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The Secret Return of Alex Mack

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Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from HMaxMarius
Yay! An Alexwing! :) (pages and pages and pages of reviews ago =D) Why do I imagine Bruce coming up with some type of collapsible frame she can pull out of her belt and TK together quickly for future scenarios? Maybe with a spandex covering that she can TK stiff.

Fire and Ice... Hot and cold running superheros! Go VIC! Ya know, it almost sounds like these two are on a date! ;)
"So, come here often?"
"Nah. Only when the world needs saving."

Awww Maggie's pets are loyal *sniffle*.
Comments from author:
I was thinking of a really easy collapsible frame. The one she uses as Alex when she wants a big silver reflector screen. It's been sitting in her camera bag, getting occasional use, for months.
Review By [HMaxMarius] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from Vld
Strange... i'm starting to consider your Maggie the same way i consider Pammie... well, only a bit. I see Pammie not as a monster, but as one who has a different emotionnal interest than general people. Where other villains do things for fun or greed, she does it for love. Love of plants instead of humans... but love of plants still.

Maggie... well, she's a monster alright. Still, for the Raptors to show such sadness over her death, she must have still been able of... something. She must have treated them like real children. That ALMOST makes me sad she kicked the bucket. Almost.

The part about Tsu and Vic was cool (no pun intended) and pretty sweet. And i like the new Danielle. Sorry. Dani. Not much, mind you, but still a little bit. And hopefully you won't make her too likeable in the next one, because i doubt she will live long.
Comments from author:
Maggie does have emotions. They're just not like yours and mine.
Review By [Vld] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Return" from texaswookie
Ding dong the witch is dead.
Comments from author:
:D :D She's not melting, though. However, she might make a lovely mid-afternoon snack for that T. rex.
Review By [texaswookie] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from Dragan
Hopefully Dani isn't pulling a double-fake. I wonder how the Variant would effect Alex?
Comments from author:
Hey, let's find out!
Review By [Dragan] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from Zeviz
Another great chapter.

As expected, Batman got a chance to show off that he is prepared for everything, including a giant blob-monster.

I didn't expect the fire-man/ice-woman pairing, but it makes perfect sense. (And it's even better than my idea of her freezing the morphed Orphans as a symmetry to Hermione's first action in this dimension at the start of the series.)

Walsh and her dinosaur pack scene was weird, but made sense. And yes, only a pack of her creations would mourn Maggie Walsh.

And the incongruity of Hanna's PoV is always amusing: "I hope a T-Rex will attack us, so I'll get to fight it armed with just bat-grapples. How fun!"

Replacing the evil Danielle with a good twin, who will want to help clean up her mess is a great idea, and a form of poetic justice. I guess as long nobody uses a divide-antidote on her she might even become a superhero.
Comments from author:
I have no idea what happens if you use the GC-Divide antidote on someone after one half of the split is dead. I'll ask Dr. Mack to check that out.
Review By [Zeviz] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from AceDreamer
Very impressive story.

I'd strongly suspect Maggie Walsh of having at least one backup clone, with as effective a way as she can manage mental copy. Good places to hide these might be Antarctica, the Ural Mountains, and somewhere like the Tibetan Plateau. Another possibility is that she's taken the GC-161 research and combined it with her own to produce someone with latent powers who is a Manchurian Candidate version of her... Maybe with just enough of her to go somewhere to upload the rest of her mind...

Or, she's running as a distributed Midwich mind across the velociraptors. :)

(No, I don't believe that last one. :)

And, we never did get to meet Rodan...

(I thought Rodan might fit the 'Lost World' theme...)

I do like the 'Fire' and 'Ice' combo...

Will we get to see the Terawing properly developed? :)

Raiding all the databases in the Base of Doom looks like a worthwhile thing to do - Willow and co could be picking them over for months.

And I guess we want to see what happens to Cordelia and Cyphernut... Not to mention Buffy... And whether Bane and Catwoman survive... It might be interesting to have Tera chat to the local Selina, and tell her about her (more heroic) counterpart...

Looks as though the smart thing would be for our heroes to 'rescue' Dani - they could fudge her as an 'unexpected biological creation', who has had the Atron memories inflicted on her, without excessive levels of untruth. Interestingly, she would be the one with the 'goatee beard', as she's the opposite number, not the original.

Has Dani got it in her to be a hero? Or, would she dedicate herself to helping as many people as possible, focusing on those with GC-161 issues?

This has been a very impressive ride!

(Though, I understand some have speculated on whether your muse might, in future, poke you in an Ayla-wise direction :)
Comments from author:
Thanks. And I think that the Evil Duplicate variant for women is not a goatee or an eyepatch, but extremely skanky clothing, a la Kira Nerys and her alternate universe counterpart.

