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Cross Purposes

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Review of chapter "News Flash!" from RevDorothyL
I'm always up for further adventures of "SG1 and that Brit", if you're so inspired!

Apart from that, I'm also dying to find out what might've happened to the Hermione of Buffy's world after the chapter on "Scoobies and a Brit", or what happened with Jack O'Neill's plans to take down the IWC after "Scoobies and a Retiree". :)
Comments from author:
Thanks. All these comments are actually really helpful, even if my muse is occasionally mean to me about them. Ouch! Ow! I mean, my muse is really perceptive and sweet and insightful!
Review By [RevDorothyL] • Date [21 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "News Flash!" from Amberdrake
Chapter's 4, 6, and 8. Because any time you cross the Buffyverse with the 'Gateverse wackiness ensues. And Bats never got the chance for the full Buffy Experience. Just the taste of Xander was was freaking him out.

Comments from author:
Man, BuffyverseXGateverse wackiness sure happened in the Alex Mack story. That's a piece I didn't plan way in advance, but the characters insisted. Especially Willow. I think someone said 'fish of the day' to her. :-)
Review By [Amberdrake] • Date [21 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "News Flash!" from TiaC
I'm glad to hear that you're thinking of continuing this.

At first I was thinking of each chapter as a standalone thing, but then I realized that even if you focus on one chapter to expand, the others will still have happened. With that in mind, I looked at the universes. There are six universes in this crossover. Alexverse is out because it's its own thing. HP-verse and OSI-verse are out because you only wrote one story for each and have said that you're not continuing either. So then, there are three 'verses left.

First, there's the DC-verse. I'm not all that excited about the possibilities for the four pieces here. You started with Gravitas. A story where she's the villain seems like it would become just a generic DC story. A story from her perspective would be difficult as she is both insane and unsympathetic. There's a bit of a possibility for Buffy to use her as a weapon against Lex, but it would be hard. Then there's Buffy. As you alluded to, she is really playing out of her weight class and is too easily marginalized by the other players of the world. Then there's the White Knight. This looks like the most interesting of the DC stories. I'd like to see Xander and Amy as defenders of LA. I think the power level of the DC verse makes it difficult to write crossovers for. Finally, there's Terawatt v.2. This could be a great story, if you weren't writing such a similar piece already.

Second, there's the SG-verse. I like the prospects of this one a bit better. Giles, Rupert Giles, is a cool character and I'd like to see him help the SGC with problems both terrestrial and alien. As to Buffy the spy, as long as she don't remain a villain there's definite potential there. I wonder if she'll become a Hok'taur? I also want to see what Sam will do with her new experience.

Thirdly, there's the Buffyverse. I like how the three stories mesh, and this is probably my first choice for expansion. Jack will be trying to keep the girls safe through espionage. Hermione is likely to join up with the Scoobies and I'd like to see her and Jack as the new kids. Danny's report is unlikely to go anywhere but there're still options for bringing him in.
Comments from author:
Thanks. These are interesting thoughts. The SG-verse also gives us more of a level playing field for each character.
Review By [TiaC] • Date [21 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Justice Leaguer and a Carpenter" from TwoSheds
Clearly there's only one logical choice on which chapter should be continued. One of the DC chapters of course. DC comics, DC - Diane Castle.

See, pre-ordained. QED, ergo sum cogito, RSVP, COD.

Okay, FINE, I'll defend my thesis, and perhaps suck up just a little bit more.

First, this chapter captures everything wonderful about Chris Dee's "Cat Tales" in the first sentence; "Bruce was enjoying a quiet dinner at home."

Yes, yes, Batman - "I am vengeance, I am the night...", got it. But thanks to "Cat Tales" there's a real person there too, and Diane has been able to seamlessly pick up the characters in both "League Of Extraordinary Women" and especially in the DC related chapters of "Cross Purposes".

