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The Secret Return of Alex Mack

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Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from JJDudeman
So many past reviews missed and far more important things to discuss (loved your Buffy here, glad to see her shine after all, "and she wasn't that great of an actress" (paraphrased) was a great line). But I had to break my silence for freaking DONNA REED. That was so awesome!

(P.S. Part of me will still never forgive you for Char, even though story-wise it may have been a good idea. Whedon himself would probably say necessary. But you knew that. Still, suffer under my angry glare as I will hate you forever. And right after you broke my heart with Carrie, no less. )
Comments from author:
I'm not sure that having Joss agree with my decision would count as a *good* thing, given the many choices he made in Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, etc. that I didn't like.
Review By [JJDudeman] • Date [17 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from SirLee
Re: "Yep. Like the people who insisted that you should never trust anyone over thirty. Were they planning on not aging?"

Actually... they did have a point, sort of. The twenties are the age of idealism. By thirty the harsh realities of the world have taken its toll and tempered that idealism with pragmatism. Which is another way to say that our problems, interests and desires are different from a the ones someone in their twenties has.

I think that yes, the full expansion of the slogan as "don't trust anyone over thirty. Even if that one is me, eventually" DOES make sense -- the slogan author *expected* that at some point other concerns would push back their idealism. Like mortgages and stuff.

Young idealists may listen to older idealists, but they should not really TRUST them. Because those no-longer-young idealists have their own priorities, and would cheerfully sacrifice some of the fighting points of the young as "impractical" if that helps their own agenda.
Comments from author:
But idealists always have their own ideals. So should they not trust other idealists either, in an ideal world? :D
Review By [SirLee] • Date [17 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from batzulger
I see Tupui, and I think Arachnophobia or George Challenger
Comments from author:
Maybe not the second one of the trio.
Review By [batzulger] • Date [17 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Return" from fpb
Dragan, I've a suspicion it'll be a poor Cordelia in the end. Willow is inventive, vindictive, and - what Cordy does not realize, because it was always kept from her - very very strong. And right now she has nothing to lose; which is a very bad situation FOR HER ENEMIES to be in. Boy, it's been a long time since a Saturday took so long to come.
Comments from author:
Willow is certainly not the pushover Cordelia is expecting.
Review By [fpb] • Date [16 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from Dragan
Oh dear, Selina? Hehe

BTW why do I have these memory flashes, of after tSRoAM wraps up the Epilogue will be of a certain facility in with Project Blue aka Captain Tripps?

Evil imagination.

Edit: Strike that...CORDELIA! Poor Willow!
Comments from author:
Remember Willow's closing comment. It's important.
Review By [Dragan] • Date [16 Oct 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from Maetch
Sounds like Maggie is still not taking Atron seriously as a threat. Bear in mind, this was a woman who once controlled EVERYTHING in Paradise Valley. The job economy, the education system, even the law-enforcement bowed to her, and anybody who argued otherwise would... vanish. I'm willing to bet that Atron is already ahead of Maggie's game and has prepared to make a move of her own, preferably one that ends with Atron being the new Collective boss and Maggie facing execution.
Comments from author:
Or perhaps the entire Collective wiped out and Maggie extremely dead. Atron is not very happy with Maggie.
Review By [Maetch] • Date [16 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from Zeviz
A thought about the last chapter: If Buffy decided to use "Buffy The Empire Slayer" for her reality TV show, did she decide to make it a superhero reality TV? (That would definitely be a unique niche that needs filling, given the popularity of Terawatt in all other media. And she could team up with Azure Crush, who is trying to become a respectable actress, and while reality TV isn't the most respected genre, it's still a step up from porn.)

About Maggie's plan to use Vince to kidnap Alex' family, my guess [although possibly a wrong one] is that she wants him to fail, and will convince Atron to try herself, setting up the Terawatt/Atron confrontation she mentioned. (If she just wanted to grab Alex' family, she wouldn't have needed to break out of prison Atron's former minion with a record of incompetence, since there is plenty of other, more easily obtainable, random muscle. However, he is the perfect candidate to fail in a way that would goad Atron into saying "If you want something done properly, do it yourself.")

I also wonder if she is planning a direct attack on the SRI HQ, given that she is wondering if Finn will survive the next day, and has no such wonder about the SRI orphans more likely to be out in the field.

"The whole 'Question authority!' slogan never made complete sense to me, because if you do that, you are following some other authority figure."
That sounds like a case of: "This statement is false." :D
Comments from author:
>> That sounds like a case of: "This statement is false."

Yep. Like the people who insisted that you should never trust anyone over thirty. Were they planning on not aging?
Review By [Zeviz] • Date [16 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from (Current Donor)deiticlast
And I totally missed every single clue about Jack being a Proto-Orphan. Is there a link between Tom Riddle's reincarnation tech and Locke's?
Comments from author:
Could be... Or maybe there were a lot of mad scientists running around loose in Europe.
Review By [(Current Donor)deiticlast] • Date [16 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from (Current Donor)deiticlast
Comments from author:
Remember Willow's closing line. It's indicative.
Review By [(Current Donor)deiticlast] • Date [16 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from MarcusSLazarus
Some interesting twists regarding the true history of the Collective, and I'm definitely getting the impression that we're building to some kind of climax now; here's hoping that Alex gets back in the game in time...

