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The Iron Coin Chronicles: Season 1

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Review of chapter "Episode 11: Helpless, not Hopeless" from (Recent Donor)Hawklan
quite the good story so far, thank you for sharing this with us.
Review By [(Recent Donor)Hawklan] • Date [7 Dec 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Episode 12: Motherhood is a Bitch" from (Current Donor)Ironbear
Wow. That was pretty intense. Good chapter.

Of course, now I'm going to have to wait to see if Xander and Cordelia are all right and who went "crack!", dammit. ;)
Review By [(Current Donor)Ironbear] • Date [25 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Episode 12: Motherhood is a Bitch" from Hyperion
Another outstanding chapter and things get more and more interesting.

Nice to see Amy again and good to hear that you have plans for her as the story progresses. I don't know if it was personal issues with the actress or what, but of all the people Buffy and the Scooby Gang had to deal with over the years, I'm surprised they didn't try to have Amy Madison involved more with them after first encountering her. Even if she wasn't a permanent Scooby Gang member, having that one extra person here or there could have made quite a difference dealing with a number of demons or vampires or other big bad characters.

Reading the latest chapter, I'm guessing that The Mayor has eyes on bringing her over to his side in the near future, with her mother being an expendable means to an end in that regard. Given that in canon by seasons 6 and 7 Amy was bordering on going evil, if not already evil, it would be a sad but not unlikely thing to happen to her. On the other hand, the Scoobies in general, and Faith in particular have now been involved in keeping her from getting killed several times now very recently, so while The Mayor might be able to tempt her, I think she wouldn't necessarily be completely loyal to him like Faith was in the canon season 3.

Of course unlike Faith who went full bad girl and ended up in a coma and then jail before being somewhat redeemed, another option unfortunately(one I personally don't like but it's your story if you choose it) is that Amy falls under the influence of The Mayor somewhat, but ultimately chooses to support Buffy and Faith, only to be killed off by The Mayor as a result. A sad ending for a great character, but unfortunately, "Buffy" and "Angel" where definitely not shy shows as far as killing off characters.
Comments from author:
Well, I can't provide you any spoilers ( :P ) but I'm glad that I've got you thinking about things.

Thanks for the review!
Review By [Hyperion] • Date [17 Nov 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Episode 12: Motherhood is a Bitch" from CageFire
Interesting new chapter, keep up the good work. :)
Comments from author:
Glad you like it, and I intend to. Thanks for the review!
Review By [CageFire] • Date [14 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Episode 12: Motherhood is a Bitch" from JJDudeman
Brownie points for doing more with Amy's character development than the show ever did - if you'd have stopped BEFORE Amy visited Rack I'd have said it was a great setup for her canon fate of becoming power/darkness obsessed. Even though I'd want her to go in a different direction and possibly avoid that fate at all, but you've taken it farther...
I always have a bit of trouble when characters make such a blatant 'deal with the devil' like you have Amy do here, they know SO much better how it just makes things worse - at least you set up her motivation for such idiocy, which goes a long way.
Well, you've taken this to an interesting level, now - Amy could go in so many different directions, especially when you consider the varieties of emotional/psychological issues that COULD be added as well, not that you have to. Curious where to go from here for her and Faith, nice stuff worked in with her, girl's got so far to go to get through her issues. Question: Did they ever address if they were gonna kill Catherine? I realised at the end of the fight at Amy's house Faith might have had to do it and no doubt that would have been the 'wrong' choice - but seriously, did they have any clue what to do with her besides that? That's Almost unbelievably short-sighted of them not to address that for that last fight.
Still loving your mayor. Especially the Snickerdoodles crack!
Comments from author:
They never talked about it - that is going to be an issue in the future, yes. And I think you'll be surprised by my plans for Amy's characterization as we go forward - I didn't actually intend to, but as I was writing this chapter I grew quite fond of where Amy was developing, so you'll see more of her, I'm sure.

And if there's one thing that [i]all[/i] the scoobies are at times (even the ones I like the most), its short-sighted. I don't think a single Scooby hasn't been short-sighted on multiple occassions, over the course of the show.

And I'm glad you like the Mayor. He's a lot of fun to write.
Review By [JJDudeman] • Date [14 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Episode 11: Helpless, not Hopeless" from (Recent Donor)nerfherder
Nice use of the archetypes! Great conversations, nice flogging of the Xan-man! Keep it coming!?!
Comments from author:
Of course. Glad you liked it.

Flogging of the Xan-man?
Review By [(Recent Donor)nerfherder] • Date [22 Oct 13] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Episode 11: Helpless, not Hopeless" from KrisB
I'm mixed on Giles tormenting Travers like that. The main reason is that i'd rather him not know exactly what was coming to him when he made it back home. With him being this informed, he is liable to actually politically survive in some form which is far worse. O.k. the test is taken care of, but he is still around for awhile.

I want to see Xander actually start using the coin on random folks like TV stars and politicans. My main reason is that he should be bored abit about coming up blank on his friend alot and want to test limits and see if anyone on TV triggers the coin or any one in government that he remotely knows. That would give you a valid reason for testing the coin out on listed city council, police, mayor, and who ever else he thinks of.

He has mainly been using the coin to try to stop things happening. There should be things that show up that he doesn't care about happening or that are rather o.k. or good. Not all of Fate should be bad.

There was a part of me that giggled when Xander declared war on Fate. If anyone were to figure out how to ascend enough to beat the crap out of that type of entity, it would be Ranma. Xander would only do it by utter accident.

Why hasn't Xander tried to ask Giles two questions. What entity is behind prophesy. What entity would you think of as actually enforcing/allowing free will and freedom of choice and action? That should be enough hints and clues for Giles to make up his own names and determine what is going on with Xander. If Xander really wanted to get Giles attention, "Giles, the entity behind writing all those hints of the future wants Buffy dead and has tried to kill her several times. The master, the portal and several other times were basically hits on her!"