And I know it's greedy and selfish of me, but I want more of that please :)

As for why this chapter - "The Justice League and a Carpenter" - well first off I'm a complete Xander fanboy. Put him front and center in a story and I'm certain to read it, but put him front and center in a well planned and executed story that takes the dedication to his friends that the character always showed in the original series, and weaves that into his own version of 10:47 PM in Crime Alley and I'll squee like an eight year old girl - except a very manly eight year old girl. Consider, Xander is standing in his apartment after just assaulting a building full of gang members, being followed home by Batman who knows everything about him, and who tells him this incredible story about other dimensions and hell gods and Willow being able to fight Superman or Dr Fate, and the thing that gets him is "... Is my Willow alive in that other world? Is she… okay?".

So yeah, Diane gets Xander really, really well.

Can you imagine Diane running through the massive DC continuity picking oddball characters and stories for inspiration as she has with "The Secret Return Of Alex Mack"? In the story it's clear that LA is light on super heroes, but perhaps it's just that they're all small fries, has been's, and never was's. I'd love to see the White Knight running into obscure DC character from the old days. Personally I've always been a sucker for the Walt Simonson version of Paul Kirk / Manhunter but truth be told in Diane's hands I suspect that bat Mite could be made interesting.

And say, in Diane's DC continuity isn't there another fledgling hero on the west coast (he asked leadingly)? I smell team up!

Okay there's my fawning bid for a continuation of the story of the White Knight. No matter what you write you can be assured that I'll devour it and then probably pester for more. I copped to being greedy so don't act surprised :)

Comments from author:
Thanks. That was pretty helpful.

I really wish DC had hired Chris Dee instead of some of the guys who did write Bats. And maybe Dan Didio could have been replaced by... say... a musty dishrag so that Selina Kyle owuld not have been turned into an ugly hooker just to give Talia a shot at Bruce. (So now we're stuck with the worst Robin ever, making us long for - dare I admit it - anyone, even Jason Todd.)
Review By [TwoSheds] • Date [21 Nov 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "News Flash!" from docfeng
Comments from author:
That was just cruel. Now my muse is thinking about making me write extensions on all the stories. I sob at you. :-) :-) :-)
Review By [docfeng] • Date [21 Nov 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "News Flash!" from SnakeFox
Okay, so, Chapter 4. Loved it. And after all the teases from Carter's thoughts in the first story about the potential for Buffy and Jack to either a) drive each other crazy or b) become inseparable, thick as thieves, bouncing one liners off one another etc, a follow up depicting either would be awesome. And considering where this one ended, that she'd be coming at SG-1 from Kinsey's corner, it would be a great way to get both of those in there in there, the driving each other crazy when she starts out as an adversary, and the playing off one another when she starts to realise who the real good & bad guys are.

Chapter 6 could really be an alternate way of doing exactly the above - playing Jack and Buffy off each other, him starting off hostile (but hiding it, as per his plan to go in deep cover), finally coming around to realise how good these guys are and realising he's right where he's meant to be.

I think Chapters 17 and 19 would be great to tie together. The DC!Alex might go on to develop into something like Terawatt (and it would be really interesting to see how they'd differ in their development, with this Alex actually being guided hands on by Batman etc, not being the only superhero in the world), but then you've also got DC!Xander, already superheroing in his own right, but small scale, also possibly being mentored/brought up to the big leagues with the Justice League. I know there's an age difference, and that Xander had Amy, and that Alex probably had a Ray or Hunter equivalent, but even just a friendship/budding superheroes/big brother-little sister thing between that Alex and Xander would be kinda awesome. Although Alex did kinda crush a little in The League, if I remember correctly.

Anyway, don't know how much any of that meshes with what you're thinking, or if it sparks or offends your muse(s?), but whatever you end up doing I'm sure it'll be great. You write the best stories!
Comments from author:
Thanks. My muse - as of the current millisecond - is pushing on extending chapter 6, but that could change by the time I finishing writing this sentence. And she'll let me know by smacking me in the back of the head with a blunt instrument.
Review By [SnakeFox] • Date [21 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "News Flash!" from batzulger
Okay then...

Chapter 4 – SG-1 and a Spy -- This one looks amazingly cool.