Does the alternate universe version of Nick Fury have two eyepatches? :D
Review By [AceDreamer] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from Deadpan
Re: SirLee -- One of the things I noticed about this world a while back is that there is no Joker Immunity. A lot of super villains tend to die on the battlefield. Korea and India were super villain slaughterhouses. Albert Wesker won't be coming back for any sequels. If the local version of the Joker pops up, he won't have Joker Immunity either. Some heroes like Terawatt and Batman may have personal rules against killing, but they are working alongside plenty of military people who treat this sort of thing as a form of counter-terrorism, not conventional law enforcement, and certainly not the sometimes silly cops-and-robbers routine of the comics.

Diane? "I've been stalling just for this moment?" As someone with an Aerospace Engineering degree, I don't know whether to applaud or boo you. Either way, I still hear the Pacific Rim theme in my head whenever Terawatt pulls off a new stunt.

Finally, I don't know if releasing the blob was a deliberate "you're going down with us" move or just a result of all the Mad Science! labs blowing up, but now I wonder what other doomsday projects are spilling out into the world and how they might interact with each other. Can the blob eat silicates? Could we be looking at a T-virus T-rex? Is Biollante (Gojira-plant hybrid Kaiju) going to rise from the rubble and would Poison Ivy be able to control it?
Comments from author:
The blob release was either one of those two, or a 'release option gamma on the ground forces' thing. After all, Maggie has some sort of control on it.

Maybe a dog whistle. :D
Review By [Deadpan] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from maydaymason
Lots of fun events. Something about the fire/ice thing seems really cute to me, and I'm also glad to see Hanna is back to thinking like normal after the brief crisis she had with the raptors. In other news, it seems the orphans might not need a formal self destruct after all. It's almost as if it was a bad idea to have a bunch of mad scientists all in one place, huh?
Comments from author:
Putting a bushel of mad scientists together always goes wrong in one way or another. Case in point: last week's and this week's Skin Horse comics.
Review By [maydaymason] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from dcarson
In one of the Helm books he kills a FBI agent. Helm had been ordered to help a scientist defect "no matter what it takes" because he had wrong data that would hurt a Chinese program. Helm's boss asked them if they were sure they wanted to give that order. They did and when the FBI agent caught them Helm killed him. In backstory during the war when he was part of a similar military unit he killed one of his team that was too wounded to keep up.

You really don't want to tell him at all costs unless you mean it.
Comments from author:
Helm is not a nice guy at all. Of course it costs him his wife and kids, and stuff like that.
Review By [dcarson] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from SnakeFox
"Do oyu really think the world would be safe if Maggie was a crippled prisoner somewhere? Sooner or later, she would escape, or someone wanting her brain would break her out, and then...

"Hmm, this should regrow my spine and arm, while also turning everyone else in the facility into a five-armed half-crustacean monster. So it's a win-win for me!""

Oh sure, don't get me wrong, no way she was living through this! I just meant, setting up the scenario where she could make that choice, it's almost like she won in some twisted sense - she got to choose her fate, even if it wasn't much of a choice.

I kind of envisioned... I don't know, Terawatt outsmarting her (although to be fair, we did get a good dose of that with the Danielle Atron fight), besting her, and then after she flies away all heroic and whatnot, Jack pulls the whole "Giles kills Ben" greater good thing.
Comments from author:
I sort of liked this way. Maggie literally got hoist by her own petard, since it was a blast from her own labs.
Review By [SnakeFox] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from SirLee
Well, I may have called it on the "help me mr. wizard" thing -- meaning, that Jack did it *deliberately* going with a typically Jack line to attract the attention of his friends/allies. The part I'm unclear is whether he actually saw Terawatt or was just hoping *someone* would hear it in time. And while I just expected Tera to do the parachute thing, and she did that at first, she ended up doing a much smarter thing that *didn't take her out of the main theater.* I mean, OK, if she went with the parachute she could have left Jack and Willow at the jungle floor, where they might be reasonably safe for a a couple of hours while she jetted back upside, but this way she was back much faster.

Batman & co: Batgirl is showing to be much more than eye candy -- I mean, she went from call-girl to highly trained operative in what, one year? She can pilot the Batcopter, throw a fairly mean batarang, use the grapples reasonably well and still keep well aware of her surroundings, to the point of taking Batman-style notes on her enemies AND allies in the middle of a fight.

