review By [DieselDriver] • Date [8 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VII" from SirLee
Some of the Vertigo books are... problematic. They are simply too tied to the mainstream DC Universe. Sandman, in particular, has numerous links to the previous Sandmen (all DC characters since the Wesley Dodds, the original one) -- the title only *existed* because an editor at DC decided they needed to publish a Sandman title (probably to keep their trademark rights) but didn't like any of the previous takes of the character, so they asked Gaiman to create something entirely new.

Shade the Changing Man might be feasible -- the original comic was never too strongly linked to the DCU, and the Vertigo series was totally independent of it. So a Marvel, Charlton, Fawcett or Red Circle Shade would be equally irrelevant to the Vertigo series. Swamp Thing and Constantine are borderline; they do have links to the DCU, but they aren't as central and therefore it's conceivable that very similar stories could be written in another publisher.

Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Fables and 100 Bullets (to mention a few of the more high-profile Vertigo projects) have no relation to the DCU and could be published elsewhere with no problems. Watchmen could be done as a Charlton relaunch (as it was initially intended to be).
Comments from author:
The Vertigo books in our universe (after being bought out by DC) would be problematic, but in another (DC-less) universe, they wouldn't be. On the other hand, what would Sandman even be like? Well, I'm sure that universe's Neil Gaiman would create something awesome, but they might not be just like our 'Sandman'.
Review By [SirLee] • Date [5 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "SG-1 and a Brit" from JamesBrown
there are a lot of pop culture superheroes that were not originally DC or Marvel
Fawcett Comics brought us shazam and the Marvel family,Capt. video
and spy smasher
Charlton comics gave us Capt. atom and the blue beetle.
there was the Phantom Lady,doll man, Uncle Sam, the All-Star squadron.
Archie comics contributed the fly and the Jaguar.
Golden Key brought us space family Robinson, Dr. solar man of the atom,
Magnus robot fighter, and published the Tarzan comics.
and there were so very many more.
vertigo could easily be a separate imprint in these realities
so you could reference Sandman and the endless, Constantine and the Swamp thing

as for this chapter, I'm thinking either Jack and Danny talk her down somehow,
or Kennedy wakes up just enough to say 'Willow' and shuts this tantrum down cold
Comments from author:
I really liked Magnus, Robot Fighter. My brother's pal bought every issue, so I got to read them when they drifted over to our house for a stay.
Review By [JamesBrown] • Date [5 Mar 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VII" from Gideon
If Jack can talk Willow down then he will be almost as much of a legend to the Slayers as Xander!
Comments from author:
Too bad Jack doesn't know about yellow crayons and important stuff like that. :D
Review By [Gideon] • Date [4 Mar 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VII" from SirLee
*Logically*, none of the six universes involved in the League of Extraordinary Women story can exist as pop-culture within any of the others -- otherwise, LoEW would have been an enormous geekout. I mean, imagine Xander's reaction: "No way! Batman is REAL? Man, Andrew will eat his heart out for missing this..." and Jack humming the sixties Batman TV series theme...

(Batman himself might be the last to realize this, since one of his blind spots is pop culture -- he probably never watched an episode of Stargate of Buffy, and might only remember dimly the seventies Bionic Woman series. But even he would recognize the *name* Harry Potter, if the book series existed in this version of the DC Universe. He might even have taken one of the pre-Selina bimbos to watch one of the movies.)

So, neither Stargate, Harry Potter, Buffy, Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman, DC Comics nor The Secret World of Alex Mack will appear *as in-universe pop-culture references* in this story, or in TSRoAM for that matter. But that leaves plenty of in-jokes for Diane, such as remarking on how Jack resembles the actor from McGyver, or Buffy looks like Daphne from the Scooby-Doo movie...

Also, about Jack:

His primary goal the entire time was to protect the girls. He initially assumed that it was some weird wacko brainwashing child-abusing terrorist sitch. Recent events showed that:
Yes, they are facing dangers.
No, it wasn't the sort of dangers he thought.
Yes, he probably can offer them some help.
No, they aren't as defenceless as he thought.
Yes, fighting those menaces is a worthy endeavour.
No, he probably won't be able to shield them from the danger. Not entirely.
But he can help them survive it.
Comments from author:
Yes and yes. So no DC comics for anyone to read, *except* that all of the comics imprints that DC devoured over the years can still exist as their own separate line of comics. Otherwise Marvel would have a monopoly. Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis writing for Marvel... Yeah...
Review By [SirLee] • Date [4 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VII" from JediKnight
Very interesting job on the new chapter, hope to read more soon.

-Did you reall have to pull another Darth Willow?
Comments from author:
It's a plot device to resolve all my loose threads instantaneously.

Like a tactical nuke. :D
Review By [JediKnight] • Date [4 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VII" from Lyssippe
Wonder if Jack has realized he's committed now, and not double-agenting. "Sunnydale? The town that was now a five-mile-wide circular lake? Buffy did that? Holy crap. These girls didn’t need him. They needed the entire frigging Avengers. Plus Doctor Strange." Also, this universe, like Alex' has marvel but not dc comics? Continuity for the win!

Sorry for the double review, I just need to read all of your pieces twice to make sure I got all the nuance. I'm so excited I miss things on the first run-through.
Comments from author:
Yes, Jack may not have realized he has 'become the mask' in a matter of hours.

And yes, I deliberately planned that bit of cross-universe continuity ahead of time, because I'm like that. Also, every one of these universes has Star Wars... and Jar Jar Binks is utterly reviled in every one of these universes. :D
Review By [Lyssippe] • Date [3 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VII" from PATM
Oh Fu-. Only Kennedy can save them now.
Comments from author:
Yes, that is definitely an 'oh f***' moment. At least Hannah is smart enough to recognize that.
Review By [PATM] • Date [3 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Scoobies and the New Guys, part VII" from burmafrdnow
kind of a joke really. The spell never would have worked. Demons are always too stupid to think things through. The blood is NOT what connects the slayers. It is the Spirit of Sineya. Which has NOTHING to do with the blood. Not surprising that the Demons were not smart enough to have done the research needed to understand that that spell would have had no effect on Slayers; and the Scythe is protected from use by evil.

Of course this was all a set up to have Darth Rosenberg show up again so that will make it interesting.
Comments from author:
Darth Studious is always up for a good time. For certain definitions of 'good'. :D
Review By [burmafrdnow] • Date [3 Mar 14] • Not Rated
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