Chapter 8 – Bruce Wayne and a Daddy’s Girl -- Oh my god! The Count of Monte Cristo with Buffy Dante.

These two look like they could be amazing. Granted I am a diehard Buffy-fan and different versions of Ms. Summers always fascinate me.
Comments from author:
I'm a pretty serious Buffy-fan too. :-) Granted, I'm also a Xan-fan and Willow-fan and Faith-fan and Giles-fan and Oz-fan. Oz does not get enough love.
Review By [batzulger] • Date [21 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "News Flash!" from MarcusRowland
OK, as it happens I was re-reading this yesterday. The one I particularly enjoyed was the Giles as 007 / SG-1 story arc, which worked well as action/adventure. But you've already developed that one at length, I don't know how much more potential it has - after all, the SG-1 characters mostly don't work on Earth.

Bruce Wayne and a Daddy's girl is another fun one - it could be a good story, especially if some of the conspiracy-minded JLA characters get involved - the Question, for example. All of the the others set in the JLA universe could be fun - Xander as the White Knight and Alex taking as a beginning heroine in e.g. Young Justice. But unless Selina and Bruce tell them about each other there is no particular reason why they would end up working together, might be interesting if they end up as rivals or something. Teaming up against Gravitas wouldn't work though, this really needs some MUCH tougher characters. To be honest, Gravitas really doesn't interest me much - she doesn't seem to have any redeeming features, and I can't see the JLA finding her much of a challenge if they let the heavy hitters loose on her. Of course she could just be part of a bigger story set in the JLA universe.

Scoobies and a Brit was fun, but if she's really going to start out by incinerating Snape I can't see much future in it. Otherwise Hermione trying to adapt to Scooby life could be very amusing.

Buffy as an agent is interesting, especially if she ends up as an NID mole in the SGC, but sooner or later she'd realise they're the good guys and work with the team. I suppose this would work, but it just doesn't really engage my attention much. The same really applies to the ones with Jack and Daniel suspicious of the Council - both start out at cross-purposes but will probably end with them on the same team, and given the existing capabilities of the teams the extra character doesn't really seem that essential.

I would like to see more of the robot singularity - I think it could be amusing, especially if the civil rights movement gets involved, or they start taking an interest in politics...

That's about it, apart from Magic!Vamp!Willow, and there really isn't a lot more to say about her.

Looking forward to more anyway.
Comments from author:
I really appreciate the review.
Review By [MarcusRowland] • Date [21 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "News Flash!" from Zorgdub
My review was too long so it was cut short. Woe is me.

Let's try and do this again, starting from where it cut off.

Chapters 17 & 19: THOSE. Those are the ones I most want to see. They are both in the same universe and have themes that are close enough to get them both in the same universe. A super group around the White Knight, Terawatt, and (insert whatever alias Amy Madison takes here)? YES.
All of my yeses.
It would be AWESOME, and it would be just the thing to tie both stories together. It would be perfect to center the story on our heroes (instead of them become second stringers in the big DC verse) and open the door to new characters if desired.

I liked the chapter with Alex so much I almost started a fanfic. But I really didn't think I could do her justice. Getting her in the DC-verse would let her have more raw power, do more stereotypical superhero stuff Secret Return!Alex only gets to imitate while fighting horror movie monsters, and also explore interesting new direction for her.
As for the White Knight story, not only was it my favorite of the whole lot (and I maintain it is the best) it is also the one with the most potential. That's just Xander at his best. In fact this Xander has everything I like best about Batman *and* everything I like best about Xander (although he does get less chances to be a lovable buffoon with his darker role and added responsibility).

If you have to keep just one, keep Xander the White Knight. Not only is he a very interesting character doing something very interesting, you write him very well. His chapter just *flowed* the way your best Ayla and Aquerna chapters flow. You juggled a number of very different thing very well by balancing them all on Xander.
I think you'd do your best work with him.

So this is my review/vote. The White Knight and Terawatt forming a hero team under the Batman's tutelage.
And if you really can't get them both, take Xander. Including him in the Bat-family would be acceptable.