The Blob in a tropical jungle (with plenty of organic matter for it to grow) is a bad, bad thing. It has to be taken out fast. Fortunately they have the perfect weapon against it. Or the perfect *couple* weapons, if we consider Tsurara holding it with ice and Cready gradually cutting off pieces and incinerating them. The idea of them as a couple is interesting. I *may* or may not have joked about it way back then (my memory is faulty), but even if I did, I wouldn't say that I called it -- I wasn't being serious about it. I note, however, that Batman saved Poison Ivy from the Blob... but did anybody bother to save Bane or Catwoman?

Maggie coming back... I don't think so. The original didn't have Joker Immunity, and I don't think this one has either. But what struck me about the whole thing is that Hanna wasn't particularly useful in this whole arc, except as a way to distract Maggie. Hanna has still a lot of growing up to do.

Danielle/Dani... well, I'm going to agree with fpb here: I think that, for dramatic reasons, she will end up having an heroic death. There's still a small possibility of this being bad-Danielle, but I consider it very small. Normal-Atron wasn't that good an actress, and I expect Bad-Atron would be even worse at deceiving people. So I think "Dani" is really Good-Atron.

There are still a lot of people to round up, particularly the big kahuna himself, who hasn't been seen since the Powerpoint session. I wonder how many of the Collective were taken out by exploding/falling/crumbling buildings? Cordy and Billy-Bob are two prime candidates for that, being left unconscious by Willow and all that. And that Atron "surprise" might still go off, killing a lot of Orphans. Well, Batman, Riley and Lupo (and Carson, if he ever shows up in this op) are protected by George's latest invention, but Willow might not be -- and Clare certainly isn't.
Comments from author:
Yes, Jack deliberately used a line that no one but Jack would use, thereby summoning help that wasn't even on visual. And he got to annoy Willow at the same time!
Review By [SirLee] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from fanreaderonetwo
Its ironic, Maggie dying purely as collateral damage rather than defeat in some epic final battle with the hero(ine) of the tale.
Image of Ernst Blofeld being killed in an explosion of his HQ or by a guard's friendly fire without catching sight of James Bond...... Or Lex Luthor killed in a lab explosion.

If O'Neill and the feds are smart, Dani (if it _is_ her) will get a new identity, ala the Witness Protection Program and help clean up Daniel's messes and otherwise atone for "her" crimes.
Comments from author:
Well, O'Neill is certainly smart, but not everyone else in the fed-chain is.
Review By [fanreaderonetwo] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from RevDorothyL
Wonderful! I particularly love the combination of Victor Cready with Tsurara -- their combination of fire and ice powers sounds like a terrific and "Awww!"-inspiring superhero match to me.
Comments from author:
Thanks. And what other guy is there who can even *risk* dating Tsurara?
Review By [RevDorothyL] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from hamishog
It's true that Atron is smart enough to fake crying, but she's so arrogant that it would never occur to her to do so. Guys, you've watched Buffy. She got Tothed. And the one with the goatee is (hopefully) taking a dirt nap. It's cool. If all the bad that was Danielle Atron was in one of them and that one didn't attack Terawatt while there were two of them to one of her then we may be okay. As it is there's going to be real trouble when and if they get back to civilization 'cause she can't be held responsible for the actions of somebody that she had no control over. But, confusing though it may be, she can still be considered legally Danielle Atron. Is Jekyll responsible for Hyde? Yes, yes he is. Because Henry Jekyll opened a door and allowed a dangerous entity out to play. The results he got may not have been what he was looking for but he failed to place safeguards and people paid the price. Dani was never a free entity; she never willingly gave control to Danielle. And the minute she was freed to fight, she fought. Now, it's therapy time.
And I'm sorry about Ivy cause she's just nuts. But she just don't stand in the way of tons of rampaging jello.
And congratulations on this year's couple of the year cause it looks like out little ice princess is crushing on the big, bad merc-on-fire. Cupid, thy name is Terawatt. And Mr. and Mrs. Colonel Jack O'Neill. And I'm glad that when Hanna thought that she was going to be burned alive she thought of Charlie. And that Charlie doesn't mind scars. But, I got to say, Wacky Maggie went out with style. Kind of a zen evil megalomaniac thing going. Very cool. But if she don't watch out them raptors are going to imprint on Hanna and I don't see Janet letting her keep them.
Comments from author:
"Mom? Can I keep them? They followed me home!" :D
Review By [hamishog] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Half the Battle" from (Current Donor)MarcusRowland
I think Artron is smart enough to fake crying, so I'm not convinced by Dani or Clare. But yay for various rescues and an ex-Walsh!

Also, I totally called the Tsurara/Creedy thing!
Comments from author:
No one should be convinced by Dani or Clare at this stage. Especially not Alex or Jo. That would be foolhardy.
Review By [(Current Donor)MarcusRowland] • Date [5 Nov 14] • Not Rated
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