You know if Fate really wanted to contain Xander he should give Xander a coin that basically is of events that Xander should really want to happen or bad things would happen if not. Xander is getting in the habit of disrupting everything he view of Fate, but that might not be the best idea. You know it would actually be more balanced if Fate gave Cordy a coin to balance out Xanders. If he had any sense, he'd know Cordy is likely one of the few that would liable to tame and channel Xander.
Comments from author:
Xander hasn't only seen a small handful of things from the Coin - yes, Fate is not all bad, but so far, in the context of his friends, he's only /seen/ bad.

Why would Xander need to test its limits. The Jester told him the limits. He does have better things to do with his time.

It wouldn't even be by Utter Accident. The difference in power level between Xander and one of the Forces of Fate (such as the librarian) is like the difference in power level between an ant and a black hole.

Why? Because A: Xander's not you. He doesn't have the benefit of stepping outside his own story, as it were, to think about it like that. And B: Because that's not actually accurate. Fate doesn't write every prophecy. Fate takes advantage of existing circumstance to effect maximum change with minimal writing in people's books, to stick with an analogy that is not really that good. They aren't the only ones that do prophecy or whatever. There's all manner of other powers out there - the PTB, the various deific beings, etc - And Chaos doesn't stand for Free Will, except insofar as creating Chaos. Saying they enforce/allow free will is completely misunderstanding their role, insofar as they have a 'role'

Why would it be balanced? Why would Fate give Cordelia a coin? And moreover, if I wanted a balance, then I would have had there be a balance from the beginning.

There are not all inherently terrible ideas that you have, though they are in several cases not compatible with my unwritten headcanon about Fate, Chaos, etc (unwritten in that its not in the fic itself, and so I reserve the right to alter it around as I write the story), but they are definitely not ideas that fit with the particular story I want to tell.
Review By [KrisB] • Date [22 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Episode 11: Helpless, not Hopeless" from aeraveil
Buffy needs to be taken down a peg or two as well and given a reality check. She might be the slayer, but the reason why she's still alive is the fact that she has support and friends. Another big reason is the fact that Xander keeps on throwing monkey wrenches into the PTB's plans. Howsomever, she can't know the last part yet. Still, she needs a smack on the behind.
Comments from author:
Its not as if Buffy has perfectly reasonable reasons for her behavior. And she fully grasps that her friends help is critical.

This is not a Buffy-bash fic. There will be no Buffy-bashing. Don't expect it, and don't read it as coming.
Review By [aeraveil] • Date [21 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Episode 11: Helpless, not Hopeless" from (Current Donor)Ironbear
"No, course not. There's still the rest of BtVS season 3 to get through,."

Cool. Hey, legit question. It *could* have been the end of "Iron Coin season 1" and the beginning of "Iron Coin season 2". ;)

And hey, as long as Kralik was obliging enough to fall for the same trick here, then - no need to reinvent the wheel. It's as good a way of disposing of him as any.

I am glad to see Travers taken down a peg here. In a lot of ways, that's a bigger diversion from canon than a novel way of killing Kralik would have been. With him taken down a notch politically in the Council, and Giles not fired, then potentially this could pay off in even larger dividends farther down the line.

And it means that Faith most likely won't be subjected to that idiotic test.
Comments from author:
It is a legitimate question, yes,

And as for Faith, yes, she's protected from being Cruciomental'd, yes. With the whole Tento stricken from Council policy, and Giles still in place, the real drift is starting to pick up. So far, the major drift points have been no Fluke, Spike sticking around and No Rat-Amy, but the impacts of those on the verse have yet to be really felt thus far. With no fired Giles...
Review By [(Current Donor)Ironbear] • Date [21 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Episode 11: Helpless, not Hopeless" from (Current Donor)Ironbear
Coolness. ;)

I'm a bit confused though: given what you said in email, does this mean this is the end of season 1?

Otherwise, good chapter. So - I take it that Buffy defeated Kralik the way she did in canon, without the need for Angel's intervention?
Comments from author:
It didn't happen in exactly the same way, but she did end up accomplishing the same end.

No, course not. There's still the rest of BtVS season 3 to get through,.
Review By [(Current Donor)Ironbear] • Date [21 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Episode 11: Helpless, not Hopeless" from (Recent Donor)tchizek
Good chapter!
Review By [(Recent Donor)tchizek] • Date [21 Oct 13] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Episode 11: Helpless, not Hopeless" from TTrunks
Sorry to double review you, but I thought of another question as I hit send. Why doesn't Xander lie? Say Janus decided to send him visions or something? That would give the gang something to believe.
Comments from author:
Why would Janus send him visions?
Review By [TTrunks] • Date [21 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Episode 11: Helpless, not Hopeless" from TTrunks
Please have Buffy respect Xander a bit more now. I always wondered how after this he could say he was weak, when she killed a master vampire. I kind of wish you'd have had Giles admit at least some of Xander's involvement with the Cruci, it seems like that's going to get worse before it gets better.
Review By [TTrunks] • Date [21 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Episode 10: How To Conduct A Witch Hunt" from (Current Donor)Ironbear
Cool. An Iron Coin update. ;)

I liked the movie quote game, and also how Cordelia played seamlessly off of Xander's thoughts.
Comments from author:
Glad you liked the interplay. Took a while on that bit, to get it just right.
Review By [(Current Donor)Ironbear] • Date [11 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Episode 10: How To Conduct A Witch Hunt" from Morgomir
Great chapter. Keep up the good work.
Review By [Morgomir] • Date [9 Oct 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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