Did I mention how excited am I about Crossed Purpose getting a spin off?
Comments from author:
Well, I'm not seeing Alex and Xander worknig together, but other than that, this is a lot of good fodder for my relentless muse Agatha.

And yes, she named herself for The Heterodyne. Before Girl Genius appeared, she was only known as She Who Must Be Obeyed.
Review By [Zorgdub] • Date [21 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "News Flash!" from Zorgdub
What, really? Really!


This is Christmas a month early! Only thing that could top this for the actual Christmas day would be the next chapter of Ayla...

So, let's see, let's see.

~~[ Go back and tell me which chapter you liked, and why ]~~
Didn't I already review all of this, explaining what I liked and why?
I'll have to check and make sure I didn't miss anything.

~~[ And if you really liked a chapter, I won't object to a recommendation either ]~~
What if I really liked almost every single chapter and have already recommended this long ago?
Do I find friends on my contact lists to try and convince to read this? I mean those I haven't managed to convince last time I tried, of course.

~~[ Tell me which chapter you hated, and write a critical review why (I won't cry... much, my skin is a bit thicker than most fanfic authors') ]~~
I like this about you. I am pretty sure I mentioned everything I didn't like the first time through, which wasn't much.

~~[ I will even take suggestions, although my muse may hit me for looking at them, because she has some very definite ideas in mind for some of the pieces. ]~~
Hmmm, OK.

Here are my preliminary comments pre-re-reading everything:
Chapters 1 & 10-16 : Nope. We've seen enough of this universe. I *liked* it, note, but there are too many awesome stories waiting to be told in other universes.

Chapter 2 : Nope. That's one of the rare ones I'm not interested in seeing more of. The fact that I have read SO MANY crossovers in the Buffy-verse on this website drags this further down my list of priorities.

Chapter 3 : I would have thought this one would get nixed too. But it is still on the table. And I really REALLY want to see you write a story from a villain's PoV. If it's going to be "Batman takes down Evil!Sam" then don't bother, though.

Chapter 4 : for some reason I have trouble remembering what this one was about.

Chapter 5 : I wouldn't be against a one shot of the dusting, but your time is better spent on more worthy ventures.

Chapter 6 : that one looks interesting, he'd make a great Watcher, and it could go in interesting directions before finally arriving at that point. However, this is Buffyverse, and that sort of story has been told before. Not as well as you'd do it, sure, but it does reduce its priority.

Chapters 7 & 18: done.

Chapter 8: Oooooh, I want to see the rest. That was the first chapter that really made me think "I want to see where this is going!" when I originally read this series.
I want to follow a Buffy being a badass normal using her smarts and physical advantages (like her looks!) to do awesome stuff. And at some point, she meets up with Superman/Batman and is instrumental in foiling Lex's plans (even if the heavy weights do the heavy lifting). And finally, she becomes Batman's disciple and the best Robin that ever was, before striking a terrible blow to her nemesis's long term plans (maybe even arresting Lex if that's not too big an upset).
I can totally see the 4 main story arcs from here.
Other combinations are acceptable as long as Buffy gets a chance to shine. No getting killed and having her body disposed of so that no one even notices she's gone, thank you very much.

Chapter 9: you can re-read my comments for chapter 6. They're the same for this one, word for word.

Chapters 17 & 19: THOSE. Those are the ones I most want to see. They are both in the same universe and have themes that are close enough to get them both in the same universe. A super group around the White Knight, Terawatt, and
Comments from author:
I actually have an idea for chapter 19.

