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Blood of my Blood

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Review of chapter "Blood of my Blood" from rennegades
Seems pretty good, a sequel would be nice. Hmmm... Willow went the same way Victoria did-- if you do continue this, would she be taking Celes' place?
Comments from author:
She won't exactly be taking Sera's place. I'm just making a new story where she doesn't exist and Willow does.
Review By [rennegades] • Date [12 Feb 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Blood of my Blood" from VillageOrchid
Well, I don't know the anime well enough to say if Willow could actually keep her soul, but mentally at least she thinks that she has.
The test will be if her friends will reject her as when she used dark magic, or totally not believe she still had a soul.
Then there's the yellow eyes versus red eyes thing, and perhaps Giles could be convinced. So yeah, something angsty with
Willow trying to figure out what to do might be interesting.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [12 Feb 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Blood of my Blood" from morgannia
yeah, a sequel would be very cool. Willow & Alucard, an interesting pairing - i'd like to see how it plays out, especially with Willow staying on the Hellmouth w/ the gang & how they deal with her, not to mention the mental connections btwn childe & sire - will he talk to her like he did with "police girl," can he communicate that far away? How will Integeral react to Aulard siring a childe & leaving her in a foreign county? lol, for that matter what was Alucard doing in Sunnydale? These questions & more demand answers that only you can supply - so you should write a sequeal & post it soon, lol.
Comments from author:
I'll definitly keep the telepathy thing on mind. Thank you! I had forgotten about that. And don't worry, your questions will be answered.
Review By [morgannia] • Date [12 Feb 04] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Blood of my Blood" from SenshiElement
A little confusing but still good none the less, I do hope that you write a sequal. It has great potential. ( Sorry for the bad spelling, english is not my first Language.)
Comments from author:
Don't worry about it. It isn't mine either.
Review By [SenshiElement] • Date [11 Feb 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Blood of my Blood" from Carol
Wow! The first Hellsing crossover I've ever read. Very nifty but short. Definitely needs a sequel. Makes me wish I had the time and inclination to write one myself. Anime is such an evil thing...sucking you in and then you want to write fanfiction.
Comments from author:
Yeah, well, you know, I just love writing never seen before crossovers. :))
Review By [Carol] • Date [11 Feb 04] • Not Rated
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