Then again, Walsh may be about to make her biggest mistake; losing her 'sister/daughter' might have left Alex in a state of deep depression, but a direct attack on the rest of her family is just ASKING for Terrawatt to see just how much she can deliver when she's REALLY pissed off.
Comments from author:
Alex is not likely to let some of these things just slide by.
Review By [MarcusSLazarus] • Date [16 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from fpb
I'd rather not consider the Hitler aspect at all. Locke is unlike the real Hitler in a lot of ways: 1) He is artistically talented; Hitler was not (and he was even worse as an architect than as a postcard painter); 2) He is handsome, Hitler never was; 3) He is socially smooth, Hitler was clumsy and ill-at-ease; 4) He shows no sign of Hitler's one huge asset, his enormous oratorical raw power, the ability to literally rouse the rabble to thunderous fury; in fact, he seems to have no need for crowds or audiences at all - and that was Hitler's chief feature as a human being right from his teens; 5) Nor of the perceptible inner split and source of permanent rage in Hitler's soul. which lay at the heart of all the above features. I don't regard Hitler as a genius; in fact, I would say that of all the major butchers of the twentieth century, not one rose above mediocrity or to the level of a Napoleon, let alone a Caesar. (An exception may be Mao Zedong's Chinese poetry, which I cannot judge; some competent judges find him a major figure.) Hitler was a lucky rabble-rousing orator, thrown up by the collapse of all other forms of politics in the Reich, and seizing his good fortune with both hands.
Comments from author:
Locke is not handsome. He's not like Hitler because he doesn't have Hitler's upbringing. This is not a case of 'nature over everything'. It's more that nature only gets about half the decision-making in the process, and nurture gets the rest. He's been raised and trained to be socially skilled. And he's not a biochemistry genius like Walsh: he's gotten a vast amount of his 'breakthroughs' from cannibalizing the work done by the people who created him in secret.
Review By [fpb] • Date [16 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from HMaxMarius
Sir Lee:
Walsh figured out Alex, which is consistent with an intelligent villain. Her plan to capture the Macks, however, shows her intelligence does not cover all subjects; in particular, her tactics suck.
- She chose a minion known for failing *time and time again* to capture the "mystery kid", when said "kid" is now much more experienced;
- She failed to give said minion the vital intelligence that one of his victims is Terawatt herself. Which means that, even if Walsh no longer underestimates Alex, *Vince* is likely to do so.

Actually, her plan is not 'tactically bad' per say. There's just a factor she has failed to include in the calculations. That factor being that Alex isn't going to be off trying to rescue Jack and Willow. Therefore she will be home for the attempt. Maggie is assuming that Terawatt will be Terawatt, not an emotionally shattered teen.
Comments from author:
And everyone dumps on Vince for failing repeatedly, but why did he fail? Most of the time, it was because of the people he was forced to take along (like Dave Watt) rather than his own incompetence (which there was enough of to go around).
Review By [HMaxMarius] • Date [16 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from Hecatonchires
Unfortunately for the Boys from Brazil, I have watched too much Archer and am now conditioned to think of Kryger when it is mentioned.
Did I miss a clue to Jack being a proto-orphan?
Comments from author:
Is it possible to watch too much Archer? :D

And yes, you missed more than one clue.
Review By [Hecatonchires] • Date [16 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from JamesBrown
we're heading into the endgame- so I had really been wondering
when Cordelia was going to show up, as you left enough clues
(as usual) to start yet another Chekhov's arms race.
I had been pretty much assuming that her 'parents' were
in the collective from the get go given the way
they apparently hid the circumstances of her birth / birthdate.
( there was no way charisma Carpenter wasn't a genetically superior being ;):p )
Now we just have to find out whose side she and Selena are REALLY on.

That being said, I'm not sure how but I completely and totally missed
howard locke being a Hitler clone- although you left a number of clues
in discussing his artistic talent that in retrospect should have been a red flag
for anyone who knew the Fuehrer's bio.

As for Jo, Riley and the other members of the SRI, I think the collective is
going to bite off more than they can chew if they think they can control
them through their family and friends.
And regarding the other members of Jack and Maggie's generation,
I was completely surprised, yet realized they were all completely appropriate,
and fit perfectly.

Looking forward to Saturday, and no doubt yet more cliffhangers.

so let me once again thank you very much for for entertaining us
with all your hard work, and hope you get well soon.
Comments from author:
Thanks! I even had Alex look at a picture of Locke and 'know' that he looked familiar for some reason, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

And knowing is half the battle! :D
Review By [JamesBrown] • Date [15 Oct 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Gathering Storm" from mooncowthree
Locke's info dump was a little confusing. It seems like you were leaning a little to heavily on prior knowledge of the specified crossovers, either that or it has been so long since we got background info on him (the Hannah op?) that I just don't remember it well enough. Can you break it down for me?
Comments from author:
The dead 'Howard Royer Locke' found right after Hanna and her 'dad' escaped wasn't Locke, it was one of the other clones who looked like Locke and had the same genome. Only Walsh didn't kill the clone. Locke had to do it when Walsh couldn't bring herself to.

Also, Locke has all the Collective's money because he brought it to the party: it's all stolen money that his 'creators' were keeping for the glorious Fourth Reich.
Review By [mooncowthree] • Date [15 Oct 14] • Not Rated
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