EDIT: And no, I don't think you rec'd this one.
Review By [Zorgdub] • Date [21 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Wayne Foundation and a Scientist" from mendal
The Justice League is going to be in trouble since it sounds like she's going to get powers equal to Graviton. And he was able to levitate a building the size of four freedoms plaza AND stand up to the Avengers with both Thor and the Hulk.
Comments from author:
Graviton was tough for the Marvel universe, but this is the DCU. In the DCU, the Justice League has to fight beings like Superboy-Prime and the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid. I don't think Sam Carter is in that weight class. Still, it's their fault. Everyone knows what happens in comic book universes when they laugh at the scientist who is secretly right.
Review By [mendal] • Date [22 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Justice Leaguer and a Carpenter" from DieselDriver
Interesting stuff. I have to wonder though, Batman's costume does not seem to be compatible with a "jet" pack, what with the "Billowing Cape" that's built in. The word "jet" implies an air intake and unless it's on his front or there is some air path through the cape it would block any intake of the massive amounts of air required to produce the thrust needed to fly any sort of distances and the energy density required if there is no actual combustion taking place would be astounding to say the least. Even if it used something with the energy density of a nuclear reactor it would take a larger storage system than the Batman's body to hold that much energy. And the making sure it was "charged" statement implies storage rather than generation although I suppose it could be "charged" with propellant. This implies a power storage device that would rival something out of the old John W. Campbell "super science" science fiction. Like the one in the arcot, morey, wade books. Such a technology would completely revolutionize our civilization's transportation and living arrangements. Given the ability of some people to thoroughly bolix things now, I can see a lot of "survival of the fittest" happening. Like RAH said, stupidity is the only truly terminal crime. In the long run we are doing something similar right now. People have to survive the stupidity of teenage driving in order to breed. I wonder what the human race's norms will look like in 200 years if we keep it up. Better at multitasking, better reaction times etc.

Gah, all that from trying to figure out how a jet pack could work with a caped costume. You are making steam come out of my ears. Good job!

BTW, I fly radio controlled model airplanes. I recently decided to switch from fuel based propulsion, i.e. internal combustion engines to electrical propulsion systems. The lithium polymer battery has revolutionized the model flying world due to its energy storage density/weight ratio and it doesn't come close to the storage density that would be required for his jet pack. That would be several orders of magnitude higher. It takes me 20 or 30 times as long to charge my li-po packs as it does to discharge them. So the charging process would have to be revolutionized too and the energy has to come from somewhere to begin with before it can be used to charge the pack. Batman must have a humongous electric bill... I wonder if Bruce Wayne knows a guy with a souped up Delorean.
Comments from author:
I was envisioning that Bats would roll up and secure (or remove) his cape, then strap on a 'jetpack' roughly the size of the Green Goblin's flyer but shaped like his Bat logo. (It is way too big and heavy to hide under his cape, or he would wear it ALL the time.) Something that size could lift a human with today's tech, and have a decent flight time. Given the DCU's tech levels, we're way past that.

As for breeding better people, I don't think Darwinian concepts apply to us given how we help all of the society survive, but we clearly (as a whole) are bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter than humans used to be. We now teach high school and college kids mathematics and science that was the pinnacle of the art not very long ago.
Review By [DieselDriver] • Date [11 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "SG-1 and That Brit, part 2" from DieselDriver
Weeee. FUN! to read about. Glad I'm not in it.
Comments from author:
Jack is one of the ideal characters to lob into a James Bond movie. He's already got the skillset and the snarkiness. And the luck (I like the term 'plot armor').
Review By [DieselDriver] • Date [10 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Scoobies and a Retiree" from DieselDriver
I think Jack will change his mind when he finds out what is really going on. Or he'll end up deader than a vampire with a stake in its heart.
Comments from author:
Once Jack sees what is *really* going on, he'll be massively pi$$ed off.
Review By [DieselDriver] • Date [10 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Wayne Foundation and a Scientist" from DieselDriver
There just seems to be something about the DC universe that causes really smart scientists to go all Frankenstein (even if it's not building a monster per se). Poor Sam is really going to be in trouble when Superman comes to get her.

Although, how much gravity density can she cause? Enough to squash a Kryptonian? Maybe even enough to create her own quantum black hole?
Comments from author:
It's just so classically DCU that my muse insisted. Notice that her colleagues laughed at her. You'd think anyone still alive in the DCU would know that ALWAYS ends badly for the laugher.
Review By [DieselDriver] • Date [10 Oct 13] • Not Rated
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